Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 C Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
Cabell no name w female 6/9/1914 6/9/1914 cord around neck Mayo Cabell, Norwood Va Clara W Cabell. Norwood Va
Cabness Sachie b female abt 7, Va 3/16/1914 tuberculosis W M Cabness, Va Prince, Va
Cage Sylvia n female abt 22, Tn 9/15/1912 fracture of scull by stone Cage, Tn unknown
Cain George w male abt 44, Ky 12/26/1917 was found dead in mines Chas Cain, Ky unknown
Caldwell no name w male 10/16/1917 10/16/1917 stillborn Wm Caldwell, Pound Va Nora Brummett, Pound Va
Caldwell Nora E w female 3/3/1897, Va 10/16/1917 shock from child birth L D Brummett, Wise Co Ardella Ison, Wise Co
Calhoon John n male abt 15, Ga 6/10/1917 typhoid fever George Calhoon, Ala D ?enkes, Ga
Callahan Delcenea w female 3/2/1889, Ky 6/10/1915 tuberculosis Harison Hylton, Ky Mimie Roberts, Ky
Callahan no name w male 5/20/1913 5/20/1913 syphylis in partents caused stillbirth Jno Callahan, Ky Elizabeth Maggard, Ky
Calvard Ollie Hellen w female 2/27/1914 7/17/1914 meningitis James? Calvard, Va Sarah Bartley, Ky
Calvard Sarah Jane w female 12/7/1887, Va 7/29/1914 acute articular rheumatism John H Bartley, Ky Lucinda Bartley, Va
Calvert John w male aby 64, Texas 8/25/1917 probably heart disease not known not known
Cambell Edna w female 9/28/1912 8/5/1913 whooping cough Stacy Campbell, Carter Co Tn Allie Boggs, Letcher Co Ky
Cameron Robert Franklin w male 1/26/1856, Granger co Tn 3/29/1913 heart trouble William Cameron, Scotland unknown
Campbell Bertha w female 8/20/1882, Va 11/23/1914 acute nephritis blank Nancy Watts, Va
Campbell Burnease c female 9/23/1913 6/22/1914 cholera Henry Campbell, NC Bessie Kelly, NC
Campbell Charley w male 8/25/1917 8/25/1917 premature W F? Campbell, Smith Co Va Annie May Rutherford, Lee Co
Campbell Claude w male 4/3/1914 4/4/1914 premature Peter Preston Campbell, Va Lida Virgnia Falin, Big Stone
Campbell Daniel w male 3/13/1914 3/13/1914 stillborn Jno Campbell, Va Bertha Watts, Va
Campbell Rachel c female 4/27/1867, Ky 11/26/1914 cancer of uterus don't know Sallie Winness, Ky
Cane Clifton c male 5/15/1895, Hawkins Co Tn 3/15/1913 shocked to death Henry Cain, Rogersville Tn Nancy Bradley, Hawkins Co Tn
Cantrell Gr??ide w female 9/20/1912 9/20/1912 blank Willard Cantrell, Wise Co Lousia Boggs, Wise Co
Cantrell Grace w female 9/20/1912 9/20/1912 blank Willard Cantrell, Wise Co Lousia Boggs, Wise Co
Cantrell Wm Perry w male 1/17/1914 11/9/1916 diptheria Elbrt Cantrell, Va Nettie Rutherford, Va
Capps Robert w male 5/2/1889, Ky 8/25/1916 slate fall Dave Capps, Tn Nancy Sago, Ky
Carden Harry B w male 3/12/1856, Va 4/25/1914 gastric ulcer Geo Carden, Va Tucker
Carico Abraham w male 4/27/1913 5/4/1913 not known Isaac Carico, Wise Co Martha L Jacobs, Va
Carico Leo Dudley w male 7/11/1916 4/28/1917 blank J Thomas Carico, Wise Co Helen Millis, Dickenson Co Va
Carico Lora E w female 12/15/1912 5/20/1813 not known W F Carico, Wise Co Mary L Spiver, Scott Co
Carico Margarett Elizabeth w female 6/5/1912 2/10/1917 accidental burning J Thos Carico, Wise Co Helen Millis, Dickenson Co Va
Carico Martin J w male 9/9/1845 2/4/1917 no physician paralysis William Carico Cooper
Carico Racheal w female 3/15/1844 2/19/1916 paralysis Elijah Wyatt blank
Carico Rachel w female 12/29/1911 9/11/1912 not known Isaac Carico, Wise Co Martha Jacobs, Wise Co
Carico Sarah w female 3/18/1850, Va 2/24/1917 disease of heart Saml Minton, Va Eliza Evans, Va
Carico Ugene Kermit w male 9/3/1912 4/6/1914 pneumonia Hugn M Carico, Wise Co Cora Minton, Russell Co
Carico Wm A w male 6/14/1849, Va 9/21/1916 paralysis Alexander Carico, Ireland Martha Edwards, England
Carlson Charles w male abt 48, Sweden 11/24/1915 coroners findings suicide not known not known
