Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 M Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
Ma????? Luke polish male abt 40 12/9/1914 pneumonia blank blank
Mabe Thomas w male 8/15/1914 2/2/1916 pneumonia Jim Mabe, Va Lula Farmer, Va
Mabry Ella  negro female blank but she is married 10/23/1917 tuberculosis blank blank
Mack Charles colored male abt 62, Ala 2/10/1916 killed by slate blank blank
Maddat Robert E w?? ??? Male abt 29 9/5/1912 erysyiphlas blank blank
Madkin Willie  negro male abt 25, Burlington NC 3/30/1913 acute parenchsyniatons Joseph Madkin unknown
Maggard Aliss w female 2/10/1906 6/20/1916 burns Jessie Maggard, Ky Mary Jones, Ky
Maggard Bonnie May w female 2/19/1912 7/2/1913 pneumonia Wm Maggard, Wise Co Lula Johnson, Ky
Maggard Isaac w male abt 29, Ky 8/1/1916 broken neck from fall in mines no record no record
Maggard James w male 6/14/1860, Ky 5/20/1914 malignant tumor on left side of neck Dave Maggard, Ky Crissy Marres, Ky
Maggard James Elmer w male 4/24/1916 5/3/1916 pneumonia Joseph Maggard, Ky Laura Mi???, NC
Maggard Lee Angie w female 2/26/1913 3/?/1917 accidental burning Frank Maggard, Ky Rhoda S??ethan, Va
Maggard Pearl May colored female 5/20/1915 8/20/1916 menengitis Jessie Maggard, Ky Nellie Harper, Ky
Maggard W H w male abt 34 8/10/1914 broekn back, complete paralyisist James Maggard, Ky not known
Mahaffy Lula w female 4/21/1887, Wilkes Co NC 1/25/1913 tuberculosis John Mahaffy, NC Sarah Stone, NC
Malaby George w male 10/31/1916 7/15/1917 inanmation fever George Malaby, Tn Clar?? Carner, Tn
Maness Lewie w male abt 46, Austria 1/19/1917 powder explosion blank blank
Maness Wilmer w male abt 10 months 8/1/1916 cholera J M Maness, Tn Jane , Va
Manis Rebeca w female abt 24. Lee Co 3/15/1915 consumption Bill Freeman, NC Lavis Gibson, Tn
Mann Worley colored male 9/12/1907 5/23/1917 pneumonia Green Mann, Va Mary McKinna, Va
Marckes Jennie italian female 1/11/1912 12/17/1916 burns Ross Marckes, Italy Fanny Marins, Italy
Marcum Perlina w female 1/10/1894, Letcher Ky 5/8/1915 tuberculosis Am?? Brown, Ky Rachel Ann Ty????, Ky
Marcum Wm Edward w male 1/23/1916 1/23/1916 premature Jess Marcum, Va Laura Fisher, Va
Marcus Louie hungarian male 10/10/1912 7/15/1913 whooping cough John Marcus, Hungarian Mary Selita, Hunagrian
Markess Antonia w female 2/19/1915, Ala 7/30/1917 menengitis Ma?? Merckese, Italy Francina Marino, Italy
Markess Concept w female 8/9/1916, Ala 7/24/1917 tuberculosis Bass Markess, Italia Francena Marino, Italy
Markland Edna Ganell w female 9/22/1911 7/16/1913 whooping cough Henry Markland, Carter Co Tn Julia Calbaugh, Carter Co Tn
Markland Irwin Earl w male 2/18/1914 1/10/1916 la grippe A H Markland, Tn Magie Bowers, Tn
Marris W J w male 9/2/1894 2/17/1916 tuberculosis J H Marris, Lee Co Susan C Huff, Lee Co
Marrous Echol McKinley w male 2/4/1915 3/3/1915 pneumonia Perry Marrous, Tn Polly Herron, ?exac
Marrs Frank w male 1/7/1912 7/9/1912 cholera Tom Marrs, Tn Dora Marrs, Tn
Marsee Aka w female 8/16/1914 7/27/1915 cholera Spencer Marsee, Ky Mary Campbell, Ky
Marshall Elmore w male 7/1/1916 8/3/1916 colitis Wm Marshall, Va Matilda Edwards, Va
Marshall Harve W w male 12/20/1869 1/11/1916 hemorrhage of brain Wm C Marshall, Scott Co Sarah Cox, Scott
Marshall Katherine Eliz. w female 10/18/1914 10/20/1914 atelectasis James E Marshall, Va Margaret Lee Nickels, Tn
Marshall Martha w female 4/25/1903 6/26/1915 tuberculosis E M Marshall, Va Nancy Hammond, Va
Marshall Nannie w female 4/29/1916 8/25/1917 dysentery William Marshall, Va Lille Hurd, Russell Co
