Adams, F. B. - East Stone Gap Cemetery, good stone, need documentation of service?

Adams, George W.

Adams, James M.

Addington, Charles - Hensley-Addington Cemetery, stone, legible only with chalk
64th, photo from Lil

Addington, James Henderson - Gray Cemetery - Taken prisoner and sent to Camp Chase, good stone - VSL

Addington, James M. - 50th
Addington, Jasper M. - Buried in Mass Grave at Blue Sulphur Springs, WV - Stone ordered for Addington Cemetery, Scott Robinson Hollow

Addington, John W.- Buried in Mass Grave at White Sulphur Springs, WV - Stone ordered for Addington Cemetery, Scott Robinson Hollow

Addington, Thomas Jefferson - VSL - photo from Nancy - Pound - Addington Cemetery, Scott Robinson Hollow

Adkins, Alexander - 51st 

Adkins, Henry - VSL

Adkins, Sylvester 

Akers, W. W. - buried Highland Cemetery, Norton

Alderson, George

Amburgey, William G.

Artrip, James - VSL

Artrip, John - VSL

Asbury, G. W.

Austin, Andrew 

Baker, James - 29th

Baker, Keel (Cornelius) - Buried in the Jim Baker Cemetery, Bold Camp -  VSL

Baker, Noah - 29th & 64th

Baker, Richard - VSL

Baker, Riley - 50th

Banner, Charles H. - Buried South Fork of Pound - VSL

Barker, Charles W.
Burial site is in the Dale Cemetery off Turkey Branch Road in the Hurricane. 

Charles W. Barker, SGT Co A 21BN Va INF Confederate States Army  Jan 3, 1841  Mar 9 1921".

Barron, James Knox Polk - buried Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap, good stone, needs footstone

Bartley, William F.

Belcher, John W.

Bell, C. C.

Bentley, H. H.

Beverly, Alexander

Beverly, David Crockett

Beverly, Hiram C. - 29th

Beverly, John F. - 51st

Beverly, Nathan F. 

Beverly, Schuyler

Beverly, Sylvester - 29th

Bickley, J. Benton - 22nd VA Cav

Bishop, Lewis

Blair, Charles - 51st

Blair, Hiram -51st

Blair, John H. - 51st

Blair, William D. -50th

Bland, William D.

Blanton, Isaac - 64th - Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap, good stone, needs footstone

Blanton, William - 51st

Blessing, Solomon

Blevins, Andrew J.-50th

Blevins, James

Blevins, William

Blizzard, John

Blythe, Adam - 51st

Blythe, Abraham - 51st

Boatright, James V.

Boggs, David

Boggs, Doctor Franklin - 29th VA & 64th

Boggs, Elihu “Hugh” - 5th KY Mounted

Boggs, James - 50th

Boggs, James M.-VSL

Boggs, Jesse F.- 29th

Boggs, John 

Boggs, John M.- 50th

Boggs, John R.-29th

Boggs, Joseph - VSL

Boggs, William, Jr. - 14th KY Vol

Bolling, Baxter - VSL

Bolling, Delano(Dulaney) Benjamin Bolling Cemetery, Pound - Stone ordered - VSL

Bolling, George Washington - photo 

Bolling, Hosea - Benjamin Bolling Cemetery, Pound - 50th

Bolling, Jessee - Benjamin Bolling Cemetery, Pound-13th KY Cav

Bolling, Levi

Bolling, Washington

Bond, George Washington - 50th

Bond, Isaac M.

Bond, John H. - 29th & French’s

Bond, Stephen P.

Bond, William E. - 50th

Bond, William W.-29th

Bott, J. T. - 37th VA

Bowman, William H. - 51st

Bradley, William

Brahe, John T. - buried in Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap-50th

Branham, Tandy - Mill Creek, South of the Mountain Road, Pound

Brewer, D. E.

Brians, Henry C.

Brahe, John T. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone, needs footstone

Bruce, D. W.

Brummet, Alexander - 29th & 64th

Brumit, George

Buchanan, George E.

Buchanan, John J.

Buchanan, Miles A.

Buchanan, Morgan - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, needs new stone, ordered

Burton, Isaac

Bush, Silvester

Cantrail, Alexander - 50th

Cantrell, Abraham

Cantrell, John

Cantrell, Reuben

Cantrell, Sherwood

Cantrell, Sherwood (2)

Cantrell, William

Carico, James M.

Carico, Martin J.

