Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 G Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
G??ings George Washington w male abt 83, Nc 5/12/1917 senelity? blank blank
Gabrile Frank w male 2/9/1915 2/9/1915 stillborn Angelo Garile, Italy Mary Francis Sealgo, Italy
Gaddi John stavish male 12/13/1902 1/23/1912 tetanus Mike Gaddi, Austria Anna Med???z, Austria
Gaines A negro male abt age 36, Ala 1/27/1917? missing 6 days found dead unknown unknown
Gaines W M w male 7/20/18?7 2/2/1916 nepheitis John Gaines, NC Eliza Jane Caples?, NC
Gali?er? Ellen E w female abt age 60 4/27/1916 found dead in bed A B Dingus, Scott Co Mary Smith, Scott Co
Galick Julia hungarian female 3/12/1914 10/24/1917 diarhea and enlenittis Andy Galick, Austria Mary  Mazovinch?, Austria
Galoway James D w male 4/19/1853 11/11/1916 hem?y??? David Galoway Ma?ie Dykes
Galoway Willie w male 5/13/1915 4/25/1917 measles Pat Galoway, Va Bell Wells, Va
Gambell Bessie Gertrude w female 2/14/1914 3/25/1914 pneumonia Wm P Gambell, Tn Blanche Phillips, Va
Gambell Jim w male blank 7/13/1915 fell on live wire Harvey Gamble, Ky Mary York, Ky
Gamett Ellen negro female 2/1/1885 3/10/1913 tuberculosis Smith Gamett, NC Lucinda Powel, NC
Gamett Paul negro male 3/5/1912 6/2/1913 acute colitis Percy Gamett, NC Rose Wood, Va
Gardner James Baker w male 1/31/1912 4/24/1916 pneumonia Henry Gardner, Va Mollie Elkins, Wise Co
Gardner Ke???t w female 2/2/1911 2/27/1913 measles J B Gardner, Wise Co Maggie Minick, Wise Co
Gardner Mazie Elizabeth w female 6/24/1906 8/5/1913 dysentery Jno W Gardner, Va Mary Ellen Smith, Ky
Gardner Ruby w female 1/28/1917 2/7/1917 pneumonia Benj Harrison Gardner, Va Rachael Minix, Va
Garland Ernest w male 4/29/1912 12/6/1917 dipthearia C B Garland, Tn Sallie Wellham, Tn
Garrison Nettie w female 6/4/??? Age is 35 11/16/1914 exhaustion James Catron, Va Sarah Willis, Tn
Garrison Rufus Andrew w male 5/10/1913 5/10/1913 stillborn Trigg? Garrison, Va Mary Bowers, ?
Gase Walter C w male 9/1/1884, Va 8/3/1913 blank Henry C Gase, Va Mary Meade, Va
Gates John B w male 3/20/1891 6/3/1915 killed by V & SW freight train after night James Gates, NC Elizabeth Legg, Lee Co
Gausander Leres hungarian female 10/?/1912 7/24/1913 whooping cough Laney Gausander, Hungary Leres Vouch, Hungary
Gaynes infant w female 4/25/1914 4/25/1914 stillborn Frank Gaynes, NC Patsy Willis, Va
Geary Nick italian male abt age 37 9/23/1914 pneumonia unknown unknown
Gengsly Elizabeth w female 10/13/1916 11/8/1916 accidental asphixia Pete Gengsly, Hungarian Julia Fiher, Hungaria
George infant w male 1/28/1914 1/28/1914 stillborn S R George, Va Mattie L Dorton, Russell Co
George James Caloway w male 4/1864 3/21/1914 nepheitis William George, Tn unknown
Gibbons Thomas w male 12/25/1866, Boston Ma 11/20/1916 killed by falling slate, coal miner Thomas Gibbons, Boston Ma blank, Mass