Marshall Robert W w male 11/16/1845 6/4/1913 apoplexy Elias Marshall, Va Elizabeth Clark, Va
Martin George w male 7/7/1912 7/28/1912 diarrhera caused by improper food unknown Nettie Martin, Wise Co
Martin Jim b male abt 48, Atlanta Ga 12/17/1912 shot and instantly killed blank blank
Martin Mary Frances w female 6/13/1854, Knox Co Ky 3/31/1916 dysentery Herold Sprinkle, Lee Co Mary Trent, Lee Co
Martin Mrs W T b female 9/29/1890, Bell Co Ky 7/11/1912 tuberculosis Mack Dixon, Emmoryville ? Jane Ely, Walnutt Hill, Lee Co
Martin no name w female 10/26/1914 3/18/1916 spinal meningitis J H Martin, Italy Lucy Roberts, Italy
Mason Bulah colored female abt 38, Mississippi 6/28/1917 tuberculosis unknown unknown
Mason George colored male abt 33 1/22/1914 cortic? Insufficenacy? unknown unknown
Mason Hanna negro female 8/9?/1862 8/28/1914 co?lnaflis? Of liver don't know Febiae Mason, NC
Massey Elius colored male 8/17/1830, Ala 5/2/1917 chronic panenchumoutous from astma unknown unknown
Mastero Frederick Eugene w male 12/8/1916 10/10/1917 sleo-colitis acute Jas W Masters, Ohio Laura Belle Giles, Scott Co
Mastero Hazel Melvina w female 4/2/1914 3/20/1917 diphtheria Jason Masters, Wise Co Nannie Hillman, Wise Co
Masters Vera w female 12/18/1913 12/18/1913 premature Sherman Masters, Ohio Etta May Gilly, Va
Masters William w male 3/24/1890 5/30/1914 broken back Abe Masters, Wise Co Elisabeth Hubbard, Wise Co
Matheson Conley w male 2/20/1886 9/28/1917 tuberculosis Ballie May, Tn Martha Matheson, Tn
Matheson Sally w female 12/30/1913 4/17/1913 syphilis Conley Matheson, Tn Della Isaacs, Tn
Matheson Thomas w male 11/4/1891, NC 3/17/1914 killed run over by locomotive N W Matheson, NC Miss Joyner, NC
Mathew Fred colored male abt 36, NC 4/8/1915 killed by falling slate Alex Mathew, NC blank
Mathews Charlie colored male 2/16/1896, McDowell W Va 9/30/1914 tuberculosis Frank Mathews, Mountville Va Mary Ca?? Moundville Va
Mathews Diannah negro female 8/1/1913 8/1/1913 stillborn Arthur Mathews, Va Fannie Wilcox, Va
Mathews Jessie w male abt 15, Tn 12/23/1915 fell in coal shute crushed Andy Mathews, Tn Lonia Pointer, Tn
Mathews no name negro male 11/7/1912 11/7/1912 stillborn Alex Mathews, Ga Eliza Harper, Ga
Mathews Zeb C negro male abt 37, Ga 7/16/1912 disease of hart vlaves unknown unknown
Matovich John w male 1/27/1915 11/4/1915 ch?y infection Mike Matovich, Hungary Mary Stosen, Hungary
Matovich John hungarian male 1/27/1915 11/4/1915 cholery infection Mike Matovich, Europe Mary Stosedy, Europe
Matovich Mike w male 10/26/1889, Austria 1/12/1916 typhoid fever Andy Matovich, Hungaria Gussie Gasper, Hungarian
Matthews Bonner Harrison w male 8/11/1917 10/1/1917 don't know died suddenly Harrison Mathews, Tn Raener Lane, Scott Co
Matyers Paul hungarian male abt 50, Hungeria 9/30/1917 gastric glut blank blank
Maunce Everett Isum w male 3/51899, Ky 9/13/1916 powder explosion accident G W Maunce, Ky Davy McDaniel, Ky
Maxwell Virginia w female 9/1/1917 9/1/1917 cause of death unknown Fred Maxwell, Va Callie Sowards, Va
Mayfield Edna   colored female abt 29 4/24/1916 gun shot blank blank
Mays ??icy w female 3/2/1853 9/23/1916 typhoid fever Oliver Price, Va Mary Lambert, Va
Mays Catherine w female 6/20/1912 6/21/1912 premature Sam L Mays, Washington Co Lilly Frances Kiefee, Washington Co
Mays Corbet w male 1/11/1916 1/11/1916 premature Elbert E Mays, Wise Co Hila Hamilton, Wise Co
Mays Eliza w female abt 75 12/14/1914 supposed to be old age, general breakdown John Wright, Russell Co Turner, Russell Co