Carico, Walden - 51st

Carter, Campbell W. - 50th

Carter, Charles?

Carter, Granville - Glamorgan Cemetery, needs new stone, barely legible. VSL

Carter, Samuel P. - 50th

Carter, Van P. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone, needs footstone

Carty, Greenville - 50th

Cavendish, George W.

Chase, John P. - photo

Childress, W(illiam). A.

Chisenhall, Isaac

Chisenhall, James - 29th VA

Church, Gabriel - 51st

Church, Isaiah

Church, John -29th

Church, Joseph - 29th

Church, William - 51st

Church, Wilson

Clark, John - 29th

Coldiron, Isaac - 50th

Collier, Aaron J.

Collier, Andrew

Collier, David C. - 51st

Collier, G. L.

Collier, George L.

Collier, Isaac - 51st

Collier, John B. - 51st

Collier, John Horton

Collier, Luther R.

Collier, Stephen

Collier, Thomas Benton - 50th

Collier, William J. - 50th

Collier, W. R. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone

Collins, A. C.

Collins, A. P.

Collins, Archibald - 29th & 64th

Collins, Berry - 29th - Wanda has photo

Collins, Lewis - 29th - Wanda has photo

Coomer, Leander

Cooper, Hiram

Corder, Jonathan O. - Wise Cemetery, good stone

Countiss, Henry - 29th

Counts, James J. - 29th, photo, buried in Old Coeburn Cemetery, Coeburn

Counts, Samuel S. -buried in Old Coeburn Cemetery, Coeburn

Cox, Calvin - buried in Meade Cemetery, Pound, new stone ordered

Cox, Franklin F. - 50th

Cox, Isham - 50th, new upright stone ordered, Isham Cox Cemetery, Indian Creek

Cox, Samuel - 29th 

Crager, Andrew J. - 29th

Creech, Ira

Creech, Jonathan - 50th

Creech, Ward

Creegar, Andrew J.

Cress, Henry Allen

Culbertson, Livingston

Dale, Henderson H. - 50th

Davidson, Hiram - Huff Cemetery, Bear Branch - excellent stone

Davidson, Joseph

Davidson, William R., Sr. - Wiley Gardner Cemetery, stone needs repair, barely legible print, need to determine unit.

Davis, Esau

Davis, Isaac M. - 50th

Davis, James F.

Davis, John r. - 50th

Dawton, I. H.

Day, Frederick H.

Day, James M.

Day, Lexington

Dean, David A.-50th

Dean, David C. - 50th

Dean, Jeremiah - 29th & 64th

Dean, John- 50th

Dean, William - 29th & 64th

Dean, William Henderson- Gray Cemetery, good stone - 50th

Denison, R. M.

Derifield, David

Dickenson, John W. - 29th & 64th

Dixon, Moses L.

Dollarhide, Harrison - 51st

Dollarhide, John

Dorton, Joseph H.

Dorton, Jehile H.

Dorton, W. H. -photo

Dotson, Andrew Jackson - Mt. Zion, good stone - photo & write-up

Dotson, George W.

Dotson, Henderson H. - Wise Cemetery, good stone, photo

Dotson, James M.- Wise Cemetery, has stone, needs footstone - 50th

Dotson, James N.

Dotson, Simon

Dotson, William

Dunavant, Patrick

Edwards, H. R.

Edwards, John Friel. -51st, photo, buried in Edwards Cemetery, Sandy Ridge, CSA stone

Edwards, James T. - buried in Edwards Cemetery, Sandy Ridge

Eldridge, Carr

Elkins, James -51st

Elkins, John M.-51st

Elkins, Joseph - 29th & 64th

Elkins, William B.

Elkins, William, Jr. - 29th & 64th

Elkins, William, Sr.- 29th & 64th

Evans, Thomas L.

Farmer, D. E.

Fields, Lafayette M.

Flanary, Creed Fulton

Flanery, Jasper

Fleming, Isaac

Fraley, Martin - 50th

Franklin, George W. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone

Frazier, Henry C. - 

Freeman, James T.

Freeman, Joseph T.

Fuller, W. V.

Fulton, Wilbourn - Boone Co., WV

Gardner, George Washington - Wiley Gardner Cemetery - no stone

Gardner, Wiley - Wiley Gardner Cemetery -stone, legible only with chalk - 50th, photo

Gardner, William - William H. Gardner Cemetery

Gibson, Gilford

Gibson, Huston

Gibson, Joel

Gilliam, Ira - Wise Cemetery, has good stone, needs footstone

Gilliam, Martin L - 50th

Gilliam, William E.- 50th

Gilley, Absalom B. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone, need documentation of service?

