1856-1871 Wise County Births
Surnames "V, W, & Y"

Wise County Birth Register 1856-1871

  Copied from Wise County Birth Register 1856-1871 in the following order: Child's name,
gender, date of birth, slave or free, parents names, informant's name if other than parents; 

occupation if other than farming, and place of birth if other than Wise County, Virginia. 

Some ofthe names are illegible. Question marks are placed where in doubt. 

     Years 1862, 1863, 1864 are missing from  the Birth Register. They were probably never
recorded during those years perhaps because of the Civil War. 

     Spelling of names were  left as originally written as much as possible. 

     I L.H.N. Salyer, Deputy Clerk of Wise County Court do hereby certify that the foregoing is a
true copy of the Register of Births on file in this office for the year 1859.

 L.H.N. Salyer, D.C.

     One hundred and forty six is the number of birth records delivered to the clerk of the county
court of Wise County by the Commissioner for Wise County for 1861. M.T. Given under my handthis 2 day of October 1862. 

M.T.Lipps C.C.

Virginia Wise County to wit: 
     I David I. Caudill Deputy Clerk of the Wise County Court, do certify that the foregoing is a
true copy of the Register of Births returned to this office by the Commissioner of the Revenue forthe year 1865.

David I. Caudill D.C.

Virginia Wise County to wit: 
     I D. Jessee Caudill deputy for Morgan T. Lipps Clerk of the Wise County Court certify that
the foregoing is a true copy of the Register of Births returned to this office by the Commissioner of the Revenue for the year ending 31st December 1866.

D. Jessee Caudill D.C. for Morgan T. Lipps.

Virginia Wise County to wit: 
     I George W. Kilgore deputy for Morgan T. Lipps Clerk of the Wise County Court certify that
the foregoing is a true copy of the register of Births returned to this office by the Commissioner

of the revenue for the year ending 31st December 1867. 

Given under my hand this day of June 1868. Morgan T. Lipps, Clerk

By George W. Kilgore, D.C.

Va. Wise County to wit: I George-?  Dotson, Deputy for Jas. M. Culbertson Clk do certify that
the foregoing is  correct of the births as delivered to __ by the Comm. of the Revenue for the

year ending 31 Decr. 1868. Given under my hand this 22 day of June 1868. H.H. Dotson, D.C.


Vance, Doctor H: Female-? Alive, May 5, 1856;  Parents: David and Elizabeth Vance.

Vance, Malinda: Female-Alive, October 4, 1859; Parents: David and Elizabeth Church.

Vance, Not Named: Male born dead, May 30, 1856;  Parents:  Mother: Delila Vance.

Vance, Not named: Male-Born dead, April 2, 1859; Parents: Absolom and Nancy Vance.

Vanderpool, Mahala: Female-Alive, March 5, 1858; Parents: James and Sarah M. Vanderpool.

Vanderpool, Martha E: Female-Alive, August 1, 1860; Parents: Robert and Riddy Vanderpool. 

Vanderpool, Not named: Female-Alive, May 1, 1856;  Parents: James M. and Sarah M.
Vanderpool. Occ. of Father:  Blacksmith.

Vanover, Adline G: Female-Alive, March 9, 1960; Parents: William and Elizabeth Vanover.

Vanover, Bethany: Female-Alive, February 1, 1861; Parents: Kernelious (Cornelious) and
Margaret Vanover

Vanover, Charattie (Charlotte ?):  Female-Alive, January 3, 1866; Parents: Wesley and Martha

Vanover, Clarany: Female-Alive, October 22, 1861; Parents: Wesly J. and Margaret Vanover.

Vanover, Cornelious: Male-Alive, October 19, 1858; Parents: Corneliuos and Margarett

Vanover, Daniel: Male-Alive, October 16, 1867; Parents: Cornelius J. and Margaret Vanover. 

Vanover, Elelime (Emeline)  J: Female-Alive, September 3,1858; Parents: John H. and
(Illegible) Vanover.

Vanover, Felix: Male-Alive, July 13, 1860; Parents: Henry K. and Rhoda Vanover.

Vanover, Ira Gilliam: Male-Alive, August 6, 1866; Parents: David and Mary Vanover.

Vanover, Ira Gilliam: Male-Alive, May 12, 1866; William and Elizabeth Vanover.

Vanover, Lissy: Female-Alive, May 12, 1860; Parents: Eli and Ollly Vanover.

Vanover, Lucy M: Female-Alive, September 17, 1860; Parents: John H. and Keziah Vanover.

