Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 P Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
Pack Hannah w female 4/5/1838 10/23/1917 some form of heart trouble James Brewster, Va Rachel? Lackhand, Va
Pack John Sherman w male 8/8/1893 11/12/1914 typhoid fever J W Pack, Va Mollie Bruster, Va
Pack Mollie w female 11/25/1863 7/18/1914 tuberculocis Benjamin Brewster, Va Jane Myers?, Va
Paden no name negro male 10/7/1917 10/7/1917 stillborn Henry Paden, Ala Lucelia Paden, Ala
Palmer David w male 4/1/1840 7/25/1916 paralysis Isaac Palmer Rachel Gray
Palmer Ewell Troy w male 2/6/1917 9/14/1917 darhea and endemtis Henry Jackson Palmer, Ala Mincy Lane, Va
Palmer Nannie w female 4/1/1867, Ashe Co NC 1/10/1913 cancer of the stomach John Phillips, NC don't know
Palmer Walker Cooper w male 1/29/1904 3/23/1917 epilepsy Nathaniel Palmer, Va Julia Sturgill, Va
Pannel John Wesley w male 11/17/1849, Sullivan Tn 2/26/1917 musculor rhermation? James Pannel Jane Bechboard, Sullivan Co Tn
Pannel Luke W w male 1859, abt 54 2/2/1913 not known John Pannel Mary Poly
Pannel Mary Jane blank abt age 66 9/4/1912 parlyzed on left side John W Hensley, Va Virginia Bruce, Va
Pansock Mary   w female 5/2/1913 5/18/1913 premature Mike? Pansock, Hungary Mary Yanok, Hungary
Paolin Carnie italian male abt age 32 8/12/1915 unknown Phillipe Paolin, Italy don't know
Parker Samuel w male abt age 2 7/13/1917 cholera Henderman Parker, Ky Ida Brown, Wise Co
Parker Sherman colored male abt age 25 5/26/1914 gun shot to spinal cord homicide Sherman Parker, Ga Eliza Beake, Ga
Parrott Elizabeth w female 1/29/1839 3/14/1913 la grippe John Beau, SC Allie Sutser, NC
Parsons Alex Grant w male 4/11/1866 10/28/1912 internal injury fall from buggy G D Parsons, Alleghany NC Phoeba Tolliver, Alleghany NC
Parsons Alvin w male 1/17/1913 3/31/1913 bronchitis Scuyler Parsons, Wise Co Gemma Smith, Ky
Parsons Andrew Campbell w male 5/26/1886 6/26/1912 phithis pulmonalis Jasper Parson, Lee Co Martha Adams, Franklin Co Va
Parsons Lillian? w female 9/4/1913 9/4/1913 stillborn Preston Parsons, Ky Fannie Couch, Ky
Parsons Phoebe w female 4/60/1836 4/29/1913 pneumonia Charles Toliver, NC Patient Jones, NC
Patrick James N w male 8/4/1906 11/4/1917 crushed by freight train James R Patrick, Tazwell Co Va Laura J Andrews, Grayson Co Va
Patterson Dorthuly w female 1/1890 12/3/1913 tuberculocis blank Chapman, Va Mary Elizabeth Colton, Va
Patterson Mary Anne w female 3/20/1909 2/18/1914 tuberculocis Joseph Countes? Patterson, Tn Dorothy Floor, Va
Patterson no name w male 4/9/1913 4/9/1913 stillborn J H Patterson, Penn Hatti Smith, Va
Patterson no name negro male 11/10/1917 11/10/1917 stillborn Cash Patterson, NC Esther Mann, Va
Patterson Wm colored male abt age 35 10/11/1913 cholera blank         blank
Patton Clarence Augustus w male 8/21/1914 9/15/1914 pneumonia David Patton, Va Mallissa Jane Masters, Ohio
Patton Killie w female abt age 36 10/16/1916 ? blank blank
Patton Retha w female 11/11/1912 12/14/1916 burns of entire body Guy Patton, Va Annie Boggs, Va
Patton Sarah negro female abt age 38 4/30/1917 pneumonia Collins, Ala blank
Pauley J R w male abt age 47 12/16/1916 chest crushed in slate fall Jake Pauley, Va don't know
Pauley Myrtle Jane w female 5/17/1915 8/27/1916 whooping cough R J Pauley, Va Minnie Hughes, Va
Payne baby w female 4/13/1915 4/13/1915 stillborn Cassie Payne, Va Girthy Gibson, Va
Payne Clarence E Lee w male 6/25/1912 10/25/1917 spasmatic croupe Lark Payne, Va Maudie Franks, Va
Payne Daniel R D w male 4/24/1917 9/10/1917 gastroententis Larken Payne, Ky Nettie Parker, Va
Payne Girthy w female 4/13/1900 4/13/1915 (died in childbirth, see baby payne) W C Gibson, Va Sis Osborn, Va
Payne Jake colored male abt age 40 1/20/1917 tuberculocis Reuben Payne, Ala blank
Payne John w male 10/29/1867 5/14/1917 heart trouble Moses Payne, Ky Martha Spurlock, Ky
Payne Mattie Louise w female 12/20/1916 12/22/1916 accidently smothered by mother Claus Payne, Tn Gladys Beaua?, VA
Payne William A w male abt age 44 6/20/1913 slate fall on him Edward Payne, Carroll Co Va Brosie? Grow, Carroll Co Va
Payton Fred negro male 3/21/1913 3/21/1913 stillborn Archie Payton, SC Katherine Fate, Tn
Pea  Sis negro female abt age 32 2/20/1917 tuberculocis unknown unknown
no name