Gilley, Elkanah - 51st

Gilley, Francis - 51st

Gilley, Franklin - 51st

Gilley, James M -51st

Gilley, John W.

Gilly, George G., Jr.

Gilly, Jesse - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, excellent stone -51st

Gilly, John Buford - photo, story, buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap, needs footstone

Gilly, John W.

Gordon, James G.- Jim Baker Cemetery, Bold Camp, Pound - 51st, photo

Grogan, D. C.

Gray, Harvey

Habern, George W. H. - Wise Cemetery, has CSA stone

Hager, R. M.

Hale/Hall, Henry - 50th

Hall, Eli

Hall, Harvey - 29th 

Hamblen, Charles L.- 27th BN Va Cav - buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap

Hamilton, James - Laurel Grove Cemetery, good stone, another James Hamilton is buried in the Ben Bolling Cemetery at Pound, no marker.

Hamilton, Lockard, photo

Hamilton, Nelson

Hamilton, Robert S. - Laurel Grove Cemetery, CSA stone

Hamilton, Thomas B.

Hartsock, James H.

Hayes, John - 29th

Hayes, Jonathan

Haywood, John -22nd VA Cav

Hazes, James F.

Henderson, Augustus F.-51st

Henderson, Arnold P.-50th

Hensley, James H.

Hicks, Oscar J.-29th Va Inf & 34th VA BTN, buried in Kilgore Cemetery, Coeburn, VA

Hill, Berry Washington

Hill, James Monroe., Sr. - Wiley Gardner Cemetery, stone, legible only with chalk. Is he a veteran?

Hill, John W. - 50th 

Hill, James E.Mitchell

Holbrook, J. W.

Holbrook Wilson - has excellent large stone, needs footstone, buried in Wise Cemetery

Hood, Duton - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, needs foot stone

Hood, John - East Stone Gap Cemetery, good stone, need documentation of service?

Horne, Americus D. - 50th

Horne, Henry

Horne, Jesse - 50th

Horne, Henry

Horne, John Polson

Horne, P. M. - buried in the Kilgore Cemetery, Coeburn

Horne, Samuel P. -buried in the Nicholas Horne Cemetery, Coeburn

Horne, Stephen - Nicholas Horne Cemetery, Coeburn

Horne, Thomas H.- 50th

Hubbard, Burdine

Hubbard, Edmond

Hubbard, Jessee - Mt. Zion Cemetery

Huff, Charles - Laurel Grove Cemetery, needs new stone

Huff, John

Huff, Lorenzo Dow - Huff Cemetery, Bear Branch? No stone - 29th & 64th

Huff, William T.- 29th & 64th

Hughes, Alfred C.

Hughes, Henry C.

Hughes, John

Hughes, W. H.

Hunsucker, Archibald-29th & 64th

Hunsucker, James - Galen Roberts Cemetery, needs new stone, not legible - 29th & 64th

Hunsucker, John - Wiley Gardner Cemetery, needs new stone - 29th

Hunsucker, Jonathan - Wiley Gardner Cemetery, no stone

Hurd, Carter D. - Has CSA small medal marker

Hurt, Andy Fullen

Hylton, Enos K. - photo in Scott County

Hylton, Rhodes Marion - Wise Cemetery - CSA stone

Ison, Annie (widow)

Ison, Archibald - Huff Cemetery, no stone?, need documentation of service?

Ison, Edmond - Letcher Co., KY - 29th

Ison, George

Ison, Isaac - Letcher Co., KY

Ison, James F. - Robinette Cemetery, stone broken, needs new stone

Ison, Landon Creed - Wiley Gardner Cemetery, good stone

Ison, Morrison

Ison, Scottman - Letcher Co., KY - 29th

Jessee, Robert - Wise Cemetery, needs new stone

Johnson, James F. - Wise Cemetery, needs new stone

Jones, Alfred T.

Jones, G(eorge) W. - Laurel Grove Cemetery, CSA stone

Jones, Henry C. - Wiley Gardner Cemetery - CSA stone - good condition. 50th

Jones, James F.

Jones, John, Jr. - 50th

Jones, Russell H.

Jones, Shelor

Jones, William - 50th

Jordan, Robert J.