Gibson Alawanda w female abt age 24 8/21/1917 mitrae reg??itation Harrison Gibson, Tn Elizabeth Collins, Tn
Gibson Amelia w female 1/24/1853 8/29/1916 cancer of uterus Wm Sowards, Va Rebecca Roberson, Va
Gibson Billie Grant w male 11/6/1912 11/7/1912 premature Span Gibson, Scott Co Laura Ashby, Russell Co
Gibson Carrie Bella w female 6/9/1912? 2/11/1913 measles Finley Gibson, Ky Addie Sheets, Ky
Gibson Elbert Rowland w male 3/23/1868 7/3/1917 heart disease Wm F Gibson, Va Mary A Jones, Va
Gibson Ernest w male 3/6/1911 10/17/1912 not known Lenard Gibson, Scott Co Ce??tney Sexton, Scott Co
Gibson Famill? Gile w male 8/1/1914 2/12/1916 it says "no" Geo Emmit Gibson, Va Edna Riner, Va
Gibson Gissie w female 10/6/1917 11/28/1917 bronchitis Monroe Gibson, Wise Co Laura? Collins, Wise Co
Gibson Henry Floyd w male abt age 69 11/7/1917 no physician called cause unknown unknown unknown
Gibson Henry Floyd w male 10/4/1848 11/7/1917 heart failure- 2 certificates, other has no info James Gibson, Va Nancy Gibson, Va
Gibson Hershel w male 9/6/1917 9/6/1917 stillborn J M Gibson, Va Mary Philipps, Miss.
Gibson infant w female 1/11/1917 1/11/1917 premature Fred D Gibson, Va Louise Jones, Ky
Gibson infant w female 1/6/1916 1/6/1916 stillborn Bradley Gibson, Ky Mae Sexton, Lee Co
Gibson James w male 8/16/1889 5/1/1916 pneumonia Ike Gibson, Tn Liza Gibson, Va
Gibson James Troy w male 12/1/1917 12/1/1917 premature V W Gibson, Va Abbie Coleman, Va
Gibson Joe w male 4/5/1828 6/20/1912 heart disease Preston Gibson. Tn don't know
Gibson Mary w female 3/18/1911 4/25/1913 tuberculosis Harvey Gibson, Lee Co blank, Washington Co
Gibson Nervil w female abt age 75. Hancox Tn 12/8/1912 infirmities died a pauper blank blank
Gibson Paul w male 8/21/1913 8/21/1913 stillborn (twin see Silas) Charlie W Gibson, Wise Co Hattie Ann Gilliam, Wise Co
Gibson Silas w male 8/21/1913 8/21/1913 stillborn (twin see Paul) Charlie W Gibson, Wise Co Hattie Ann Gilliam, Wise Co
Gibson Virdie w ? 4/11/1916 5/15/1916 spinal meningitis Wade Gibson, Va Lizzie Gibson, Va
Gibson William w male 3/4/1855 12/4/1917 asthma Elijah Gibson, Ky Ora Sexton, Ky
Gibson William Patton w male 1/10/1874 11/9/1918 unknown C W Gibson, Wise Co Amelia Sowards, Wise Co
Gilbert infant w female 9/25/1916 9/27/1916 premature blank Gilbert, Lee Co Cinda Childers, Lee Co
Gilespie ? Gladys w female 11/5/1901 4/18/1914 pneumonia W H Gilespie, Va Mary Cambell, Va
Gillenwater baby w female 9/26/1916 9/26/1916 stillborn James Ulisus Gilenwater, Tn Raddie Pamel? Va
Gillenwater Charles w male 8/26/1917 11/28/1917 infantile diarrlua Ballard Gillenwater, Va Ava Salling, Va
Gillenwater John colored male 7/3/1905 6/11/1917 burned Robt Gillenwater, Tn Sallie Charles, Tn
Gilley Albert w male 11/11/1913 11/15/1913 not known Jesse Gilley, Va Kizy King, Ky
Gilley Isabel w female 3/26/1913 8/20/1914 dysentery B B Gilley, Wise Co Rebeca Blair, Ky
