Wells Cemetery

Located about a half of a mile on
Powell River Rd. From Guest River Rd.

Near the old Ann and Melissa Hill’s old home place.

Located on the hill very grown up and hard to get up to.

I went up a gas well road, I couldn't find any other way to get to it.

Lola Jones   1898 - 1987

Earie A.   1894 - 1968

R.E. Wells  10-11-1921 - 02-01-1947
“Oh for the day that bides me to meet thee.”

Savannia  Wells 11-01-1865 - 07-20-1933
“Gone to a bright home where grief cannot come”

James Patrick Wells  02-22-1864 - 04-29-1920
“Gone but not forgotten”

Mattie Wells wife of Bob Mullins  10-24-1896 - 01-24-1923
“Gone but not forgotten”

Hansford Jones

Odis Jones

Haudi  Jones

Mildred Blanton  1923 - 1923

Dr. Anderson Wells 1830 - Jan. 1910
“This record is on high”   “Father”

Sallie  wife of  Dr. Anderson Wells  8-19-1915    Aged 84yrs.
“Rest mother, Rest in quiet sleep, while friends sorrow over thee weep” 

Article taken from The Heritage of Wise County and the City of Norton. Vol 1

Dr. Anderson Wells was very active in public life of Southwest Virginia. Records show that he was one of the 121 signers of the petition to the Senate and House of Delegates of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in 1854 requesting that a new county of Wise be formed. 
Dr. Anderson Wells served on the jury in 1857 of the trail of the first murder of Wise County.  Dr. Anderson Wells served in the Civil War and achieved the rank of Lieutenant.

He was captured and held for a period of time as a prisoner of War by Union forces at Johnson’s Island in Ohio. There he apparently studied to be a doctor.

After Dr. Well’s release from Johnson’s Island he lived on the Upper Guest River where he established an extensive practice as an “old time saddle-bag doctor” and died in 1910.

Cemetery  recorded by Rev. Jimmy R.Stidham
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