Jordan, Paris - buried in Kilgore Cemetery, Coeburn, VA

Joseph, John

Joseph, Phillip - 29th

Joseph, Reason

Joseph, William - 29th VA

Keel, Marshall

Keen, John - 22nd VA CAV

Kelly, Matthias, Jr.

Kelly, Matthias, Sr.

Kelly, William, Jr. - 29th VA & 64th

Kelly, William, Sr. - 29th & 64th

Kennedy, Commodore - 51st

Kennedy, Daniel Trigg - 51st

Kennedy, James - 50th

Kennedy, James Walker - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has excellent stone - 51st

Kennedy, McCamant - 50th

Kennedy, Thomas J.-50th

Kern, Samuel Logan

Kern, T. T., Sr.

Kigeon, May E. (Widow)

Kilborn, Jonathan

Kilborn, Joseph

Kilborn, Martin Van Buren

Kilborn, Peter - 29th & 64th

Kilgore, George H. - Ralph Kilgore Cemetery - new stone - 29th & 64th

Kilgore, George W. - Wise Cemetery - good stone

Kilgore, Ira H. - Ira Kilgore Cemetery, will be set in fall - 29th & 64th

Kilgore, Johnston - Hensley-Addington Cemetery, new stone - 29th & 64th

Kilgore, Nelson - Ralph Kilgore Cemetery, new stone - 29th & 64th

Kiser, Cummins

Kiser, Harvey

Kiser, Wilson

Landers, Calvin

Lawson, B. F. - buried in Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap, CSA marker

Lawson, J. D. - buried in Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap, CSA Marker

Lea, Alfred M. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, good stone, 51st

Lewis, Martin Van Buren - 29th & 64th

Lewis, William - 29th 

Lipps, David M.

Lipps, James D.- 50th

Lipps, James M.

Lipps, Jonas Alexander - 50th

Long, J. H.

Marshall, R. W.

Maxwell, Audley

May, John - buried in Old Coeburn Cemetery, Coeburn

McCagen, Henry C. - 50th

McCarty, Granville - 50th

McConnell, Berry

McCoy, Thomas - 51st

McFalls, Joseph

McFarland, Hiram - 51st

McLemore, Benjamin Franklin - Wise cemetery, CSA stone

McReynolds, George

Miles, William P.

Miller, Allen Taylor

Miller, Andrew - 29th

Miller, Hiram 

Mills, James, Jr. - 50th

Minnick, James - Mt. Zion Cemetery, CSA stone

Morgan, William B.

Morris, Richard Pearl, photo & write-up from Heritage

Mullins, B. B. - 50th

Mullins, Andrew Jackson - photo

Mullins, B. B.

Mullins, Basil - photo

Mullins, David Crockett - 50th

Mullins, Elijah

Mullins, George W. - 50th

Mullins, Green

Mullins, Greenberry

Mullins, Henderson

Mullins, Jackson

Mullins, John

Mullins, W. B.

Mullins, William

Murphy, Andrew Jackson

Mutter, Robert - buried in Old Coeburn Cemetery, coeburn

Neely, William E.- Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone, needs footstone

Nuckolls, John Calvin - 29th 

Oaks, William - 50th

Olinger, Jacob Blubaugh

Olinger, John B. - Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap

Osborn, Isaac

Owens, John I.

Owens, William 

Palmer, David R. - buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap

Pate, Charles T.

Perky, Calvin C. - 29th 

Perky, Charles B.- 50th

Perky, George Washington  - 50th

Perky, John W. - 50th

Perky, William

Perry, John Fulton - Photo, write-up

Perry, Levi - photo - 29th, needs upright stone, buried in Levi Perry Cemetery

Perry, Marion

Perry, William

Phillips, John

Phillips, Lewis W. - photo, has CSA Marker, write-up

Poindexter, John C. - Poindexter Cemetery, Pound - 29th 

Powers, Alen W. - photo

Powers, Allen W. - photo, buried in the Allen Powers Cemetery, Coeburn, needs stone

Powers, David - Wise Cemetery, CSA stone

Powers, William A., Sr.

Qualls, James P.

Qualls, John Wesley, Riverview Cemetery-ESG, good stone, need documentation of service?

Price, William H.