Mays Ira C w male 9/15/1886 5/7/1914 menengitis John H Mays, Russell Co Louise Wright, Wise Co
Mays Lorena w female 2/8/1913 2/8/1913 stillborn E E Mays, Wise Co Hiliy D Hamilton, Wise Co
Mays Ne?I Allise w female 1/28/1914 7/14/1914 suppose to be acute indigestion, no dr. John Mays, Wise Co Ellen Booker, Va
McArther John w male 9/18/1858, Scotland 11/4/1917 cerebral hemorage Jas McArthur, Scotland unknown
McBride Pete colored male abt 45, Ga 2/28/1916 come home feeling bad fell out of chair dead unknown unknown
McCarn? no name w male 10/19/1915 10/19/1915 stillborn G W McCarn?, England Sarah Johnson, NC
McCarty Albert w male 7/9/1890 1/28/1912 struck by rr train Absoland McCarty, Russell Co Jane Carico, Grayson Co Va
McCarty Howard Lilburn w male 1/30/1917 2/17/1917 disease of heart J Walter McCarty, Russell Co Mamie Cox, Scott Co
McCarty Milliard Woodrow w male 11/3/1913 9/6/1917 scalded accidental Lee McCarty, Wise Co Savanah Robinette, Wise Co
McClellan Elzie Lea w male 9/25/1915 4/13/1917 spinal meningitis A L McClellan, Scott Co L L Edwards, Wise Co
McClellen Callie Francis w female 8/12/1907 11/7/1916 whooping cough E T? McClellen, Va Laura Markham, Ky
McClellen Lula colored female 2/16/1882, Ga 7/17/1917 brights disease don't know Lillie Ganna, Ga
McConnel Annie Mrs. w female 11/6/1827 Ash co NC 12/11/1915 la grippe William Plumber, NC Becca Jones, Va
McConnell John Lee w male 2/24/1913 8/5/1913 pneumonia Sam McConnell, NC Annie Boggs, Ky
McCoy E?? Delaney white 1/2/1835, Gracon Co Va 3/18/1914 blank Geo Wells, Gracon Co Va Polly Daniels
McCoy Edith colored female abt 18, Rose Hill Va 11/19/1915 tuberculosis Rob McCoy, Va Emma Bladdie, Va
McCoy Elmer colored male abt 17, Rose Hill Va 10/18/1917 acute endocondetis Robert McCoy, Va Emma Beates, record for Edith is Bladdie
McCoy Emma w female 8/28/1892, Tn 5/18/1914 speptic endocanditis William Davison, Tn Mary Davison, Tn
McCoy Flossie w female 7/9/1916 7/9/1917 tuberculosis Walter McCoy, Va Della Salyers, Va
McCoy Hassie colored female abt 13 5/3/1917 tuberculosis Roert (Robert) McCoy, Va Emma Beaty
McCoy Juaneta w female 6/27/1916 6/27/1916 stillborn Walter McCoy, Tn Lillie Stewart, Ky other shows Steward
McCoy Lenard neggro male 9/3/1898 5/9/1916 tuberculosis Robert McCoy, Va Emma Beatty, Va (multiple spellings)
McCoy Lillie May w female 7/5/1914 11/15/1916 malnutrition Walter McCoy, Va Della Salyer, Va
McCoy Lora w female 4/15/1910 5/20/1914 pneumonia W E McCoy, Wise Co Ida Evans, Wise Co
McCoy no name w male 6/17/1915 6/17/1915 stillborn Walter McCoy, Tn Lillie Steward, Ky
McCoy no name w male 5/26/1917 5/26/1917 stillborn Walter McCoy, Tn Lillie Stuart, other shows Steward and t
McCoy Orpha w female 9/1/1901 9/25/1915 dyptheria Sam McCoy, Dickenson Co Cora Powers, Dickenson Co
McCoy Wanetith w female 6/22/1916 6/22/1916 stillborn Walter McCoy, Tn Lillie Stewart, Ky other shows Steward
McCracken Bertha  w female abt 22, Va 7/28/1917 colitis George Collins, Va Dicy Leneoard?, Va
McCracken no name w male 5/22/1917 5/22/1917 stillborn E L McCracken, Washington Co ??nia Collins, Washington Co Va
McCracken no name w female 7/10/1917 7/10/1917 stillborn Sam McCracken, Va Liddie Beverly, Va
McCraken no name w male 6/7/1914 6/13/1914 premature Chas McCraken blank
McCurry Rosy Mary w female 5/23/1912 8/25/1913 diarrhea and entinitis R H McCurry, Wise Co Mandy V Collins, Scott Co
McDade Charley colored male 1/10/1903. Ala 9/19/1917 spinal meningitis John McDade, Ala Lulla Bell Coals, Ala