Carmichel Esthre w female 5/13/1916 5/31/1916 pneumonia C H Carmichel, Tn Minnie Gambill, Tn
Carpenter Antwner? w female 6/20/1849, Washington Co Va 11/30/1915 tuberculosis Joseph Crabtree, Wash. Co Va Sallie Broady, Wash Co Va
Carpenter Bruce H w male 2/20/1916 5/12/1916 enysepelas Wm Carpenter, Va Hannah Holcomb, Ky
Carpenter William Harrold w male 11/18/1912 11/18/1912 stillborn Melvin A Carpenter, Scott Co Elizabth Bledsoe, Scott Co
Carrall Charles w male 5/5/1894, Va 10/16/1914 shock from trolley wire in mines Jim Carrall, Va Mary Burk, Va
Carrall Charles Chester w male 10/22/1916 9/18/1917 gatro en???itis Tyler Carrall, Tn Callie Payne, Tn
Carrall George McCay w male 3/6/1917 5/16/1917 unknown Sterling Carrall, Tn Clementine Fisher, Ky
Carrell Clementin w female 7/31/1912 5/22/1913 meningitis Sterling Carrell, Hancock Tn Clementin Fisher, Knox Ky
Carrell Thomas w male says abt 4 but works in mines 7/21/1912 skull fractured by train don't know don't know
Carrico Fieldon A w male 10/6/1856, Grason Co Va 4/19/1915 endocarditia William Carrico Catherine Cooper
Carrier Elizabeth w female 5/14/1912 7/7/1913 ileo colitis ? Carrier, Ky Lula Lucas, Ky
Carrier Lula Felden w female 1/11/1877, Manchester Ky 10/12/1914 syphis after extreme u?? Per? John Lucas, Ky Armanda Riley, Ky
Carrier Robert J w male 2/9/1872, London Ky 5/30/1915 fatal pistol shot by another party John Carrier, Ky Margert Chestnut, Ky
Carroll Gusta w female 4/3/1895, Scott Co 4/13/1915 spinal menigitis R E Maddox, Wash Co Va Laura Hanes, Scott Co
Carroll Malin Jackson w male 2/7/1885, Tn 12/28/1917 no dr., ulcer with intestual perforation G W Carroll, Va Caroline Hurd, Tn
Carroll Violet w female 12/17/1912 9/5/1914 malnutrtion Esten Carroll, Va Julia McCracken, Va
Carroll Woodrow w male 12/2/1917 12/30/1917 premature J H? Carroll, Va Ethel Miles, Va
Carter Alphaonego b male 5/26/1911, W Va 2/12/1913 infantile parolysis Robt Carter, Ala Katie Carter, Va
Carter Bessie L w female 10/7/1891, Scott Co 8/16/1914 tuberculosis J J Blankenheckler, Scott Co Ellie V Harris, Scott Co
Carter Calvan Whitfield w male 11/13/1849, Scott Co 8/12/1912 appendicular abscess Samuel Carter, Scott Co Helen Horton, Scott Co
Carter Cowan W w male 8/19/1915, Va 8/19/1915 stillborn J A Carter, Va Rebeca Carter, Va
Carter Effie w female 8/4/1913 4/1/1917 measles Nels Carter, Tn Bettie Collier, Va
Carter Frederick N w male 6/8/1879, Va 11/11/1917 tuberculosis W M Carter, Va Matilda Isom, Va
Carter Harry w male 9/8/1915 9/25/1915 malnutrition Harry Carter, Tn Floras Wilburn, Tn
Carter Henry w male abt 60, Va 1/6/1913 typhoid fever Esty Carter, Va Good, Va
Carter Kathaleen w female 5/31/1910 8/28/1913 ileo colitis Ernest Reeves, Va Jane Coates, Scott Co Va
Carter Robert n male abt 38, Ala 11/20/1912 thrown from car don't know don't know
Carter Sarah Ruth w female 8/8/1908, Va 12/?/1916 looks like pneumonia (side torn) Thomas N Carter, Va Anna May Easterling, Va
Carter Thelma w female 8/28/1917 8/28/1917 stillborn Ballard Carter, Va Mary Darthua Gilley, Wise Co
Carter Voight w male 2/19/1912 7/13/1912 cholera John Carter, Henry Co Va Lizzie Hubbard, Va
Cartwright Louise w female abt 9 8/8/1915 typhoid fever S E Cartwright, Tn Luola Watson, Tn
Carver Charles Porter w male 12/26/1877, Tn 6/26/1913 worked in hot sun after eating John Carver, Tn Sarah Long, Tn
Cash Albina hungarian female 6/13/1913 11/24/1913 ileo colitis Mike Cash, Austria Nasta? Stina, Austria
Cash Janca austrian female abt 39, Austria 9/4/1914 eclampsia Sam Bylaw, Austria Angel Bylaw, Austria
Casper Jacob B w male 1/20/1844, Knox Clamon Pa 10/28/1912 crushed between rr cars Phillip Casper. Pa Christina Byars
Castile John Ezra w male abt 2 9/24/1913 purtussis W B Castile, Va Daisy Peoples, Tn
