Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 J Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
Jackson Early  colored male 7/15/1916 3/18/1917 measles George Jackson, Ala Polly Clemmons, Ala
Jackson Henry colored male abt age 36, Tn 3/23/1917 tuberculocis unknown  unknown
Jackson Magga colored female no information 4/5/1913 ? ? Of hart blank blank
Jackson no name negro  2/24/1914 2/24/1914 insufficient oxidation James Jackson, Buckingham Co Mary Belle Beverly, Montgomery Co
Jackson no name w male 9/2/1910 8/20/1913 colitis James Jackson, Scott Co Marie Johnson, Scott Co
Jackson Ruth May negro female 9/22/1917 10/2/1917 whooping cough Edward Jackson, Ala Carrie Cole, Ala
Jackson William colored male blank 9/20/1914 dropsey? Following heart lesion blank blank
Jackson William Carlis colored male 2/1/1914 3/22/1917 measles George Jackson, Ala Polly Clemmons, Ala
Jacob Annie w female 7/17/1916 7/17/1916 premature Sigman Jacob, hungary Gazelle Udvardi, Hungary
Jacob Gazelle w female abt age 31 7/22/1916 eclaupsia? ?uerferal (gave birth) John Udvardi, Hungary Rosalina Bars, Hungary
Jacobs Louis Marie w female 8/29/1916 10/23/1916 acute indigestition John ?andiver? Ala Tilda Jacobs, Va
James baby w male 7/27/1916 7/27/1916 premature Robt James, NC Della M Connell, Va
James Garlen w male abt age 2 8/31/1914 dysentary Thomas James, Stokes Co NC Molly James, Stokes Co NC
James Hirshall Alfred w male 2/5/1916 6/13/1916 diarrhea Pina James, NC Cora James, NC
James Jasper N w male 10/8/1915 11/10/1915 pneumonia E R James, Tn Zella Ramey, Wise Co
James Wm A w male 11/22/1822 age 92 5/4/1916 senile debility Jessee James, Va Polly Rook?, Tn
Jarden Virginia colored female abt age 35, Tn 1/27/1916 tuberculocis not known not known
Jenkins Earl w male 3/19/1906 12/26/1913 accidently fired 38 smith & wesson Thurston Jenkins, Va Kate White, Mitchell Co NC
Jenkins Herbert Fall w male 3/26/1917 3/31/1917 premature M L Jenkins, Tn Bertha Gourley, Tn
Jenkins James Alfred w male 12/25/1914 12/25/1914 stillborn M L Jinkins, Tn Bertha Gourley, Tn
Jenkins Jeanette w female 9/24/1912 5/21/1913 colitis   Geo Jenkins, Wales Ida Bell Salyer, Wise Co
Jenkins Julia w female 9/24/1912 6/10/1913 colitis acute Geo Jenkins, Wales Ida Bell Salyer, Wise Co
Jenkins Lester w male 6/14/1912 12/24/1913 diptheria R H Jenkins, Tn Rosa Jenkins, Tn
Jenkins Ty??? w male 3/28/1899 6/3/1915 endoconditis? John Jenkins, Wales Mary Frazier, Va
Jennings Mary Elizabeth w female 10/23/1885 12/13/1916 tuberculocis C C Alderson, Va Mattie E Gilmer, Va
Jesse Early May w female 1/18/1917 2/13/1917 premature Dan McConnell, Va Mary Jesse, Va
Jesse no name w female 8/14/1916 8/14/1916 premature John S Jesse, Lee Co Irma? Causey?, Lee Co
Jessee Anna May w female 11/25/1894 8/13/1913 tuberculocis William Kibby, Ashlow Ky Helen P Wade, Ohio
Jessee James C w male abt age 45, Russell Co 9/8/1915 angina fectors blank blank
Jessee Thelma w female 3/22/1913 3/22/1913 not known Martin V Jessee, Wise Co Bertha K Jessee, Wise Co
Jessie Eldridge w male 3/?/1914 3/7/1915 whooping cough W M Jessi, Va Pahma Garrett, Toms Creek
Jessie Howard W w male 6/30/1901 2/5/1915 mitral disease of the heart James A Jessie, Russell Co Ida Smith, Wise Co
John Emory w male 1/22/1913 1/22/1913 inanition due to poor health of mother Youas John, Austria Hascous Ives, Hungarian
John   T H w male 4/8/1845 1/12/1913 peloie cellutitis W H John, South Wales Anna Parfet, South Wales
Johnson Aubray Co?? w male 3/2/1913 7/7/1913 whooping cough W A Johnson, Jasper Ga Clara Criga?, Ga