McDade Daisy colored female 4/10/1885, Ala 10/15/1917 accidental gun shot wound to chest Clark Hatt, Ala unknown
McDaniels John D w male 6/22/1855, Va 5/5/1917 gangreen of lungs no record no record
McElwee William w male 7/27/1853, Pa 10/10/1915 arterio sclerosis Wm McElwee, Pa Maggie Parker, Pa
McFalls Grace w female 1/5/1914 2/9/1916 hydrociholies Jesse McFalls, Va Effie Vanover, Va
McFalls Joseph w male 5/2/1933, NC 5/19/1917 tuberculosis Jim McFall, NC Sarah Mace, NC
McFarland Francis Theodore black male 7/22/1914 8/3/1914 premature Ben Francis McFarland, Ind Roxie Moore, Tn
McFarland Fred Franklin w male 3/23/1916, Va 9/25/1917 illeo colitis James McFarland, Tn Gabel Mullins, Tn
McGlamery infant w male 12/4/1914 12/17/1914 pneumonia Lee McGlamery, Tn Ella Artry, Va
McGlothlin James Robert w male 8/24/1912, Russell Co 11/21/1914 burns James McGlothlin, Va Nannie, Va
McKee Gala Belle colored female 12/15/1916 4/10/1917 acute indigestion Russ McKee, Larl Co Ky Allie Gilbert, Clay Co Ky
McKenny Ella May colored female 7/30/1906 7/30/1914 tuberculosis Tom McKenny, Ala Evelin Hallins, NC
McKinney Francis  w male 8/14/1915 4/30/1916 whooping cough Sam McKinney, Tn Mollie Gorley, Tn
McKinney Franke May w female 8/14/1915 4/15/1916 whooping cough Sam McKinney, Tn Mollie Gorley, Tn
McKinney no name colored male 12/5/1912 12/5/1912 premature Tom McKinney, Ala Evaline Hallins, NC
McMillen Lillie   negro female abt 1880, Ga 4/25/1913 mistral insufficiency John Smith, Va Mary Smith
McPeak no name w female 5/14/1913 5/14/1913 ????? Delivery, deformity of pelvis ??? Walter McPeak, Wise Co Sarah E Baker, Wise Co
McQueen Frank colored male abt 32, Mountan City, Tn 2/4/1914 peridontis following injury from slate fall Isaac McQueen, Tn Billie Dogger, Tn
McQueen Hazel   w female 4/11/1916, Tn 4/30/1917 measles Ru McQueen, Tn Bertha Jenkins, Tn
McRoberts Alexander L w male 10/1/1846, NC 7/12/1912 apoplexy don't know Pollie don't know last name
Mead no name w male 12/13/1912 12/31/1912 had no doctor Coal Mead, Wise Co Lilly May Robinso, Wise Co
Mead Tate w male 4/17/1913 2/9/1914 whooping cough U S S Mead, Russell Co Emily Cantrell, Wise Co
Mead Nola Maple w female 5/24/1915 6/12/1915 hypertiophic stehimsis of gastric pylores Chas Meade, Russell Co Maggie Craft, Wise Co
Meade Cosby w female abt 56, Wise Co 2/14/1917 chronic vascular heart disease Hop Richardson, Va Polly Davis, Va
Meade Dorthala w female abt 38, Wise Co 8/13/1914 tuberculosis Clayton Meade, Va Cosby Richardson, Va
Meade J M w male abt 56, Scott co 2/12/1915 cerebral humarrhage Filden Meade, Va Bettie Carty, Va
Meade John w male 8/30/1914 8/23/1914 child had muscus rattling in throat at birth William Meade, Russel Co Virginia Meade, Russel Co
Meade L M w male abt 68 9/24/1916 apoplexy Fielden Meade. Va Bettie Carty, Va
Meade Lilbern Farley w male 5/30/1874, Scott Co 1/30/1915 heart failure Robert C Meade, Scott Co Elizabeth Castle, Russell Co
Meade Margaret w female abt 40, Russell Co 12/14/1912 pelvic peritanitis Sylus Castle, Russell Co Betty McNutt, Russell Co
Meade no name w male 11/7/1917 11/7/1917 not known Charlie Meade, Va Rosie Meade, Va
Meade Sarah w male abt 55 11/21/1916 tuberculosis Campbell Vicars, Va don't know
Meade Stella w female 3/17/1901 12/26/1917 intestinal intersuseption Chas Meade, Va Raurie Meade, Va
Meade Ward w male abt 5 3/11/2016 blank James Meade, Russell Co Edith Hall, Russell Co
Meade (Made) Fred Severe w male 3/15/1912 9/18/1912 marasnus Sever Meade, Scott Co Bettie Daughtery, Scott co