Castle Auther Charles Jr w male 1/4/1917 4/5/1917 acute ??auition Charles C Castle Sr, Va Nellie May, Ky
Castle Glispy w male 7/21/1916 7/12/1916 pneumonia Beecher Castle, Va Lillie Johnson, Va
Catron Ida w female 2/19/1913 2/19/1913 stillborn John Catron, Va Sallie A Hall, Va
Catron Leland w male 9/10/1904 11/14/1914 gun shot wound in head Pete Catron, Tazewell Va Molly Sanders, Tazewell Va
Catron Lena May w female 10/12/1912 7/1/1917 pistol wound of brain accident William Henry Catron, Va Virginia Arthur, Va
Catron Margareh C w listed as male 1/4/1870, Scott Co 5/22/1914 mitral regurgitation R H Darwell, Scott Co Dorcus Tate Bastic, Scott Co
Caudill Dora Ellen w female 7/3/1912, Ky 11/30/1912 chicken pox John Caudill, Ky Sally McBurney?, Ky
Caudill Mary w female abt 26, Ky 11/5/1912 ruptured absess of fallopian tube L?? Caudill, Ky don't know
Caudill Owen Leonard w male 1/28/1913 7/22/1914 cholera Marlin Caudill, Scott Co blank
Caudle Shelton Nathaniel w male 8/14/1914 8/16/1916 meningitis Chester Caudle, Wise Co Emma Upchurch, Scott Co
Cauker Beatrice w female 8/25/1914 8/25/1914 premature John A Couker, Rock Co? Ky Lizzie Cauker, Clinton? Tn
Causey John w male 4/2/1916 8/20/1917 ileo colitis Elihue Causey, Ky Elizabeth Brownen, Ky
Causey no name w male 4/2/1916 4/2/1916 stillborn Elihue Causey, Ky Elizabeth Browning, Ky
Causler Robt n male 11/8/1916 7/19/1917 ileo colitis Clarence Causler, Tn Eunice Slemp, Va
Cawthorn Walter n male abt 30, NC 1/22/1916 gun shot homicide unknown unknown
Center infant w female 1/1/1915 1/1/1915 stillborn Frank Center, Ky Mary? Bowden, Ala
Chadwell Lula w female 2/24/1917 3/31/1917 unknown Henry Chadwell, Tn Stella Wells, Va
Chadwick John w male 9/16/1891, Tn 4/13/1913 accidentaly shot playing with gun Lewis Chadwick, Tn ?ravey Smith, Tn
Chand Hulgh Walker w male 9/20/1862, Kingsport Tn 9/9/1913 ? Ruptured absess Sam Chand, Kingsport Tn Martha Lyy, Kingsport Tn
Chandler Barney w male 2/2/1916 2/3/1916 premature Jack Chandler, NC Vina Stedham, Va
Chandler Walter w male 4/17/1913 4/17/1913 premature James Chandler, Wise Co blank
Chandler Willard Earl w male 10/28/1915 8/3/1917 peritontis Wm Chandler, Va Cora Fields, Va
Chapman C Y w male 2/27/1846, Va 11/23/1912 tuberculosis John Chapman, Tn Susan Chadwell, Va
Chapman Carle white abt 2 months 6/23/1915 symptoms of diptheria G P Chapman, Smyth Co Va Virginia Blevins, Russell Co
Chapman Sallie D w female 11/2/1863, Lee Co 1/4/1917 apoplexy Dr. N E Beatig Mary K(copied over)
Charles Rosa n female 2/15/1914 2/15/1914 stillborn Ellis Charles, Tn Rosa Cambell, Tn
Chase Ralph McPherson w male 4/3/1911 7/15/1912 meningitis Walter E Chase, Wash Co Va Lula Wilson, Kingsport, Tn
Che????y Thomas M w male 2/12/1862, Ohio 12/11/1916 apoplexy Samuel M Che???y, Ohio Catherine, Ohio
Chester Louisie w female abt 1 8/22/1917 chronic gastro enrtintis Malen Chester Mandie Deza?ned, Va
Childers Virginia Belle w female 12/11/1912 12/14/1912 premature Samuel M Childers, Va Ollie Rose, Va
Childress ?ena Evaline w female 1/4/1916 2/11/1917 pneumonia Wm Childress, Lee Co Bettie Wheeler, Wise Co
Childs Letha? n female 2/16/1916 9/26/1917 whooping cough Geo W Childs, Va Lula Childs, Va
Chisenhall Sarah w female 9/30/1906 9/4/1915 burns Henderson Chisenhall, Wise Co Polly Collins, Letcher Co Ky
Chisonhall Cor?all w male 4/6/1916 6/10/1916 accidental shot Henderson Chisonhall, Wise Co Polly Collins, Ky
Chockran Helen Elizabeth w female 6/16/1915 10/18/1915 no physician called unknown John Chockran, Ky Pearl Davidson, Va
Christian Eliza w female 2/5/1913 4/15/1913 inauition marasmus Lloyd Christian, Scott Co Lucy Jones, Dickenson Co
Christian Henry Ballard w male 4/8/1911 3/31/1914 mitral regurgitation E C Christian, W Va Dora Johnson, Tn