Gilley Isabella w female 4/22/1886 9/7/1914 nepheitis W P Peavy, Tn Mary Day, Ky
Gilley Maxie w female 5/29/1914 10/17/1914 colitis Bob Gilley, Ky Elizabeth Perry, Ky
Gilley Mecca S w female 12/10/1849 1/5/1915 dysentery Willaim G Thomas, Va Ruth Speer, Va
Gilley Rosa Alice w female 2/17/1878 3/27/1913 infection in ear Lee Jesse, Va Rebecca Litton, Va
Gilley Silas w male 9/19/1914 9/27/1914 pneumonia Jessie Gilley, Wise Co Lizzie King, Ky
Gilliam Causly Jane w female 8/5/1879 8/10/1914 vomiting with pregnancy W J Baker, Wise Co Polly Mullins, Wise Co
Gilliam Doyle w male 7/10/1908 8/23/1914 ran over by bicicle concussion of brain Shuyler Gilliam, Wise Co ?ill Dale, Wise Co
Gilliam Drewry Senter w male 10/19/1850 9/20/1915 chronic hyplilrophia Ira Gilliam, Wise Co Nancy Skeens, Wise Co
Gilliam Ethel May w female 11/20/1883 11/4/1921 peritouitis Stephen H Gilliam, Wise Co Martha E Hamilton, Wise Co
Gilliam Hettie K w female 3/28/1842 2/10/1916 cancer of the breast George W Wilson, NC Mary Crabtree, NC
Gilliam Homer w male 4/28/1915 4/4/1917 pneumonia Robert Gilliam, Tn Martha Ma????, Tn
Gilliam Nettie w female 6/1876 9/1/1914 typhoid fever not known Martha Falin, Tn
Gilliam Sarah Eula w female 3/1/1853 9/28/1914 heart disease Larkin Willis Elizabeth Moneyham
Gilliam Virgie L M w female 4/22/1888 5/12/1915 myecarditis Milburn Gilliam Jr, Wise Co Elizabeth Ellen Kilgore, Wise Co
Gilliard Dora B w female 12/8/1885 7/11/1914 tuberculosis William S Haney, Scott Co Mary A Beverly, Wise Co
Gills Mary Ann colored female 3/2/1914 9/10/1914 malnutrition Amos Gills, NC Julia Duff, Va
Gilly Charles Mastan w male 10/10/1913 11/1/1913 asphy and ? ?wen Gilly, Wise Co Jane? Carter, Scott Co
Gilly George Monroe w male 9/23/1878, Va 12/12/1916 pneumonia Jessee Gilly, Va Nancy Riggs, Va
Gilly Nancy w female 4/3/1818 7/13/1915 senile debility John Saylor, Pa Elizabeth Kiser, Pa
Gilly no name w female 3/4/1914 3/4/1914 not known ? E Gilly, Va Martha Lena Williams, Ky
Gilly Robert w male 7/10/1913 7/10/1913 lack of care probably from non ?sitation Robert Gilly, Wolfe Co Ky Isabel Perry, Wolfe Co Ky
Gipson Arthur negro male 9/1893 2/2/1915 tuberculosis George Gipson. Ala Johnson, Ala
Gipson Caral w male 11/9/1902 5/14/1915 heart disease F P Gipson, Scott Co Nannie Collins, Wise Co
Gipson David w male 11/5/1894 12/29/1912 injury to back both ? And spinal cord W B Gipson, Letcher Co Ky Sallie Collins, Ky
Gipson Leoda Peral w female 8/30/1913 10/23/1913 ? Colotis Thurman Gipson, Scott Co Polly Richmond, Ky
Girtman John w male 9/7/1869, Sullivan Co Tn 9/30/1916 wound from accident Wm Girtman, Va Margaret Carrier?, Tn
Givens Charlotte w female 3/1/1868 7/31/1917 miteal ? Lewis Philips, Ga blank
Givens Edith w female 4/10/1916 4/19/1916 died suddenly Albert Givens, Va Frances? Neely, Va
Givens Martha w female 3/17/1915 3/24/1915 premature William Givens, Lee Co Rebecca Johnson, Ky
