By James Taylor Adams

     The old Bond house near Big Laurel was built in the year 1849
Source: H.I. Horne

     During a fight on Indian Creek between Union and Confederate forces of the Civil War, Henderson Banner was wounded.  His wife came, performed an operation in an effort to save his life, but he died.
Source: Mrs. Lilly F. Roberson

     Calvin Perkey lived on a branch of Indian Creek just above the Poindexter place before the Civil War.  Source: E.J. Bond   

     Aaron Nash guardian of infant heirs of Caroline Pickens, deceased.  April 16, 1872.Source: Court Records

     Nicholas Horne made his will October 25, 1869, mentioning sons, Stephen, Nicholas J., William and Thomas H., and daughters, Jane and Eliza.
Source: Court Records

     Alexander Hall made his will April 24, 1866, naming sons, Alexander and Isham, daughter Rebecca and step son, William Sturgill (a jack).   Hiram Riggs, John Miller and John G. Sturgill, witnesses. Source: Court Records

     Susan Hamilton, made her will September 29, 1870, naming son, Nelson, E. Hariam (probably Ephriam) Fraley and William Miller.
Source: Court Records

     John S. Wolfe's estate appraised on February 5, 1870 by James Holbrook, M.C.V. Wolfe and Robert T. Davis. Source: Court Records
          The above mentioned "John S. Wolfe" should have read James S. Wolfe.
Source: A.J. Wolfe

     George H. Gray's estate was settled march 19, 1871, by N.B. Gray, administrator.Source: Court Records

     Inventory of Daniel Ramey's estate made November 23, 1868 by Henry Ramey, "one of the administrators." Source: Court Records

     Administration was granted on estate of John P. Wolfe to Robert E. Wolfe, February 28, 1865. Source: Court Records

     John P. Chase was Commissioner of Revenue in 1865 and Kenderick Perkey a deputy. Source: Court Records

     Freeman Beverly was guardian of Elizabeth Beverly, infant daughter of Sylvester,deceased, March 29, 1865.Source: Court Records

     The following men qualified as Justices of the Peace on July 26, 1864:
District No. 1 : William Richmond, Hiram Riggs, David R. Smith.
District No. 2 : Harvey C. Bruce, William H. Dean, John H. Snodgrass, Isaac Kilgore.
District No. 3 : Adam G. Roberson, Charles H. Banner, Booker B. Mullins, William McFalls.
District No.4 : William Vanover, William Neel, William K. Keel.
District No.5 : Robert P. Dickenson, James Holbrook, Daniel Hall, George H. Gray.

Harvey C. Bruce was elected presiding Justice.

James Hunsucker qualified as Surveyor on the same day.

Joseph H. Stallard, Joshua H. Bruce and Berry H. Tolbert qualified as Constables.

Andrew Shepherd, Daniel Short, John B. Cooper and Thomas Evans appointed Overseers of the Poor. 

A.W. Smith was Commonwealth Attorney at the same time and James M. Gibson, Sheriff. He was required to execute a bond of $50,000.00.  Jeremiah T. Chase, A.J. Long and J.H. Snodgrass were sureties.

Morgan T. Lipps was re-elected Clerk the same year.  Stephen H. Senter, Noah B. Bruce, Alexander Vance, Isaac Kilgore and Jeremiah T. Chase were his sureties. Source: Court Records

Compiled by James Taylor Adams, printed in the Coalfield Progress June, 1936

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