Vanover, Martha J: Female-Alive, Date not known; Father: Not known. Mother: Elizabeth 
Vanover: Information given by Cornelious Vanover: Grandfather.

Vanover, Mary A: Female-Alive, August 6, 1866; Parents: Cornelius and Margaret Vanover.

Vanover, Nancy: Female-Alive, March 10, 1871; Parents: C.J. and Margaret Vanover.

Vanover, Noah: Male-Alive, December 2, 1867; Parents: Wesley R. and Martha Vanover.

Vanover, Not named: Male-born dead, May 8, 1856;  Parents: Cornelious and Margaret

Vanover, Not named: Male-Alive, November 24, 1857; Parents: Eli and Olivia Vanover.

Vanover, Orpah M: Female-Alive, December 21, 1859; Parents: Eli and Lucy Ann Vanover.

Vanover, Perlina: Female-Alive, May 15, 1865; Parents: Elijah and Nancy Vanover.

Vanover, Rebecca W: Female-Alive, April 26, 1866; Parents: Father: Not named: Mother: Lucy
A. Vanover.  Reported by: John Wheatley; Grandfather.

Vanover, Wesley: Male-Alive, July 12, 1857; Parents: William and Elizabeth Vanover.

Vanover, William: Male-Alive, April 10, 1860; Parents: Daniel S. and Margy Vanover.

Vanover, William M: Male-Alive, October 30, 1867; Parents: Eli and Olly Vanover.

Venters, Andrew J: Male-Alive, August 31, 1866; Parents: James and Emeline Venters

Venters, Columbus M: Male-Alive, August 2, 1858; Parents; George M. and Susan Venters.

Venters, George W: Male-Alive, September 30, 1867; Parents: George M. and Rhoda Venters.

Venters, Jane: Female-Alive, November 10, 1857; Parents: James and Emeline Venters.

Venters, Leanze: Female-Alive, July 20, 1856;  Parents: G.M. and Susan Venters.

Venters, Manda M: Female-Alive, August 15, 1860; Parents: George M. and Susan Venters.

Venters, Not named: January 7, 1865; Parents: George M. and Sarah Venters.

Venters, Not named: Male-Alive, October 25, 1869; Parents: Geo. M. and Roda Venters.

Vermillion, William I: Male-Alive, February 16, 1859; Letcher Co., KY:  Parents: James W. and
Louisa H. Vermillion. Occ. of Father: Merchant.

Vicar, Nancy: Female-Alive, December 30, 1866; Parents: Andrew and Delindia Vicar.

Visy: Female-Alive, July 1, 1860;  (slave);  Mother: Elizabeth.  Elkanah Gilley, (owner).


Waddle, Not named: Male-Alive, December 25, 1860; Parents: Jefferson and Sarah Waddle.

Wallace, Didema: Female-Alive, April 10, 1858; Parents: William and Elizabeth Wallace.

Wallace, Thurza: Female-Alive, October 22, 1859; Parents: James and Evaline Wallace.

Wallis, Ibby: Female-Alive, June 6, 1860; Parents: William and Elizabeth Wallis.

Wallis, Mary: Female-Alive, March 10, 1857; Parents: Franklin and Emeline Wallis.

Wallis, Sarah Caroline: Female-Alive, August 31, 1856; Parents: William and Elizabeth Wallis.
Informant: John Wesley Mullins; Neighbor.

Wampler, Erumaruther-?: Female-Alive, September 1, 1870; Parents: Wm. H. and Jane

Wampler, Etta: Female-Alive, September 8, 1868; Parents: A.F. and Eliz. Wampler.

Wampler, James A: Male-Alive, December 27, 1865; Parents: George B. and Clerinda

Wampler, Lidia M: Female-Alive, April 2, 1858; Parents: John W. and Elizabeth Wampler.

Wampler, Not named: Male-Alive, November 30, 1867; Parents: Alfred J. and Elizabeth

Wampler, Patten O: Male-Alive, June 5, 1868; Parents: John M. and Sarah Wampler.

Wampler, Serilda-?: Female-Alive, September 15, 1867; Parents: George B. and Clerinda

Ward, Caroline: Female-Alive, July 20, 1861; Parents: John W. and Elizabeth Ward.

Warden, Not named: Female-Alive, August 13, 1866; Parents: Chrisman and Rebecca Warden.

Wardin, James F: Male-Alive, April 8, 1860; Parents: Isaac C. and Rebecca Wardin.

Warrick, Nancy: Female-Alive, May 3, 1857; Parents: James M. and Cynthia Warrick.