Meadows Abytine w female 10/19/1846 1/9/1914 pellegra John Adams, Ky Abytine Adams, Ky
Meadows Rebecca w female 7/22/1917 7/22/1917 premature E M Meadows, Wise? Va Cora Ayers, Va
Medkiff Anderson w male 3/14/1886 6/24/1917 gun shot murder party acquited self confessed Wm Metcaff, NC Nancy Cook (has a question mark) NC
Medley Huldy w female 2/2/1871 2/9/1913 tuberculosis Wm Belcher, Ky Nancy Estep, Wise Co
Mercus John hungarian male 4/15/1863, Austria 5/23/1914 strangulation due to hanging sucide Andey Mercus, Hungeria Suran Naga, Hungeria
Meredith Minnie w female 3/7/1915 3/7/1912 premature D M Meredith, Va Minnie Turner, Va
Merit Anna May "colored male" 3/3/1917 3/26/1917 inani??? Fever lack of proper mimment? Dack Merit, NC Jane Merit, Va
Messer Charlie w male 2/28/1914 7/5/1914 inamition from lakc of proper kind of food Cakger Messer, Ky Rosa Gibson, Bell Co Ky
Metovik not named slavish female 1/25/1914 1/26/1914 death not herd of for serveral days not known Mike Metovik, Hungeria Mary Strodm
Meyer Ellen hungarian female 1/8/1914 1/12/1914 probably pressure on head from forceps Paul Meyer, Austria Hollis Hiliajenana, Austria
Midkiff Ross Brenson w male 9/14/1916 11/16/1917 pulmunonia Charles Midkiff, Va Margaret E Cook, NC
Milgrim Mabel w female 5/23/1913 5/23/1913 stillborn Fred J Milgrim, Va Lydia Carico, Va
Miller Carrole w male 2/18/1916 9/28/1916 gastro-emteritis and nephritis Geo Miller, Tn Callie Allen, Va
Miller Catherine w female 1/10/1835 2/13/1915 la grippe Robt Wells, Wise Co Nancy Collier?, Wise Co
Miller Flora w female 9/13/1913 9/15/1913 unknown found dead in bed Thos Miller, Va Bell Wilson, Tn
Miller Frank w male abt 52, Ky 7/26/1916 sarcoma of rt hip not known not known
Miller Geo  colored male abt 21, NC 4/6/1916 ruptured bladder slate fall gangrenne of bowels blank blank
Miller George Henry white 5/25/1860, Pulasky Co Va 11/7/1912 tuberculosis William Miller, Wythe Co Catherine Catron, Wythe Co
Miller George Newton w male 2/6/1872, Scott Co 10/23/1914 brights disease Jacob Miller Martha Russell
Miller Gracie w female 3/22/1916 5/14/1916 congenital malformation Sam Miller, Tn Lulo Johnson, Va
Miller Minnie w female 1/11/1885, Pike Co Ky 8/22/1915 consumption Bill Johnson, Knott Co Tn Sallie Lane, Pike Co Ky
Miller Nettie w female 11/?/1889, Tn 11/25/1916 valvular heart disease John Oxendine, Tn not known
Miller Rebecca Ann w female 12/10/1913 10/1/1914 acute nephritis Lawson Miller, Tn Nettie Oxendine, Tn
Miller Ruth w female 1/13/1913, Ky 8/22/1913 gastro entric trouble Scott Miller, Mass. Laney Day, Ky
Mills James colored male abt 50, NC 5/25/1916 tuberculosis Geo Mills, NC Priscilla Carter, NC
Mills Thomas D w male 10/?/1894 5/14/1916 pneumonia Thomas Mills, "Rackington" Co, Va Emma Murry, NC
Mimick Henry Earl w male 8/8/1913 6/20/1914 cholera S K Mimick, Va don't know
Minar no name white 3/13/1916 3/13/1916 stillborn Hugh Minar, Tn Maggie Gardner, Va
Minar no name w male 4/27/1917 4/27/1917 stillborn Hugh Miner, Tn Maggie Gardner, Va
Minar Thelma w female 8/29/1916 5/10/1917 whooping cough Tinis Minar, Tn Effie Hurley, Va
Miner no name white 3/13/1916 3/13/1916 stillborn Hugh Miner, Tn Maggie Gardner, Va
Miner William w male 8/24/1914 3/4/1915 weakness and died with nervous prostration George Failon, Tn Rosie Miner, Tn
Mingues Mary Frances negro female 3/24/1916 3/28/1916 premature Bert Mingues, NC Alberta Hamlet, Ky
Minton Arlene w female 2/28/1917 2/28/1917 stillborn Luther Minton, Russell Co Martha V Hamilton, Wise Co
