Ancient Swift's Silver Mine
By Sullivan Vanover

       Related by Emory L. Hamilton, on
  November 4, 1940. The WPA Project, The
  Alderman Library, The University of Virginia,
  Charlottesville, VA.

       Yes, I ve heard talk of Swift s Mine, but I never much believed in it. I ve heard
  older people talk about it. I remember hearing talk of an old man finding gold up in Stone
  Mountain near White Rock. They said he s walking along down a stream and found some
  shiny stuff in the stream bed. He took out his knife and cut it and it was a seam of gold
  about four or five inches long. I don t know what he done about it. 
       My father found some silver in Kentucky. He found it in a long swamp or
  marshy place. He said it was sort of a clay place where he found it. He dug down about
  two or three feet to some blue clay. He found beds of round clay balls about the size of an
  egg. Right in the center of these was a silver  nugget about the size or a marble. My daddy
  run some bullets out of this. He first thought it  was lead, but he had it tested and it was pure
  silver. He went back there and tried to get a  claim on it, but the Coal Company, had bought
  the land and told him if he found anything on it that it belonged to them. He never showed the
  place to anyone and I guess its lost to knowledge by now.


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