Christian Lidia w female 2/3/1911 9/5/1912 typhoid fever Smith Christian, Hawkins Co Tn Lizza McNely, Hawkins Co Tn
Church Annie w female 5/2/1847, Letcher co Ky 9/1/1914 elpetheliana on right side face James Maggard. Letcher Co Ky Elizabeth Maggard, Wise Co
Church Dillard Franklin w male 1/9/1915 8/13/1915 malnutrition Willie Church, Wise Co Bertha Wright, Ky
Church Hettie w female 9/15/1910 9/18/1915 asthma Monroe Church, Wise Co Katie Boggs, Wise Co
Church Nancy w female 7/9/1837, NC 11/29/1916 old age David Sturgill, NC not known
Church no name w male 7/14/1916 7/14/1916 stillborn ? Church (bad copy) ? Caudell
Ciuro John b male abt 30 5/28/1917 pneumonia information unobtainable information unobtainable
Clark Cletis w male 7/21/1911 8/1/1913 cholera Lilburn Clark, Gate City Va Nellie Lawson, Tn
Clark Edward w male abt 2, Wise Co 5/12/1916 obstruction of bowels John H Clark, Va Lula Lenard?, Va
Clark Gracie w female 1/29/1913 1/29/1913 stillborn Same W Clark, Va Florence Jessee, Va
Clark J Howard w male 8/11/1914 10/10/1914 pneumonia T J Clark, Tn Martha Cross, Tn
Clark James? D w male 8/21/1845, Scott Co 2/25/1915 organic heart disease Michael Clark, Va Roller, Va
Clark Lula w female 10/14/1910 10/4/1914 diptheria T J Clark, Tn Martha Cross, Tn
Clark Nancy Jane w female 9/1/1873, Ky 4/17/1916 heart disease Wm C Clark, Va Martha McKinney, Va
Clark no name w female 9/27/1916 says 1916 4/11/1916 pertussi? Ray Clark, Ruthlege Tn Pearl Anderson, Ky
Clark Sallie w female don't know (married) 2/16/1913 tuberculosis James Creech Cla, Harlan Co
Clark Soloman w male abt 60 9/29/1915 paralysis not known not known
Clark Vina Belle w female 3/18/1887, Va 5/2/1914 septiseuria W H Whited, R???? Co Va Della Meadows, W Va
Clark Jerry blank 1/12/1912 1/12/1914 tuberculosis Harvey Clark, Lee Co Va Mary Short, Ky
Clarke Mark n male abt 50, Alex? Co Va 11/23/1913 blank unknown unknown
Clarkston Albert w male 4/7/1879, Wise Co 6/10/1916 tuberculosis J M Clarkston don't know
Clasley Blanch Lucile w female 10/26/1913 11/5/1913 ? smudged blank
Clasley Cecil w male 2/21/1913 3/4/1914 rickets Jno Clasley, Va Do??? Kaylar?. Va
Clawson Wm L? w male 8/24/1876, Wash Co Va 11/8/1914 sepsis Asa Clawson, NC Margret Blackburn, NC
Clayton Lloys Ray w male 10/3/1894, Va 5/19/1913 tuberculosis James Clayton, Va Florence Ganis, Va
Clement Anny May w female 2/1/1913 8/27/1914 dysentary W R Clement, Tn D T Marres?, Tn
Clendenan no name w male 1/7/1916 1/7/1916 due to head pressure Jas C Clendenan, Tn Myrtle Miller, Wise Co
Clever John w male abt 63, Wyth Co Va 6/26/1913 nephintis David Clever, Wyth Co Sallie Surrate, Wyth Co
Cliff Chester b male abt 39, Tn 12/14/1917 typhoid fever Anderson Cliff, Tn Maggie Rivers, Tn
Clifton Allis w female 5/25/1902 7/7/1917 ? W M Caudel, Ky Maggie Kelly, Wise Co
Clifton Bob w male abt 36, Russell Co 3/2/1916 killed by RR car while cuppling not known Nancy? Clifton?, Russell Co
Clifton Bob w male abt 35, Va 5/2/1916 shock from compound fracture dead Nancy Booth, Banner Va
Clifton Charlie w male abt 25 5/6/1916 homicide gun shot wound unknown unknown
Clifton Edna May w female 1/7/1914 7/7/1914 artifical feeding neglect Edward Young Bessie Kemp, Dickenson Co
Clifton James Harrol w male 7/24/1912 8/22/1912 unknown Charles Clifton, Va Florence Waraf, Va
Clifton M C w male 1/1/1836, Patrick Co Va 6/7/1914 cancer of penis Martin J? Clifton not known
Clifton Malissa Ellen w female abt 54, Wise Co 11/17/1914 chronic vascular heart disease Dan Hall, Va Lucinda Ramey, Va
Clifton Nora E w female 10/21/1914 11/8/1914 probably pnenmonia T H Clifton, Wise Co Florance Couch, Russell Co
Clinton no name c male blank 9/23/1913 unknown Charley Clinton, Franken NC Grace Tucker, W Va