Minton Elvira w female abt 56, Russell Co 12/25/1913 consumtion Samuel Minton, Russell Co not given
Minton no name w male 12/31/1913 12/31/1913 stillborn L Minton, Russell Co Martha Hamilton, Wise Co
Mitchel Acy w male 12/21/1904 12/2/1915 acute inflamatory rherurtion? Press Mitchel, Va Cynthia Robertson, Va
Mitchel Arnold negro male 2/17/1916 4/2/1917 infantile diarhea Ben Mitchel, Ala Rose Plesent, Ala
Mitchel Charlie w male 6/28/1915 8/1/1915 marasnuis Press Mitchel, Va Sintha Robertson, Va
Mitchell Belle w female 11/15/1894 4/23/1916 tuberculosis Wm Turner, NC Mary Ann Love, NC
Brownie Virginia
w female
Warren Mitchell, Va
Lora McKnight, Va
Mitchell Dere w male 5/14/1913 8/20/1914 spinal meningitis S P Mitchell, Va Cynthia Robertson, Va
Mitchell Jessie colored male 5/?/1915 7/3/1916 whooping cough Aubrey Mitchell, NC Mamie Kirkpatrick, NC
Mitchell Jno w male 10/28/1917 11/6/1917 premature Bill Mitchell, NC Emma Hays, NC
Mitchell Martha W w female 3/5/1881 10/13/1914 tuberculosis Cantrell Garrett, Va Eliza Garrett, Va
Mitchell Nancy w female 7/1/1854, NC 12/15/1914 chronic nephrilis Joseph Mitchell, NC don't know
Mitchell Nell Lile w female 12/20/1913 10/27/1914 colitis J C Mitchell, Ky Minnie Kelly, Va
Mitchell Parthine w female abt 64, Va 6/22/1917 chronic nephrilis don't know don't know
Mitchell Steve w male 1/7/1915, Pa. 8/21/1917 colitis Joe Mitchell, Russia Mary Yanko, russia
Mitchell Willie Jr colored male 9/21/1917 9/21/1917 stillborn Willie Mitchell Sr, Ga Edna Murray, Ga
Mock Anna   w female 5/?/1896 8/9/1913 typhoid fever Ad Mock, Hawkins Co Tn Laura Welsh, Hawkins Co, Tn
Moffett Madaline w female 1/31/1916 2/16/1916 premature J L Moffett, NC Flora Tate, Va
Money Matilda black female abt 45, NC 9/8/1916 abstruction of bowels following uterus surgery John Jackson, NC Elizabeth Jackson, NC
Montgomery Lacy w female 5/4/1913 (conflicts with age) 3/3/1914 pneumonia Chas Montgomery, Tn Ella Gaddy, NC
Montgomery Laurah, Mrs. w female 2/28/1892 2/9/1913 ru?peral fever Wm Harrell, Carroll Co Va Ellen Swecker, Wyth Co Va
Moore Allis negro male abt 36, Ala 12/8/1917 frozen to death unknown unknown
Moore Beatty colored female abt 31, NC 12/30/1913 tuberculosis don't know Manervie Darkins, NC
Moore Bertha Berilla w female abt 23, Scott Co 10/22/1917 purperal septica??ia William Patton McConnell, Scott Co Rebecca Henry?, Scott Co
Moore Ellen Teresa w female 10/24/1866, Ohio 1/17/1916 obstruction in the bowels Patrick Tehan, Ireland Johanna Tehan, Ireland
Moore Flora w female 11/19/1904 10/7/1915 typhoid fever J C Moore, Va Martha Garnis, Tn
Moore Frances colored 5/23/1895, Ky 3/10/1916 nephrilis? blank blank
Moore Henry w male abt 40 10/1/1916 accidentally shot died sudden unknown unknown
Moore Henry  w male 9/14/1916 11/12/1916 pneumonia Geo W Moore, Va Nancy A Williams, Ky
Moore Jacob w male abt 61, Va 9/28/1914 chronic nephrilis John Moore, Tn Polly Bledsoe, Tn
Moore Jake w male 1/28/1892 1/17/1913 sleeping, house caught fire S D Moore, Tn Mary Barbra?, Va
Moore James Edward? w male 11/21/1914 11/21/1914 stillborn Auburn P Moore, Lee Co Martha Jane Chandler, Wise Co
Moore John Lee w male 12/29/1914 12/3/1915 ma???us H E Moore, Va Effie Mae Moore, Va
Moore Laurah, Mrs. w female 5/15/1901 6/2/1917 pneumonia C J Moore, Va Lizzie Parsons, Va
Moore Liza Idel w female 3/28/1913 12/23/1914 pneumonia C E Moore, Va Lakey Sexton. Va
Moore Marion w male abt 44, Floyd Co Va 12/12/1912 blank Jackson Moore, Floyd Co Ky Mille Dykes, Floyd Co Ky