Glass Donald Edwin w male 6/27/1912 9/22/1912 found dying from strangulation Vastine Glass, Va Lita Darnold, Va
Glass Frederick Raymond w male 7/10/1913 6/29/1914 acute gastro etence infection Vastine Glass, Va Lita Darnell, Va
Glass Lethia c female 3/4/1913 1/27/1914 malnutrition Wm Glass, Ga Perlina Bronscomb, Tn
Glass Mary Ann c female 4/24/1914 6/24/1915 spinal meningitis William Glass, Ga Perlina Bronscomb, Tn
Glasso Nichols w male abt 28, Italy 5/5/1915 crushed skull accidental blank blank
Gleshea Mike w male 9/23/1914 8/25/1915 ileo colitis Mike Gleshea, Hungary Julia Viscar, Hungary
Goff Charles c male abt 62, Va 11/7/1916 enysi??? Wilson Goff, Va Peggy Ivory?, Va
Goff Cleo n female 3/13/1905 11/19/1916 typhoid fever Charles Goff, Va Parilee Morton, Tn
Goins Mattie  c female abt 26, Ky 4/27/1914 tuberculosis blank Garrett. KY
Gonce Claude w male 1/12/1912 1/19/1913 ileo colitis William T Gonce, Hawkins Tn Rosa Hill, Wise Co
Goodin Boyd w male 10/5/1887, Bell Co Ky 3/21/1913 bullet wound homicide Eff Goodin, Ky Polly Carter, Ky
Goodin William w male abt 35, Moshun Tn 5/23/1912 was cut in twain by falling between cars J C Goodin, Albany Tn Jonesboro Tn
Goodwyn Edward Diggs w male 11/20/1904 8/2/1914 typhoid fever E A Goodwyn, Petersburg, Va Minnie Lee Sheperson, Petersburg, Va
Gordon Alice c female abt 67, Ga 5/1/1917 insantity syphliffice Johnson unknown
Gormerly Mattie Lee w female 7/13/1892 11/17/1914 typhoid fever T P Meace, Ky blank, Ky
Gouge Joseph Cecil w male 9/19/1916 9/19/1916 premature John G Gouge, Va Mattie Freeman, Lyons Va
Gowans Frank w male 1/20/1917 1/20/1917 syphilis hereitary Jim Gowans, NC Carry Willis, Va
Gown Corban w male 5/10/1914 5/21/1914 died suddenly John Gown, NC Martha Sheppard, Ky
Gowns Ellen w female 12/12/1914 12/12/1914 stillborn Jim Gowns, NC Carrie Willis, Va
Gowns Ferman w male 7/12/1916 2/12/2016 stillborn Jim Gowns, NC Carrie Willis, Va
Gowns Germy w male 12/12/1914 12/12/1914 stillborn Jim Gowns, NC Carrie Willis, Va
Graham Amster Graydon w male 12/29/1909 2/18/1913 acute laryngitis Lynch Graham, Tn Mary B Lawson, Rogersville Tn
Graham Chas colored male 12/16/1884 1/16/1916 tried to escape jail, burned up Bob Graham, SC Tuzy White, ?R
Graham James colored male abt age 45 12/8/1916 some form of lung ? unknown unknown
Graham Jane w female 7/2/1902 10/28/1915 accidental death by falling stone Geo Graham, Wilks Co NC Elizabeth Counts, Haywood NC
Graham Lula Alzona w female 1/27/1916 1/20/1917 infantile paralysis A E Graham, Boyl Co Ky Ollie Lavender, Tn
Graham Maxie M w female 1/15/1915 1/15/1915 stillborn O M Graham, Wise Co Dixie Buckhanon, Wise
Grasham Ardie colored female 5/14/1917 4/10/1917 found dead in bed with hives Lecia? Grasham, Ala Mollie May Willis, MO
Graves John w male abt 60 12/11/1915 landed here one day died 4 days later unknown unknown