Warrick, Sintha Luvina: Female-Alive, March 26, 1856; Parents: John F. and Susannah

Wayuard-?, Not named: Male-Alive,  June, 1870; Parents: William and Rebecca Wayuard-?

Weaver, Rebecca: Female-Alive, January 27, 1858; Parents: Robert and Mary Ann Weaver.

Wells, Agnes S: Female-Alive, December 15, 1859; Parents: David and Nancy Wells.

Wells, Amanda: Female-Alive, August 8, 1865; Parents: Solomon and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, America E: Female-Alive, September 3, 1857; Parents: Doctor F. and Rebecca Wells.

Wells, Andrew H: Male-Alive, March 1, 1867; Parents: Joseph C: and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, Ann:  Female-Alive, April 23, 1857 (twin); Parents: Anderson and Sarah Wells.

Wells, Barney L: Male-Alive, March 1870; Parents: Stephen and Stacy Wells.

Wells, Benjamin H: Male-Alive, February 28, 1856, Wise Co., VA;  Parents: Mahal-? and
Lovina Wells.

Wells, Daniel L: Male-Alive, October 30, 1865; Parents: Eli and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, Daniel S: Male-Alive, July 13, 1869; Parents: Jas. C. and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, Eliza: Female-Alive, September 2, 1860; Parents: Henry and (Charity ?) Wells.

Wells, Eliza: Female-Alive, October 1, 1859; Parents: Henry and Christinaa Wells.

Wells, Francis M: Male-Alive, October 29, 1857; Parents: Joseph C. and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, James: Male-Alive, November 21, 1858; Parents: Farris-? and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, James M: Male-Alive, June 19, 1858; Parents: Andrew and Sovina (Lovina-?)  Wells.

Wells, James F: Male-Alive, May 5, 1857; Parents: Henry and Lena-? Wells.

Wells, James M. B: Male-Alive, September 11, 1857; Parents: David W. and Nancy Wells.

Wells, Jeroam S: Male-Alive, September 18, 1869; Parents: J.C. and Julia A. Wells.

Wells, Jincey E: Female-Alive, February 24, 1859; Parents: Andrew J. and Sarah Wells

Wells, July: Female-Alive, March 24, 1856, Wise Co., V;. Parents: James and Janetta Wells.

Wells, John N: Male-Alive, December 18, 1870; Parents: Marian and Mahala Wells.

Wells, John R: Male-Alive, April 18, 1858; Parents: Zacharah and Manisa-? Wells.

Wells, Jonathan: Male-Alive, October 13, 1868; Parents: Winfield S. and Sarah M. Wells.

Wells, Jonathan B: Male-Alive, June 16, 1867; Parents: Jeremiah C. and July Ann Wells.

Wells, Joseph: Male-Alive, February 13, 1866; Parents: Henry and Cristenia Wells.

Wells, Laverne E: Female-Alive, August 26, 1867; Parents: Andrew S. and Sarah Wells.

Wells, Livingston C: Male-Alive, December 30, 1857; Parents: James F.  And Jeannette Wells.

Wells, Loucinda E: Female-Alive, September 22, 1865; Parents: Andrew J. and Sarah D. Wells.

Wells, Lucy A: Female-Alive, December 25, 1860; Parents: A.G.   And Sarah Wells.

Wells, Lucy Jane: Female-Alive, October 20, 1858; Parents: Anderson and Sarah Wells.

Wells, Manda E: Female-Alive, January 7, 1860; Parents: James F. and Genetty Wells.

Wells, Martha E: Female-Alive, April 15, 1858; Parents: Solomon and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, Martha E: Female-Alive, September 15, 1869; Parents: Robt. and Rebecca Wells.
Informant: Jo. Kilborne; Friend.

Wells, Mary Ann: Female-Alive, May 19, 1859; Parents: William and Elvina Wells.

Wells, Mary J: Female-Alive, April 17,1856; Parents: Soloman and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, Mary S: Female-Alive, November 12, 1867; Parents: Eli and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, Name not given: Female-Alive, April 23, 1857 (twin); Parents: Anderson and Sarah

Wells, Patton L: Male-Alive, April 18, 1866; Parents: Johnson and Jerusha Wells.

Wells, Rebecca J: Female-Alive, July 10, 1857; Parents: Wiliam and Adelia A. Wells. Reported
by William Wells; Grandfather.