Ramey, Daniel

Ramey, Henry - Wise Cemetery, good stone, needs footstone

Ramsey, B. C. - photo & write-up in Heritage, buried in the Nicholas Horne Cemetery, Coeburn

Ramsey, James W. - Laurel Grove Cemetery, good stone

Reedy, Hezekiah - buried in the Edwards Cemetery, Sandy Ridge

Reedy, Lemuel

Richmond, Benjamin Franklin - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has excellent stone

Richmond, Jonathan A. - Gray Cemetery

Richmond, Jonathan Gass - Wise Cemetery, good stone

Richmond, N. J.

Riddle, Frederick F.

Riddle, William H.

Rife, Gabel

Riggs, Lafayette - buried in the Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap - 29th & 64th

Ritchie, James - 50th

Roach, James H.

Roach, William P.

Roberts, Harvey D.-50th

Roberts, Ira H.-29th

Roberts, Louis

Roberts, Raleigh D.-29th & 64th

Roberts, Shadrack R.-29th

Roberts, William - 29th

Robinett, Henry

Robinette, J. B.

Robinett, J. M.

Robinett, John - 51st

Robinett, M. D.

Robinette, William H. - Wiley Gardner Cemetery, bronze marker. - 51st

Rogers, George Robert - 64th, buried in the Mack Carter Cemetery, Rock Switch, near Wise

Rose, John W. - 51st

Rose, Joseph - 51st

Rose, Kernelias - 51st

Rose, Robert “Robin” - 51st

Rose, Swinfield - 51st

Rose, William J.

Rutherford, James J.

Salley, Thomas

Salyer, Jeremiah

Salyer, Logan Henry Neal - buried in Kentucky, Photo, write-up

Salyer, Roan - 50th

Salyer, Samuel, Jr. - White Oak Gap Cemetery, good stone, Rt. 617

Salyer, Shanklin - 50th

Salyers, Elisha M. 

Salyers, James - 50th

Salyers, Tyree D. - 50th

Sampson, Stephen S. - buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap

Sargent, Forest

Sargent, Henry - 29th 

Sargeant, William

Scarberry, William - 51st

Scott, Charles G. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, have photo, has stone, needs footstone

Scott, H. S.

Senter, Andrew F.

Senter, Enoch D - 50th

Senter, Felix - 50th

Senter, W. E.

Sergeant, William

Sexton, H. H.

Sexton, Joe

Sexton, John

Sexton, T. B.

Shanklin, Henry S. - buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap

Shenk, J. R.

Shepherd, Eli - 51st

Shepherd, James W. - 51st

Shepherd, Riley - 29th

Shepherd, Thomas - 29th 

Short, D. W.

Short, Daniel- photo

Short, Henry

Short, James

Short, James

Short, William (Granville)

Skeen, Elihu K.

Skeen, George Cowan - buried in Glencoe Cemetery, big Stone Gap, VA

Skeen, George Franklin - Skeens Cemetery, Wise, Pvt. Russell Co., VA, 29th

Skeen, George H. - 50th

Skeen, James Patton - Skeens Cemetery, Wise, 29th

Skeen, Jasper - Skeens Cemetery, Wise

Skeen, Jeremiah - Skeens Cemetery, Wise

Skeen, Joseph - Skeens Cemetery, Wise, 29th

Skeen, Lilburn Henry - buried in Lilburn Henry Skeens Cemetery, Powell Valley, stone ordered by family

Skeen, R. L.

Skeen, Stephen

Slemp, Campbell Bascom - 64th

Smith, Alexander J. (W) - 29th & 64th

Smith, Alexander W. - 50th

Smith, Elbert E. - 50th

Smith, George - 51st

Smith, Harvey P.

Smith, Henry E.-50th

Smith, James - Laurel Grove Cemetery - need documentation

Smith, Mead A. - 50th

Smith, Thompson Martin - 50th, buried in Stallard Cemetery, near Airport, Wise, CSA stone

Snodgrass, George H.-51st

Snodgrass, John Hunt - 51st

Sowards, Jeff(erson)

Sproles, Jacob

Sproules, Joseph B.

Stallard, David F. - buried in Stallard Cemetery, near Airport, Wise, CSA stone

Stallard, William Anderson -50th, buried in Stallard Cemetery, near Airport, Wise, CSA stone

Stallard, William W. - 50th

Standifer, John

Stanley, Robert - 51st

Stapleton, Henry

Stapleton, Walter

Stewart, Andrew Jackson- 51st

Stewart, J. S.

