Shooting at Appalachia
Big Stone Gap Post
February 4,1914

A Shooting occurred at Appalachia at the Union Station, on last Thursday night at about 8:30 o'clock in which John Sturgill was shot and killed by Andrew Williams, of Big Stone Gap

It is said that the shooting was the result of a difficulty these men had had a few days previous, and Thursday night Williams, who conducts an automobile passenger service between here and Appalachia, had gone there on his regular trip, was attacked by Sturgill at the depot. From the reports gathered in seems Sturgill hit Williams with a black jack, knocking hm down, and upon rising to his feet, Sturgill renewed the attack backing him up against a track. At this stage Williams drew a pistol and fired three shots, one bullet taking effect, piercing Sturgill's heart from which he died in about five minutes.

Williams gave himself up, claiming self defense. He was taken in charge by John Moss, chief of police at Appalachia, and was brought to this place and turned over to the local authorities.

A preliminary hearing was set for Saturday evening at Appalachia, but was postponed until February 18, the defendant being released on a $4,000 bond.

Sturgill was about 35 years old and was formerly a conductor on C.C. & O., but for the past month has been running a passenger car between here and Appalachia. He leaves a wife and five children.   

John Sturgill was John R Sturgill born 4/12/1883 in Letcher Co Ky. son of William M Sturgill and Lillian Gilly.

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