Wells, Rosey Lide-?: Female-Alive, February, 1870; Parents: T.G. and Mary M. Wells.
Occ. of Father: Court Clerk

Wells, Sarah M: Female-Alive, February 29, 1856, Wise Co., VA; Parents: Andrew H. and
Lovina Wells.

Wells, Sumerville: Female-Alive, August 29, 1866; Parents: Ellington and Elizabeth Wells.

Wells, Unnamed: Male-Alive, July 1, 1868; Parents: Robert B. and Rebecca Wells.

Wells, William A: Male-Alive, May 6, 1866; Parents: Andrew H. and Lavina Wells.

Wells, William C: Male-Alive, April 7, 1856; Parents: and Sally Wells. Informant: Rebecca
Wells; Grandmother.

Wells, Zachariah: Male-Alive, April 29, 1858; Parents: Mahal and Vina Wells.

Wells, Zachariah: Male-Alive, November 1, 1870; Parents: Learbn-? and Rose Wells.

Wells, Zion G.-?: Male-Alive, October 10, 1859; Parents: Joseph H. and Elizabeth Wells.

Wheatley, Sarah: Female-Alive, February 25, 1867; Parents: William and Jane Wheatley.

Wheatley, Wm: Male-Alive, December 2, 1857; Parents: Leiut. Parker and Nancy Wheatley.

Wheatly, Henderson: Male-Alive, December 17, 1869; Parents: Wm. M. and Jane Wheatly.

Wheatly, John S: Male-Alive, August 17, 1860; Parents: Parker and Nancy Wheatly.

Wheatly, Samuel: Male-Alive, December 14, 1856;  Parents: Arthur and Nancy Wheatly.

Whitaker, James M: Male-Alive, December 25, 1866; Parents: William and Elizabeth Whittaker.

White, McDaniel: Male-Alive, February 20, 1868; Parents: John and Cynthia White.

White, Nancy J: Female-Alive, February 16, 1861; Parents: Alfred and Elizabeth White.

White, Paris M: Male-Alive, May 19, 1869; Parents: John and Martha White.

White, Robert L: Male-Alive, March 15, 1866; Parents: Alfred and Elizabeth White.

White, William: Male-Alive, December 17-? 1856;  Parents: Alfred and Margaret White.

White, Wm. A: Male-Alive, July 22, 1868; Parents: Alfred and Mary White.

Whittaker, Jonas A: Male-Alive, April 10, 1865; Parents: William  and Elizabeth Whittaker.

William H: Male-Alive, January 26, 1859;  (Slave); Parents: Father: John H. Snodgrass: Master.
Mother: Lucy Ann.

Williams, C.E.V: Male-Alive, October 15, 1869; Parents: S.G. and Mary Williams.

Williams, Emoly A: Female-Alive, August 24, 1868; Parents: H.C. and Martha Williams. 

Williams, Esther: Female-Alive, December 15, 1858; Parents: Anderson and Cumfry Williams.

Williams, Jasper: Male-Alive, October 13, 1856; (twin), Parents: Pleasant and Patsey Williams.

Williams, John Y: Male-Alive, December 22, 1871; Parents: M.A. and Mary A.Williams.

Williams, Newton:  Male-Alive, (twin), October 13, 1856;  VA; Parents: Pleasant and Patsey

Williams, Sarah Ann: Female-Alive, May 22, 1856;  Parents: Anderson and Cumfort Williams.

Williamson, Roda C: Female-Alive, April 9, 1869; Parents: H.C. and M. L. Williamson.

Willis, Alvin D: Male-Alive, December 26, 1869; Parents: Absolom and Lucinda C. Willis.

Willis, Eliza. J: Female-Alive, November 27, 1868;  Parents: Isaac and Eliz. Willis.

Willis, Gorden E: Male-Alive, May 28, 1867; Parents: Isaac T. and Elizabeth Willis.

Willis, Isaac: Male-Alive, June 15, 1861; Parents: Alexander and Cassey Willis.

Willis, Isaac M: Male-Alive, August 25, 1861; Parents: Absalum and Lucindah  C. Willis.

Willis, John: Male-Alive, September 29, 1861; Parents: Francis C. and Sarah E.Willis.

Willis, Joseph C: Male-Alive, February 5, 1867; Parents: Alexander and Cassy Willis.

Willis, Nancy Ann: Female-Alive, March 19, 1865; Parents: Isaac L. and Francis Ann Willis.

Willis, Nancy E: Female-Alive, February 1, 1859; Parents: Absolom and Lucinda Willis.

Willis, Polly Ann: Female-Alive, November 12, 1856;  Parents: Absalum and Lucida (Lucinda?)