Clinton Pearl b "male" 6/29/1888, Macon Co NC 8/29/1915 consumption Alford Clinton, Macon Co NC M Liza Clinton, NC
Clyde Claud Richard w male 9/24/1891, Iowa 11/8/1915 tuberculosis don't know don't know
Co??y Senia Bell w female abt 39, Tn 2/16/1916 strangulated hernia Jas Kesterson, Tn blank
Cockron Lawrence w male 3/16/1910 5/4/1913 pneumonia Henry Cockron, Patrick Co Va Mary Bauldin, Patrick Co Va
Cody Pearl w female 6/11/1915, Wise Co 1/27/1916 pneumonia Bill M Cody, Tn Amanda Fields, Ky
Cody Pearl w female 6/11/1915, Wise Co 1/27/1916 pneumonia Wm Cody, Hancock Co Va Armany Fields, Hancock Co, Tn
Coeburn John w male 10/13/1915, Va 11/9/1915 died suddenly Woods Coeburn, Ky Pearlie? Catron, Tn
Coeburn William w male abt 65, Ky 6/27/1916 bowel obstruction Sam Coeburn, USA don't know
Coker? Jennie Hays n female abt 33, Va 1/5/1914 acute dilatation of stomach Jerome Hayes, Va Callie Crockett, Va
Coland Will n male abt 30, Ga 8/4/1917 instant death due to electricity not known not known
Cole E M w male 7/5/1862, NC 10/4/1913 gun shot wound in abdoman George Cole, NC Osborne, NC
Cole infant w female 7/31/1913 7/31/1913 premature Benj Cole, Tn Helen Baker, Va
Cole Ora B w female 2/?/1913 11/17/1913 pneumonia Sam P Cole, Wash. Co Va Flora Baker, Wise Co
Cole Robert Henry w male 6/22/1913 6/26/1913 cause unknown weighed 2lbs William Jasper Cole Carna Bell Nichols, Va
Coleman John T or L w male 1/25/1826, Tn 1/25/1916 influenza unknown unknown
Coleman no name w female 12/9/1914 (says 9th) 12/4/1914 not known Robert Coleman, Wash Co Va Mollie, Scott Co
Coleman Wat c male abt 42, Pittsvania Va 7/13/1915 killed by falling slate Watt Coleman, Va Sallie Waller, VA
Colley William Everett w male 1/15/1916 7/26/1916 reported to me found dead in bed James A Colley, Va Nannie D Sexton, Va
Collier Adlai w male 9/25/1893 12/17/1917 dysentary W B Collier, Va Elizabeth Carter, Va
Collier Clifton Cliford w male 11/7/1914 11/7/1914 stillborn John Mills Collier, Va Loria Jane Hopkins, VA
Collier Edna ??ith w female 12/22/1917 1/31/1917 croup Riley Collier, Va Brilla Begley, VA
Collier Eurly w male? 9/14/1908 9/7/1912 spinal menigitis Emerson Collier, Wise Co Eliza Caulton, Wise Co
Collier G Little w male 12/2/1827, Lee Co 2/4/1915 pneumonia Aaron Collier, Va blank
Collier George Paul w male 11/27/1913 4/8/1915 pneumonia H P Collier, Va D Dean, Va
Collier John w male 10/1/1878, Wise Co 7/9/1913 run over by ? Machine in mines H M Collier, Letcher Co Ky Cynthia Collier, Lee Co
Collier Kauzi May w female 6/10/1916 6/10/1916 no physician   Chas M Collins, Green Co Tn Anna B Jordan, Wise Co
Collier Myrtle? Marras w female 6/5/1898 11/17/1916 typhoid fever J H Marras, Lee Co Va Susan C (smeared)ff
Collins Alza? w female abt 26, Claburn Co Tn 3/17/1914 ? Joel Collins, Tn ???nday Collins, Va
Collins Claud Swanson w male 1/10/1915 7/28/1916 pneumonia John D Collins, Va Maud Jenkins, Va
Collins Ed w male 7/5/1913 7/5/1913 tuberculosis Ed Collins, Va Lola Spears, Minn
Collins Edgar Lewis w male 1/14/1914 1/18/1916 casdis renal disease Joseph Collins, Tn Lillie Gaines, Tn
Collins Enice w female abt 65, Russell Co 12/15/1915 nutis??? Insufficincy blank blank
Collins Hester Lu or Lee w female 1/12/1917 3/27/1917 rickits Henry Collins, Tn Laura Spears, Va
Collins James w male 6/29/1915 2/28/1917 abdomen burned Lewis? Collins, Va Lula Collins, VA
Collins Jessie w male 3/14/1917 3/30/1917 premature J H? Collins, NC Jennie Crawford, Scott Co
Collins John w male abt 55, Hancock Co Tn 11/24/1915 euysipelas facial Autney Collins, Tn Margaret Hurley, Tn
Collins Linley w female 1/10/1914, Letcher Co 3/27/1914 no dr. in attendance Green Collins Betty Collins, Ky
Collins Loyd w male 9/16/1912 12/4/1912 not known Chas Collins, Scott Co Ruby Gibson, Russell Co