Stewart, John M. - buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap

Stewart, Joseph c. - 51st

Stewart, William H. J. - 51st

Stewart, William H. S. - 51st

Stidham, Adam - 29th

Stidham, Adam J. - 51st

Stidham, Adam M.

Stidham, Andrew Jackson

Stidham, Daniel - Laurel Grove Cemetery, Norton - good stone

Stidham, David- 29th & 64th

Stidham, James D. - 29th & 64th

Stidham, J. W.

Stidham, John W. - 29th & 64th

Stidham, Martin - 29th & 64th

Stidham, Samuel

Stidham, Samuel S.

Stidham, William D. - 51st

Stidham, William H. - 51st

Stidham, William - Mt. Zion Cemetery, needs new stone, documentation of service?

Strong, Thomas - 50th

Sturgeon, William

Sturgill, Andrew Jackson - 29th & 64th

Sturgill, Joel - 29th & 64th

Sturgill, Matthias - 29th

Sturgill, Samuel

Sturgill, William - 29th 

Swindall, Eli

Sykes, Jim

Sykes, Joseph W.

Talbert, B. H.

Tate, Elisha - photo - 29th & 51st, buried in Riverview Cemetery, East Stone Gap

Taylor, Charles - 51st

Taylor, I. T.

Taylor, Marshall Benton - Wise Cemetery, CSA stone

Thomas, William

Tipton, John- 50th

Tipton, Wiley - 51st 

Tompkins, Benjamin Franklin

Tompkins, William Tandy - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone, needs footstone

Tredway, Benjamin Franklin

Trent, Alexander

Vance, Alexander - 51st

Vance, David D. - 29th & 64th

Vance, David M. 

Vance, Lawson

Vanover, Eli S. - 50th

Vanover, William - 50th

Verbal, C. M.

Vickers, John, Jr.

Vickers, John, Sr.

Vickers, William H.

Vincel, William D.- 50th

Waddell, Jeff

Wallace, P. G., buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap - 51st

Walling, Thomas W.

Wampler, Alfred F.

Wampler, George Benton - 51st

Wampler, Henderson - 51st

Wampler, John M - 51st

Wampler, John W. - 29th

Wampler, Samuel L. - 51st

Wampler, William H. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has excellent stone

Ward, W. M.

Weatherly, A. H., buried in Glencoe Cemetery, Big Stone Gap

Wells, Aaron - Huff Cemetery, Rt. 617, no stone

Webb, John M. - 48th VA InF, buried in Stallard Cemetery, near Airport, Wise, CSA stone

Wells, Anderson - 29th & 64th

Wells, Andrew H.

Wells, Andrew Jackson

Wells, Henry - 51st

Wells, Ira - 51st

Wells, James F. - Wells Cemetery, Esserville - needs new stone

Wells, Dr. J. C. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone,

Wells, Rev. J. C. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone, need documentation of service?

Wells, John

Wells, Johnson - 51st

Wells, Solomon

Wells, Tazewell Gallington - Wise Cemetery, needs footstone

Wells, William

Wheatley, James H.- 50th

Wheatley, John W. - Wise Cemetery, good stone

Wheatley, William M. - Glamorgan Cemetery, good stone

Wheeler, N. C. - Riverview Cemetery-ESG, has stone, needs footstone

Wheeler, James H.

White, John W. - Wise Cemetery, has stone

Whittaker, K. B.

Wilborn, Jonathan

Williams, Albert C.

Williams, David C.

Williams, Francis - 29th

Williams, Isaac - 51st

Williams, John B.

Willis, Francis

Willis, Isaac - 51st

Willis, John - 50th

Willis, John B., Sr.- 51st

Willis, Thomas

Wills, Ira - 51st

Wilson, Henry S. - 22nd VA CAV

Wilson, Jasper - 51st VA INF

Wilson, Marion - 29th & 64th

Wingfield, J. H.

Wise, Adolph

Wise, E. A.

Wise, George W.

Wise, John H.

Wise, Michael H. H.

Wise, Robert J.

Witt, William

Wolfe, John P. - 51st

Wolfe, Peter - 51st

Wolfe, Robert e. - 51st

Wolf, William

Wolfe, Joseph

Wright, Aaron W. - 50th

Wright, Isaac L.- 29th

Wright, Jasper A. - 50th

Wright, Jasper Neal

Wright, John - John Wright cemetery, Pound, good stones

Wright, Waitsel A.- 50th

data compiled and submitted by Rhonda Robertson and Lillian Gobble ©2000

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