Moore Martha w female 3/29/1873, Ky 6/25/1916 uterice cancer B F or J Dougherty Sallie Bush, Ky
Moore Mary Isabel w female 8/31/1914 9/8/1916 dysentery S W Moore, Scott Co Addie Fields, Scott Co
Moore Mary S Mrs. w female 4/8/1849 Blountville Tn 10/16/1916 ? Heart trouble Frederick Sturm, Blountville Tn Maria Watkins, Abingdon Va
Moore Minnie w female abt 36, Floyd Co Ky 7/24/1915 tuberculosis John Moore, Ky Rhoda Gahart, Ky
Moore no name w male 6/11/1916 6/11/1916 stillborn blank Florona Moore, Tn
Moore Robert w male abt 31, Johnson City, Tn 5/29/1916 severing of caroatie artery w/knife blade homi. James Moore, Washington, Co Mary Richardson, Washington Co
Moore Roscoe Rufus w male 7/13/1916, Va 8/14/1917 illeo colitis Ron Moore, Tn Susie? Childerss, Va
Moore William Mil?? w male 6/11/1916 8/9/1916 accidental suffication blank Florence Moore, Tn
Morgan Mary Jane w female 6/3/1896 4/22/1916 tuberculosis Floyd Killen, Va Lucinda Holbrook, Ky
Morris David colored male 5/16/1893, NC 1/16/1916 accidental suicide burning matress in jail E M Morris, NC Sallie Calwell, NC
Morris John Wesley w male abt 72, Ky 11/2/1917 apoplexy Richard Morris Jessie Garrison
Morris Una? Margaret w female 12/8/1879 1/3/1917 tuberculosis Thomas Benton Moore, Va Margaret Ellen Clarke, Va
Morrison Robert Dabrey w male 11/6/1874, Lexington Va 6/6/1916 automobile accident broke neck Robert Hall Morrison, Va Margaret White, Va
Moseiuau Wayne Earl w male 4/8/1901, Cole Grove Ohio 1/6/1914 spinal meningitis Edward Moseiuau, Ohio Ida Layynan? Ohio
Moss John E col am  ?? Male 8/1/1850, Scott Co 8/21/1916 typhoid fever Hellans Moss, Va Nancy Fields, Va
Moss Minnie w female 8/5/1850, Green Co Tn 6/25/1916 la grippe Shadrick ?air, Green Co Tn Mary A Fields, Green Co Tn
Mott Harriett w female 7/25/1917 9/7/1917 cause not known Sam Mott, Pa Georgia Rigley, WV
Mott Virginia Da?? w female 1/1/1913 1/12/1915 tuberculosis Sam Mott, Va, shows Pa. on Harriets Georgie Rigley, Va shows WV on Harriets
Mouser Marjorie w female abt 2 7/24/1914 illeo colitis E B Mouser blank
Mroua John hungarian male 10/7/1915 12/29/1915 whooping cough Alezander Mroua blank
Mullens no name w male 4/10/1913 6/11/1913 chrontic gastro entaitil? ?el?? Mullens, Va Mary McFall, Ky
Mullins America w female 5/27/1832, Wise Co 7/19/1915 brights disease Richard Baker, NC Abigill Beverly, Va
Mullins Arird Sampson w male 4/17/1863 2/4/1915 pneumonia A J Mullins, Ky Hannah Rife, Ky
Mullins Chas w male abt 25 6/26/1916 tuberculosis Jim Mullins, Va M Hill, Va
Mullins Clary Caroline w female 7/26/1916 11/18/1916 cause unknown it was never right B F Strange, Va Elvira Mullins, Va
Mullins Cordelia w female 3/23/1916 7/26/1917 me???us John Mullins, Va Sarah Bary Va
Mullins David Albert w male 1/21/1885, Wise Co 12/20/1914 typhoid fever Riley Mullins, Wise Co Lucy Stallard, Wise Co
Mullins Elizabeth w female 3/3/1842 4/5/1916 heart trouble don't know don't know
Mullins Everett w male 11/20/1916 7/16/1917 acute sa??irmetis blank Alta Mullins, Va
Mullins Ewing Burdell w male 12/10/1913 4/17/1916 pneumonia Geo Mullins, Va Ettie Durham, Va
Mullins George w male 2/14/1914 4/14/1914 premature Jim Mullins, Va Polly Griffith, Va
Mullins Gracie w female 1/24/1917 1/24/1917 premature Junior Mullins, Giles Co Va Maggie Shepard, Wise Co
Mullins Ishmael w male 4/29/1912 10/13/1915 diphtheria Nelsan Mullins, Va Polly Mullins, Va
Mullins James Gordon w male 1/5/1886 8/18/1917 auto accident fall of 100 feet to RR Jollo? Mullins, Va Mollie Webb, Va