Collins Margret w female 3/10/1861, Lee Co 10/10/1914 cancer of liver J W Collins, Va Nancy Roberts, Va
Collins Marra? w female 3/14/1917 4/21/1917 suffication accident J H? Collins, NC? Jennie Crawford, Scott Co
Collins Mary w female 12/15/1859, Scott Co 12/15/1813 heart trouble John Riner, Scott Co blank
Collins Milford w male 3/10/1905 2/6/1915 pneumonia Jessie Collins, Wise Co Dora Sexton, Catldsburg? Ky
Collins Mimi? Parker n female 9/17/1894, B??ville Ala 12/7/1917 typhoid fever Frank Parker, Ala Mary, Ala
Collins Minnie w female abt 70, Wise Co 7/18/1914 probably tuberculous not known not known
Collins Mozella w female 11/6/1914 6/24/1916 dysentary Archelas Collins, Wise Co Eva Craft, Wise Co
Collins no name w male 5/23/1914 5/23/1914 stillborn Washington Collins, Va Causbey Gibson, Va
Collins no name w male 8/25/1914 8/25/1914 stillborn Andrew Collins, Va Rosa Burk
Collins no name w male 2/10/1916 2/10/1916 stillborn Wash Collins, Va Cosby Gibson, Va
Collins no name w male 11/16/1915 11/24/1915 starvation unable to nurse not known Bessie Collins, Ash Co NC
Collins no name w female 6/14/1915 6/14/1915 stillborn Jess Collins, Va Dora Sexton, Ky
Collins Otelia Mrs w female abt 50, Scott Co 9/24/1917 tuberculosis Workman Gibson, Scott Co Elizabeth Collins, Scott Co
Collins Pearly w female 12/17/1914 9/15/1916 whooping cough Scott Collins, Scott Co Dora Gibson, Russell Co
Collins Roy w male 9/12/1915 5/26/1917 measles Joe Collins, Tn Lillie Gains, Tn
Collins Zelma Louisa w male 5/14/1916 5/14/1916 premature W W Collins, Scott Co Margarite Nash, Wise Co
Collins Nancy Jane w female 12/16/1842, Va 12/22/1915 bronchitis ?? G? Allen, Ireland Easter Neal, Tazwell Co Va
Collinsworth Nathaniel w male abt 34, Lee Co 4/4/1913 shock from gallstone operation William Collinsworth, Va Julia Marion?, Va
Colvard Bessie Leana w female 9/21/1909 12/12/1916 peritontis Robt C Colvard, Va Venia Weatherly, Va
Combs Susan w female abt 85, Surry Co NC 7/30/1912 senile gangiers? John H?? blank
Comer Rosey w female 8/8/1873, Grayson Co Va 11/29/1912 consumption J M Blevins, NC blank
Compton Dora w female 7/4/1914 7/21/1914 meningitis M S Compton, Scott Co Mary McConnell, Scott Co
Cook Arizona w female 5/10/1896, Tn 10/2/1917 mitral disease of heart Jno Cook, Tn Annie Pierce, Tn
Cook John M w male 2/16/1915 4/8/1915 death sudden probably heart Wm Cook, Ky Cora? Couch. Ky
Cook Rasaney w female 2/1/1917 3/30/1917 pneumonia Willie Cook, Ky Corey? Couch, Ky
Cooper Clarence Lee w male 12/4/1913 12/4/1913 prolopssi ???is ? A cooper, Va ? Lee Cooper, Tn (copy smudged)
Cooper Edith w female 3/25/1913 9/6/1913 meningitis Sam Cooper, Tn Martha Patton, Tn
Cooper Maggie Elizabeth w female abt 32, Sullivan Co Tn 7/6/1915 nephintis R Murry, Tn Lucinda Fields, Tn
Cooper Mamie Lucile w female 1/15/1916, Tn 5/31/1917 measles S J Cooper, Tn Martha Ement, Tn
Cooper no name w female 12/22/1917 12/22/1917 stillborn Samuel Cooper, Tn Martha Ement, Tn
Cooper W C n male abt 37 5/30/1916 accidental slate fall blank Maxine Cooper
Cope Thelma w female 9/13/1913 1/1/1916 pneumonia John Cope, Tn Elsie Arnold, Tn
Corder Ransom w male 8/?/1916, Scott Co 7/29/197 cholera Arthur Corder, Scott Co Jolce? Roberts, Russell Co
Cornett Fred w male 2/2/1913 12/10/1913 pneumonia Monroe Cornett, Ky Ida Shufer
Cos Taney italian male 9/4/1914 10/8/1914 premature Paul Cos, Austria unknown
Cosby Lizzie Mrs w female abt 65, Va 1/21/1915 died suddenly blank blank
Cosma no name w female 10/17/1912 10/17/1912 stillborn John Cosma, Hungaria ??heny Cass??y, Hungaria
Couch Agnes Ruth w female 8/14/1915 10/18/1916 cholera Bruce Couch, Va Rina? Joyner, Va
Couch Albina slavish female 5/19/1914 7/18/1914 diarrhea and enthitis Mike Couch, Austria Calter Colts, Austria