Willis, Robert: Male-Alive, December 5, 1866; Parents: Francis and Sarah E. Willis.

Willis, Ulyssis: Male-Alive, May 9, 1868; Parents: John B. and Emoly E. Willis.

Willis, Wm. B: Male-Alive, October 1, 1868; Parents: Francis and Sarah E. Willis.

Wilson, Emmett W: Male-Alive, October 6, 1857; Parents: Jonathan and Margaret Wilson.

Wilson, James F: Male-Alive, December 22, 1859; Parents: John F. and Rebecca Wislon.

Wilson, Johnson: Male-Alive, May 20, 1866; Parents: Samuel and Ellen Wilson.

Wilson, Morgan S: Male-Alive, October 12, 1858; Parents: Andrew and Margarett Wilson.

Wolf, Cely: Female-Alive, May 1870; Parents: Jacob Mc. and Mahaley E.E. Wolf.

Wolf, Jacob Jr: Male-Alive, November 29, 1858; Parents: William and Esther Wolf.

Wolfe, John L.S: Male-Alive, March 4, 1866; Parents: John S. and Rosey J. Wolfe.

Wolfe, Martha C: Female-Alive, December 21, 1865; Parents: William and Esther Wolfe.

Wright, Alexander: Male-Alive, June 25, 1868; Parents: Alexander and Susan Wright.

Wright, Alis: Female-Alive, July 9, 1867; Parents: John and Loretta-? Wright. Informant:
Alexander Wright; Neighbor.

Wright, Dicy: Female-Alive, October 14, 1857; Parents: Aaron and Isabel Wright.

Wright, Frances: Female-Alive, May 20, 1860; Parents: Alexander and Susannah Wright.

Wright, George Cowin: Male-Alive, December 25, 1856;  Parents: James and Patsy Wright.

Wright, George M: Male-Alive, May 7, 1867; Parents: Alexander and Mary Wright.

Wright, George T: Male-Alive, January 5, 1871; Parents: Joshua and Nancy-? Wright.

Wright, Isaac M: Male-Alive, April 16, 1861; Parents: Isaac L. and Mary A. Wright.

Wright, James B: Male-Alive, August 15, 1865; Parents: Paris and Martha Wright.

Wright, James W: Male-Alive, April 16, 1858; Parents: Isaac and Mary Wright.

Wright, Luasy A: Female-Alive, March 4, 1860; Parents: Aaron and Isabel Wright.

Wright, Manda: Female-Alive, May 11, 1865; Parents: John and Susannah Wright.

Wright, Martha: Female-Alive, August 6, 1869; Parents: James and Martha Wright

Wright, Martha E: Female-Alive, November 20, 1857; Parents: Alesr.(Alexander-?) and Susan

Wright, Nancy L: Female-Alive, April 17, 1868; Parents: John and Susan Wright.

Wright, Noah: Male-Alive, October 1, 1869; Parents: Alexander and Writty Wright.

Wright, Not named: Male-Alive, May 20, 1860; Parents: Parris and Mary  Wright.

Wright, Not named: Female-Alive, September 10, 1865; Parents: Alexander Jr. and Susan Wright.

Wright, Paris: Male-Alive, June 20, 1858; Parents: Paris and Mary Wright.

Wright, Robert W.M: Male-Alive, August, 1861; Parents: Parris and Mary Wright.

Wright, Sarah A: Female-Alive, January 11, 1960; Parents: Jasper and Elizabeth Wright.

Wright, Sarah E: Female-Alive, April 15, 1860; Parents: Isaac L. And Mary Ann Wright.  

Wright, Sarah L. M: Female-Alive, February 16, 1861, Buchanan Co., VA; Parents: Solomon
W. and Elizabeth Wright.

Wright, Ward: Male-Alive, April 20, 1870; Parents: Alexander and Susanna Wright.

Wright, Wily P: Male-Alive, August 25, 1869; Parents: John and Mary Wright.

Wright, Mary J: Female-Alive, October 10, 1869; Parents: Geo. W. and Rachel Wright.


Yates, Ira G: Male-Alive, October 23, 1860; Parents: Jacob and Haza Yates.

Yates, Jas. M-?: Male-Alive, October 15, 1857; Parents: Jacob and Hazy Yates.

Yates, Margaret: Female-Alive, March 11, 1866; Parents: Jacob and Haza Yates.

Yates, Not named: Female-Alive, August 24, 1857; Parents: Wm. and Mary Yates.

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