Grear John Calvin w male 11/16/1830 7/4/1916 dysentery Shadrick Grear, Va Josie Baker, Va
Greear Eusry w male 10/11/1868 7/16/1915 rupture of abscess in lung W B Greear, Scott Co Lucinda Brickey, Scott Co
Greeir Charley Conley w male 8/?/1914 10/16/1914 bole hives Orbin Greeir, Scott Co Lilly Hamilton, Wise Co
Green Julia Bell w female 5/2/1891 12/18/1914 tuberculosis David Green, Scott Co Mary Stapleton, Scott co
Green Malissa negro female 2/2/1896 3/9/1915 prisperal septicoma (gave birth on 3/3) Ed McAlley, SC Maggie Wiles, Tn
Green no name blank 11/9/1913 11/9/1913 stillborn John G Green, Wise Co Dora E Short, Wise Co
Green Victor w male 1/31/1917 2/23/1917 convulsions David Green, Wise Co Pearl Gilliam, Wise Co
Green Walker Lincoln w male 11/8/1894 10/27/1914 tuberculosis David Green, Scott Co Mary Stapleton, Scott co
Green Walter w male 5/15/1915 7/25/1916 alyse??? Wm Green, Va Rosa Mullins, Va
Greene Minnie negro female 3/3/1915 3/4/1915 premature Ed Green, Tn Malissa McLilly, Tn
Greer Frank w male 6/20/1913 9/29/1913 found dead without any cause Sam Grier, Lee Co Lu Ann Sebastin, Laurel Co Ky
Greer Ida M w female 8/21/1914 8/22/1914 premature Owen Greer, Scott Co Eliza Flanery, Letcher Co
Griffin Queen c female abt 23, Ala 6/23/1916 tuberculosis blank blank
Griffith Frances M B w female 10/28/1914 12/26/1914 malnutrition Thomas Griffith, Tazewell Va Lillie Pecherling, Green Co Tn
Griffith Robert H w male 3/29/1916 3/29/1916 premature R L Griffitth, Pikesville? (Ky) Hallie Frazier, Wise Co
Grimes Mary c female 8/29/1895, ky 6/29/1915 ecalmpsia Hanks, NC Jennie Harras, Ky
Grimes Wm Jr w male 4/1/1914 4/23/1914 blank Wm Grimes Henrietta McCall, Bristol Va
Grizzle Martha w female 12/10/1912 8/20/1916 dysentery Wade Grizzle, St Paul Va L E Grizzle, St Paul Va
Grogan Hattie w female abt age 68. Ohio 2/13/1917 disease of heart unknown unknown
Grubb Hary Michel w male 12/19/1894 8/10/1912 chronic inflamation of intestines Jefferson Davis Grubb, Bristol Tn Margaret Renfroe, Scott Co
Grubb Oscar Lee w male 4/5/1913 6/26/1913 cholera Andy Grubb, Wythe Co Cara Shelton, Wythe Co
Guiano Emet italian male abt 1874 Italy 3/12/1913 tuberculosis Jarry Guano, Italy Macarni, Italy
Guinn Annie w female abt age 78, NC 7/23/1917 carcimona of chest Lee Guinn, NC Sallie Estepps. NC
Gumania Lena w female 6/2/1912 7/2/1913 marasum? Emmitt Gumania, Italy Emily Hickman, Hawkins Co Tn
Gunnell James M w male 7/6/1876 7/12/1916 dysentery Bud Gunnell, Ky Patsy Patten, Ky
Gunteres John Hugo w male 5/16/1843, Germany 12/16/1916 nepheitis Henry Gunteres, Germany Germany
Guynn Clifford w male 12/2/1914 12/3/1914 congenital debility premature birth Garfield Guynn, Va Tabithy Grubbs, Va
Guynn Clyde w male 5/24/1909, Carroll Co 1/25/1913 acute catanchal langillis Ellis Guynn, Va Hallie Smith, Carol Co Va


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