Couch Bertha ?lora w female 6/10/1908 2/23/1914 typhoid fever Wm Couch, Russell Co Mazury Beverly, Letcher Co Ky
Couch Eugen w male 1/8/1916 2/3/1917 pneumonia John Couch, Ky Susan Hallbrook, Ky
Couch Ezra Burns w male 4/11/1915 7/27/1916 dysculti?y Wm Couch, Va Missouri Beverly, Ky
Couch Herman w male 2/2/1913 2/16/1913 pneumonia E L Couch, Ky Ellanda Williams, Ky
Couch Roy Elbert w male 3/25/1889, Russell Co 9/4/1914 gun shot sucidial T C Couch, Russell Co Margritt Grizzle, Russell Co
Couch Stewart w male 3/4/1881, Va 9/14/1916 ? Following gun shot Andy K Couch, Va Tabitha Skeen, Va
Couch Tony Albert w male 10/8/1896, Russell Co 8/26/1916 killed by train A N Couch, Russell Co Alic Mead, Russell Co
Counts baby w female 3/12/1914? 3/13/1915 premature S J Counts, Va Rose Mary Hughes, Va
Counts Dulcie w female 4/6/1860, Wise Co 2/7/1917 acute nephritis Commodore Kennedy, Va Rohanny Hines, Va
Counts Jackson w male abt 34, Dickenson Co 11/17/1917 explosion of dynomite Henry Counts, Russell Co Elizabeth Hyllair, Pike Co Ky
Counts Maude w female 10/13/1897 4/17/1916 tuberculosis Hugh Carico, Wise Co Carrie Minton, Wise Co
Courtney Mary b female 5/2/1896, Tn 5/6/1913 tuberculosis not known not known
Courtney Robt Jr b male 6/6/1912 5/19/1913 ileo colitis Robt Courtney, Tn Mary Burdine, Tn
Cowden Harrol Walker w male 6/6/1914 7/1/1914 hemorage of new born G W Cowden, Wise Co Ora Allen ,W Va
Cowley Eva c female abt 23, Russell Co 4/7/1914 tuberculosis Tohomas Fugate?, Russell Co Sarah Campbell, Russell Co
Cox Alva w male 9/16/1901, W Va 1/13/1917 injury to head face in mines F M Cox, W Va Mary L Bailey, W Va
Cox Beldan E w ?male 5/22/?  Ky 4/22/1916 meningitis John Cox, Ky Nancy Reedy, Ky
Cox Casey w male 10/16/1915 10/16/1915 no physician George Cox, Tn Mattie Lou White, Russell Co
Cox Cassie w male 8/18/1913 1/19/1914 croup B B Cox, Wise Co Jane Salyers, Wise Co
Cox Henry Allen w male 4/26/1843, Green Co Tn 5/19/1916 tuberculosis Amos Cox, NC Marryand Frayner?, Pa
Cox James Floyd w male 9/13/1865, Va 6/30/1917 cancer Isam Cox, Va Louisa Strange, Va
Cox John Anderson b male 7/17/1914 7/24/1914 seplsmia? T H Cox, NC Mollie Reeves, NC
Cox Jullia w female 3/15/1909 10/3/1912 diptheria Granville Cox, Wise Co Mullins, Wise Co
Cox Lucy c female abt 100, Va 7/1/1912 blank not known not known
Cox Nannie w female abt 46, Tn 9/30/1914 cancer uterus Riggs, Tn Stallard, Tn
Cox no name b female 5/16/1914 5/16/1914 stillborn John Cox, Va T E Lee Graves?, Danville Va
Cox Rosie Alice w female 10/8/1904 9/13/1913 diptheria Cisers Cox, Wise Co Bitha McFalls, Wise Co
Cox Troy w male 11/3/1912 (age listed as 2 yrs) 11/3/1912 diptheria Granville Cox, Wise Co Mattie Mullins, Wise Co
Cox Wm Clay w male 10/3/1868, Scott Co 9/19/1914 cancer David C Cox, Scott Co Eliza A Elam, Scott Co
Coxe A B w male abt 38 10/10/1917 smashed by train blank blank
Crabtree James W w male abt 68, Scott Co 11/5/1917 supports heart trouble not known not known
Crabtree Theath?? w female 12/10/1912 1/14/1913 unknown Chas Crabtree, Dickenson Co Pearl Mullins, Dickenson Co
Crabtree William J w male 11/29/1842, Va 2/3/1917 cerebral hemorage Joseph Crabtree Sarah Denison
Crackett no name b female 12/31/1915 12/31/1915 stillborn not known Rose Crackett
Craeger Maude w female 1/24/1916 3/8/1917 child found dead in bed Jordan Crager, Va Manda Mo?ier, Va
Crafford John w male 5/6/1834, Washington Co VA 11/17/1914 no physician heart disease not known Betsy Crawford. Washington Co Va
Craft Joe w male 12/29/1877, Ky 11/11/1913 gun shot homicidal D K Craft, Ky blank
Craft Polly Mrs w female abt 65, Ky 7/17/1914 cancer uterus Simpson Adams, Ky Sallie Webb, Ky
Crager Polly  w female abt 80, Va 7/2/1914 cholera Robt Walls Collier