Johnson Ca?ey w male 9/11/1913 12/9/1913 infantile corbacoma? Lenard Johnson, Va V??? Johnson, NC
Johnson Charles w male 3/2/1886 7/29/1917 bullet wound homicide Jas A Johnson, Va Mandy E Rivers, Va
Johnson Charlie w male 1/22/1902 4/24/1913 burnt in mines Frank Johnson, Tn Alice Ford, Tn
Johnson Chas colored male abt age 22. Ala 2/24/1917 killed by falling slate in mine unknown unknown
Johnson Dan Elmo w male 7/19/1917 7/19/1917 measles Clintwood Johnson, Wise Co Ora Hamilton, Wise Co
Johnson Edith w female 3/8/1916 7/30/1917 cholerea Amos Johnson, Tn Tn
Johnson Edward blank 3/25/1855 11/25/1917 pneumonia unknown, Ala unknown, Ala
Johnson Eliza Virginia w female 11/23/1873 6/20/1917 tuberculocis Rev Joseph C Wells, Wise Co Elizabeth Blair, Ky
Johnson Francis Roebuck w female 4/5/1873 8/3/1915 pulmonary embolism George Roebuck. England Mary James, England
Johnson George Thomas w male 10/28/1911 8/8/1915 plurisy with subphrive abscess L B Osborne, Va Minnie Johnson, Va
Johnson Harold Roebuck w male 5/28/1901 8/30/1912 was run over by a mine car Andrew J Johnson, Penn Francis N Roebuck, England
Johnson infant w male 8/14/1913 8/14/1913 diseased placenta John H Johnson Ida Shoope, Va
Johnson J B w male 11/2/1883, NC 6/25/1916 gun shot wound homicide W R Johnson, NC Louise Devitt, SC
Johnson Jacob Lewis w male 1/14/1917 1/14/1917 stillborn Archer Johnson, West Va Laretta Blanton?, Big Stone
Johnson Jessee M w male 2/5/1896 8/12/1912 accidental discharge of shot gun Stephen F Johnson, Ash Co NC Martha E Hamm, Ash Co NC
Johnson Joe w male 5/1/1910 8/15/1914 septis Henry Vance Johnson, Tn Magga Rollins, Tn
Johnson John W w male abt age 22 6/22/1916 operated on for cancer of stomach J S Johnson, Va Jane Cavindish, Va
Johnson Laura Evaline w female 10/10/1877 8/6/1914 gastro entenitis H H Beverly, Wise Co Jerusha Elkins, NC
Johnson Lena colored female unknown 4/18/1914 tuberculocis Walter Foster blank
Johnson Leona Grace w female 10/7/1913 11/1/1913 don't know James B Johnson, Scott Co Bessie Bishop, Scott Co
Johnson Mary Ann w female 4/7/1849 5/2/1913 complete paralyses Alfred Boothe, Va Lucretia Richie, Va
Johnson Mary Pearl w female 2/3/1897 9/16/1913 syphillis of brain Chas Johnson, Tn Cas?? Agie, Va
Johnson Max McCoy negro male 5/19/1915 5/19/1915 stillborn Jas D Johnson, Va Virginia Turner, Va
Johnson no name white 2/21/1914 2/23/1914 stillborn Arthur Johnson Stella Compton, Dickenson
Johnson Rufus Pinkham w male 9/28/1850, NC 7/7/1913 mitral regurgatation Nelson Johnson, NC Shoemaker, Germany
Johnson Stokley Elmore w male 1/11/1917 9/21/1917 diarhea and endemtis? William R Johnson, NC Viola Hunsucker, Wise Co
Johnson Theoflas w male 12/1/1916 12/7/1917 pneumonia C C Johnson, NC Ellen Davis, NC
Johnson Thomas Andrew w male 11/29/1915 5/17/1917 pneumonia L A Johnson, Russell Co Martha E Herd, Russell Co
Johnson unnamed negro female 9/6/1916 9/6/1916 stillborn Joe Johnson, Ky Ritta Dilly, Ky
Johnson Vissie w female 12/7/1911 8/26/1913 dysentary Haliran? Johnson, Scott Co Rebeca Walker, Scott Co
Johnson William negro male don't know 5/4/1914 killed by officer resisting arrest don't know don't know
Johnson William H w male 3/27/1874 1/7/1914 cancer of liver Samuel P Johnson, Tn Rebeca Mofford, Tn
Johnson Wm Joseph w male 11/6/1912 11/6/1912 stillborn George Johnson, Russell Co Dora King, Russell Co
Johnston baby w female 9/23/1916 9/23/1916 stillborn Wiley Wilson, Va Mary Johnston, Pa
Johnston Harvey w male 8/12/1915 8/16/1916 diarrhaea and indenites Henry V Johnston, Tn Maggie Rains, Tn