Mullins Jane w female abt 60, Ky 3/1/1917 tuberculosis Lige Mullins, Ky Bessie Mullins, Ky
Mullins John w male 9/7/1914 11/3/1915 diphtheria Ben Mullins, Ky Healthy Wright, Ky
Mullins Juanita L w female 7/8/1911 8/21/1912 pneumonia R P Mullins, Sullivan Co Tn Mary ??eluk? Sullivan Co Tn
Mullins Laura Luv?nie w female 11/23/1887 10/29/1917 consumption J Troy Plak, Va Sarah E Purkey, Va
Mullins Margret w female 7/?/1894 5/18/1915 heart failure David Collins, Va Sarah McPeak, Ky
Mullins Mary w female 2/27/1914 lists age as 31 2/27/1914 pu???pers fever Sam Maggard, Wise Co Mahaley Mullins, Wise Co
Mullins Mindy Cantrell w female abt 64, Wise Co 11/19/1914 apoplexy Hiram Cantrell, Pike Co Ky Nancy Mullins, Pike Co Ky
Mullins no name w male 2/3/1913 2/3/1913 stillborn Creedy Mullins, Wise Co Milda Maggard, Wise Co
Mullins no name w female 7/4/1917 7/4/1917 stillborn C H Mullins, Ky Emma? Fowler, Ky
Mullins Ollie Franics w female 7/10/1916 7/11/1916 no physician in attendance Ira P Mullins, Wise Co Otelis Mullins, Dickenson Co
Mullins Ora Bray w female 4/13/1904 1/21/1916 burns Geo Mullins, Va Reva Hall, Dickenson Co
Mullins Paris w male abt 9 7/7/1915 pneumonia W N Mullins, Dickenson Co Isabel Bartley, Va
Mullins Richard w male abt 22 3/16/1917 tuberculosis Granvill Cox, Va Jane Mullins, Va
Mullins Riley w male 2/21/1864 8/25/1912 tuberculosis William Mullins, Va Rebeca Sheppard, Wise Co
Mullins Roy w male 2/16/1913 2/25/1913 no physician Morgan Mullins, Va Jemma Wright, Ky
Mullins Ruebn Harless w male 12/15/1914 2/22/1915 blank Calvin Mullins, Wise Co Vie Bolling, Wise Co
Mullins Sidney H w male 12/27/1913 11/28/1917 pneumonia Mill Mullins, Va Annie Lambert, Va
Mullins William B white 5/2/1829,  Russell Co 7/16/1912 blank David Mullins, NC Jainie Short, Russell Co
Mullins Wm James w male 9/24/1884 11/29/1917 tuberculosis Eli Mullins, Va Polly Crabtree, Va
Mumpower Robert D w male 8/12/1889 2/3/1916 apoplexy J R Mumpower, Va Rachel Barfield?, Va
Muncy Dianna Eliz. w female 10/14/1875 7/28/1916 epiloptic fits Wm L???, Russell Co Polly Boothe?, Va
Murphey Jaley V w female 4/20/1862 1/31/1916 cerebral hemorage ?ionpins Wolfe, Scott Co Mary Carter, Scott Co
Murphy James negro male abt 70, Bristol Tn 10/31/1916 anurys? not known Mary Murphy, Va
Murphy Luther w male 1/17/1893 1/21/1914 blank S L Murphy, Wise Co Samatha Hays, Ky
Murphy Mary E w female abt 70, Alexander NC 3/16/1916 blank John Watts, NC Sarah Barnes, NC
Murphy Wiley Jr w male 4/14/1913 4/14/1913 stillborn Wiley Murphy, Scott Co Bessie Flanary, Wise Co
Murray Daisy w female 7/31/1910 3/3/1913 dysentery John Murray, Va Leary Hampton, Va
Murray Nancy w female 3/24/1913 3/24/1913 premature John Murray, Va Lilly Hix, Va
Mursey Edgar w male 8/20/1911 7/3/1913 colera R E Mursey, ? Creek Ky Emily Callet?, Roark Ky
Musick Liley Jane w female 6/8/1885 2/28/1914 heart failure Robert Winkle, Sullivan Co Tn Mary West, Green Co TN
Mutter John male 6/22/1912 6/27/1912 joundice John Mutter, Russell Co Edna Herrington, Russell Co
Mutter Luther w male 4/11/1915 4/11/1915 stillborn John Mutter, Russell Co Eddie Herangton, Russell Co
Mutter Robert w male age 69, Russell Co 9/5/1912 typhoid fever Eli?? Mutter don't know
Myers James Aura w male 1/10/1913 1/10/1913 stillborn Ben Myers, Tn Martha Miller, NC
Myers Lester w male 9/17/1917 12/31/1917 burned in burning building Allen Myers, Tn Bessie P??as, Tn
Myers no name w female 8/2/1915 8/2/1915 stillborn C D Myers blank

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