Craig Alexander w male 6/25/1863. Stratford, On, Can 2/23/1916 plomaine poisoning Gilbert Craig, Scotland Helen Lowe , Ireland
Craig Carroll c male 6/10/1915 11/23/1915 accidental suffecation Auther Craig, Ga Estella And?ine, Ga
Craig no name c male 9/22/1916 9/22/1916 premature Jas A Craig, Ga Estel Adrine, Ga
Crambly infant n male 2/18/1913 3/28/1914 blank Harrison Crambly, Russell Co Edith Thurgate, Va
Crapps Clyde w male abt 18, Tn 6/7/1913 electrocuted by live wire James Crapps, Tn Florance Christian, Tn
Crawford Bruce w male 10/24/1914, Va 11/15/1914 intestinal obstruction Joe Crawford, Va Ruth Fields, Va
Crawford Selesty w female 2/27/1915 8/14/1916 summer diarrhea P C Crawford, Ky Annie Belcher, Ky
Crawford Vernard w male 4/24/1916 10/5/1916 pneumonia Joe Crawford, Va Ruth Fields, Va
Crawley Clora b female 1/31/1909 1/22/1614 cancer growth of the neck W M Crawley, Tazwell Co Va Cora Palmer, NC
Crawley Della b female 4/27/1895, Va 7/19/1914 compu?tion due to ? Absess Will Crawley, Va don't know
Creck Carter n male abt 38, Ky 3/18/1915 sylulistic c??? Infection? George Creck, Ky don't know
Creech Ollie Bessie n female 9/10/1906, Ky 1/2/1913 measles John Creech, Ky Nannie Ward, Ky
Cregg? no name n male 9/22/1916 9/22/1916 premature Jas Cregg?, Ga Estel Ardine?, Ga
Cress James w male abt 86, Ky 12/20/1913 natural causes from old age blank blank
Crider Margaret w female 2/10/1913 2/10/1913 stillborn Jas Crider, Ky Sarah Stewart, Va
Crigger Mayola w female 12/25/1912 8/4/1913 cholera Tri?ie Crigger, West Va Carrie Della Carter, Va
Crizer Sarah w female 7/11/1911 12/17/1913 scarlet fever B H Crizer, Va Jennie Scott, Ky
Cross Ellenor w female 8/22/1908, Wash. Co Va 9/5/1912 acute indigestion w convulsions William B Cross, Wash Co Va ?
Crouch Leonard Harton w male 2/17/1917 2/26/1917 measles A C Crouch, Va Maggie Keesee, Va
Crouse Nancy w female 12/8/1855, NC 5/15/1913 pneumonia Wm Reynolds, NC Nancy Reynolds, NC
Crowder Ce?? w male abt 57 1/3/1913 internal injuries broken arm ribs unknown unknown
Crowder Lattie Rogin w male abt 25, Tn 10/5/1913 tuberculosis Will Crowder, Tn Mary Crawford, Tn
Cruch Johnathan w male abt 84, Wise Co 12/26/1913 cancer in back unknown unknown
Culberson James M w male abt 77, Scott Co 12/30/1917 I did not see the deceased blank blank
Culbertson Bettie w female 5/5/1870, Va 12/14/1916 tuberculosis R G Holbrook, Va Bettie J Phillips, Va
Culbertson Charlie Joye w male 7/6/1913 1/26/1916 pneumonia D Culbertson, Scott Co Drucilla M Meade, Scott Co
Culbertson Emory w male abt 14, Wise Co 12/14/1915 volvalor heart lision John R Culbertson Margarett Large, Wise Co
Culbertson infant w female 5/7/1914 5/7/1914 premature Jas? Noah Culbertson, Va E M Fletcher, Va
Culbertson Laura A w female 5/6/1892, Va 9/25/1913 typhoid fever Chas W Culbertson, Va Eliza Huff, Va
Culbertson Rederick Emmette w male 7/4/1915 7/5/1915 heart failure Jas M Culbertson, Va Emma Myrtle Fletcher, Va
Culbertson Robert w male 11/17/1915 9/4/1916 gastro ? Elbert Culbertson, Wise Co Delia Gardner, Penn or Tenn
Culbertson Robert w male abt 16, Wise Co 9/1/1915 heart failure John Culbertson, Scott Co Margaret Large, Wise Co
Culbertson Teddy Roosevelt w male 9/17/1912 4/15/1914 meningitis not known Lena Culbertson, Wise Co
Culbertson Walter n male abt 30 to 35 1/8/1917 killed instantly by pistol shot don't know don't know
Culter Elbert c male 6/5/1913 10/22/1916 gun shot wound to head Starlin Culter, NC Delila Jackson, NC
Cummins Nellie w female 6/14/1911 6/9/1913 tuberculosis Frank Cummins, NC Susie Sawyers, Tn
Curl James w male abt 65, Va 1/29/1917 insuffucentcy of heart don't know don't know
Curtis Charles Bannard w male 9/13/1916, Va 9/15/1916 unknown Charles Henry Curtis, Ill Theresa? Susanna Roland, Tn
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