Johnston Maxie Keeron w female 4/25/1912 4/2/1913 pneumonia Steve Johnston, Ashe Co NC Martha Ham, Johnson Co Tn
Joiner no name colored male 10/26/1917 10/26/1917 premature Grant Joiner, Ala Charity Heines, Ala
Joins Ida May w female 3/12/1916 3/15/1916 stillborn W T Joins, NC Ida Carico, Va
Jones Alvin w male 8/8/1913 8/9/1913 premature Rufus Jones, Tn Alice Brooks, Tn
Jones Anna   w female 12/28/1915 12/28/1915 eclanysia? Convulsion Columbus W Jones, Carroll Co Va Virginia Mullins, Mercer Co W Va
Jones Armeda negro female 9/20/1911 10/25/1914 rickette John Jones, NC Christine Scott, NC
Jones Australia colored female 6/1/1915 7/17/1917 measles Jno Jones, NC Christine Scott, NC
Jones Bella w female 6/17/1898 3/23/1915 death not dermined by coroners jury John James, Ky Lucinda Smith, Ky
Jones Brutus Edward w male 6/15/1916 7/25/1917 pneumonia Geo Jones, Ky Lucy Haskins, Ky
Jones Eugene w male 12/24/1903 8/10/1915 acute gastritis J B Jones, Va Dora Hall, Ky
Jones George W w male 5/23/1860 5/24/1916 apoplexy died instantly Green Jones, Russell Co ?enie Lawson, Va
Jones Gilmer? w male 2/28/1915 3/18/1916 pneumonia Carl Jones, Tn Mary Witt, Maryland
Jones Green B w male 5/27/1827 4/30/1915 cause unknown John Jones Nancy Ann Green
Jones Harry w female 1/23/1914 1/24/1915 pneumonia W R Jones, Johnson Co Tn Martha Edmonds
Jones Henry w male 5/30/1893 2/25/1914 electrocuted in mine David R Jones, Ky Lizzie Walden, Scott Co
Jones Jimm? Rufus w male 3/28/1916 5/23/1916 premature H L Jones, Tn Mollie Stines, Scott Co
Jones John Henry colored male 9/24/1915 2/25/1916 pneumonia Charlie Jones, Va Rosa Evans, Va
Jones Lina Edna w female 3/26/1912 1/11/1915 ? O P Jones, Scott Co Lida Dotson, Tn
Jones M C colored female 8/18/1876, SC 3/27/1915 ? Regurgatation and ? Chronic McCory blank
Jones Mama colored female abt age 56, SC 8/4/1917 nepheitis blank South Carolina
Jones Martha E w female 1/10/1864 4/6/1915 no physician call do not know cause Green B Jones, Va Parthasia Lawson, Va
Jones Mary Ann w female 3/28/1916 6/19/1916 premature H L Jones, Tn Mollie Hill, Va
Jones May w female 2/18/1912 5/25/1914 pneumonia Rufus Jones, Tn Alice Brooks, Tn
Jones no name w female 9/30/1917 9/30/1917 congested heart Jesse Jones, Mo Hattie Griffith, Ky
Jones P H w male 4/18/1867 12/17/1917 brain fever Russel Jones Se?? Cooper, Va
Jones Patrick L w male 3/27/1863 7/11/1917 gun shot wound homicide Henry C Jones, Va Martha W Salyer, Va
Jones Seldon Hushel w male 10/29/1917 10/30/1917 premature John Jones, Carroll Co Va Stella McCarty, Wise Co
Jones Simon black male abt age 65, NC 8/30/1918 life crushed out by mine car don't know don't know
Jones Sinie w female abt age 47 7/30/1915 pellagna Wm G McConnel, Tn unknown 
Jones Thomas Brinkley w male 7/11/1882 10/8/1912 found dead in bed sugest heart failure Frank Jones, Ky Jennie Styvers, Ky
Jones W ? w male 7/21/1893 12/12/1914 tuberculocis J B Jones, NC Bettie Bonds, Va
Jordan G C w male 3/20/1840 12/19/1912 died suddently" Benjamin Jordan, Wise Co Jannie Wright, Wise Co
Jordan Sam C w male 7/5/1876 7/31/1912 typhoid fever Andy Jordan, Russell Co Burton, Russell Co
Juhasz Lou hungarian male abt age 52 7/28/1916 died suddenly had chirosis of liver don't know don't know
Justice Joseph Lee w male 5/1/1898 5/12/1917 hit on head with rock Charles Justice, Ky Manerva ?a?ies, Ky
Justice no name w male 6/1/1916 6/22/1913 stillborn Arch Justice, Va blank

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