More About Swift's Mine
  By J. T. Hamilton
  Related to James Taylor Adams on September
  24, 1941 in Wise, VA.  Part of the WPA Project
  papers on file at the Alderman Library, The
  University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.
       I ve heard my father tell that an old
  man named Dow Vaughn used to hunt through
  here for Swift s mine. He said that Vaughn
  had a map that he said had been made by
  Swift. According to the map the mine could be
  located by running in certain directions from a
  point on High Knob, but that every time that
  Vaughn and others who went with him would
  go up to the Knob and set up a company that
  a human hand would appear right before the
  compass and they couldn t see a thing.
       The compass finally got so it wouldn t
  work and Vaughn just had to give it up.


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