nego male
Sis Pea
Pearce J Q w male 2/8/1847 12/8/1915 chronic myocanditis Samuel Pearce, Tn Mary Adams, Tn
Pearson Gemma colored female 10/15/1912 8/4/1913 gastroententis George Pearson, Tn Mamie Miller, NC
Pearson Hazel w female 6/25/1913 7/21/1914 gastroententis unknown Jennie Pearson, Va
Peeters Fred w male 6/4/1913 7/19/1913 ?eau colitis Rufus M Peters, Scott Co Mattie Perry, Wise Co
Pendleton Van? E w male 3/20/1885 12/31/1915 tuberculocis Wm Pendleton, Tn Julia A Quillen, Tn
Perkins Decoy w male 10/11/1899 7/19/1917 skull fracture from slate fall Ambrose Perkins, Va Martha Pengraf, Va
Perkins John Ellis w male 11/5/1843 2/8/1916 cerebrial hemorage John Perkins, Augusta Co Va Eliza Perkins, Albemerle Co Va
Perkins Joseph colored male 11/17/1913 1/4/1914 malnutrition Joseph Perkins, Mo? Mary Perkins, Ala
Perkins Susan w female 7/4/1881 9/25/1915 puerpural septic?mia D S Gilliam, Wise Co Easter Addington, Wise Co
Perry Elijah colored male 2/2/1830, NC 2/12/1917 nepheitis blank blank
Perry Evert w male 2/1/1914 5/1/1914 no dr in attendance Minion Perry, Va Sarah Perry, Va
Perry Matilda w female 9/1858 9/7/1913 no dr in attendance Nathan Perry, Va blank
Pesits? infant w male 7/23/1917 7/23/1917 stillborn George Pesits, Hungeria Annie Hapl, Hungeria
Philipps Y B w male age abt 64, Lee Co 9/14/1917 ? Of prostrate John Philipps blank
Phillipps Charles Henderson w male abt 1892 1/23/1915 suicide by shooting in the head G W Phillipps, Wise Co Margaret Phillipps, Ky
Phillipps R M w male 6/20/1874 12/20/1917 slate fall in coal mines Wm Phillipps, NC Bel?osa Davis, NC
Phillips Bruce M w male 2/12/1915 2/26/1915 no physician croup Harman Phillips, Russell Co Holbrooks, Wise Co
Phillips Herbert w male abt 1895 8/5/1913 slate falling on him N D Phillips, Miss Alice F??ds, Tn
Phillips Maggie Mazelle w female 10/20/1913 10/20/1913 whooping cough Charles Phillips, Wise Co Nettie Gilliam, Scott Co
Phillips Roshey w female 6/19/1912 12/30/1912 pneumonia Jake Phillips, Hawkins Tn Martha Moore, Hawkins Tn
Phipps Rufus C w male 4/10/1893, Dickenson 9/22/1913 gun shot wound homicide S W Phipps, Wise Co Lavina Bryant, Pike Co Ky
Phipps Soloman Wise w male 8/21/1858 5/12/1915 mitral regurgitation David Phipps, NC Charlotte Long, NC
Pickett Callie Williams colored female 9/20/1878 10/13/1917 pellagsa Lindsay Williams, Va Indiana Young, Ala
Pierce Belle w female abt age 50 8/12/1916 carcermonia ul? Boone Holley, Va Jane Spurgeon, Va
Pilkerton Wesley R w male 4/28/1818, Chatham NC 11/29/1912 defective heart action Richard Pilkerton Rebecca Hadley
Pippin Oliver H w male 2/22/1896 3/4/1916 tuberculocis A G Pippin, Va Sarah J Sproles, Va
Pippins Julia Anderson negro female 12/25/1882 8/6/1916 unknown Ted Anderson, Ala Margaret Williams, Ala
Plummer Winversally? w male 9/28/1914 7/14/1916 cholera John F Plummer, Va Dixie Saunders, Ky
Plymer Thelma w female 7/5/1914 7/13/1914 premature J B Plymer, Ky Bash L?????t, Va
Poal infant w male 11/22/1914 11/22/1914 stillborn M R Poal, Va Mattie Gibson, Va
Pofidik Marion slavish ? 1/1/1912 4/10/1913 gastroententis George Pofidik, Austria Zuza Corit, Austria
Poindexter Pridemore w male 8/20/1891 10/12/1913 gun shot Sam H Poindexter, Va Manerva Addington, Va
Pollard Grace w female 9/29/1911 7/21/1912 cholera E S Pollard, Va Dora Fields, Tn
Poole Nellie colored female 6/6/1913 3/27/1915 tuberculocis Joe Poole, Scharlotte Co Va Mattie Hardin, Johnson Co Tn
Poore William  w male age abt 30, Bristol Tn 9/21/1916 gun shot homicide W C Poore Hartsock
Poore Willie Annie w female 2/2/1868 5/17/1915 blank H P Cole, Washington Co Va Maggie McCloland, Washington Co
Pope Arthur w male 5/14/1881 2/4/1914 typhoid fever John Pope, Tn blank
Pope Florra w female 6/15/1916 8/25/1916 ecidosia Jim Pope, Tn Cora Richardson, Va
Pope Garland w male 11/14/1900 10/10/1917 run over by motor in mines Rubin Pope, Tn Fannie Burmitt
Pope Maggie Jane w female 5/28/1915 5/28/1915 stillborn N D Pope, Tn Elizabeth El?????
Porch Arthur colored male abt age 36, Ala 8/13/1917 killed by slate in mines blank blank
Porter Harve w male 12/22/1916 12/22/1916 stillborn G W Porter, Va Maggie Wingo?, Va
Porter Rachel w female abt 1855 4/25/1915 found dead troubled by heart disease Charley Matiney?, Scott Co Hannah Miller, Blain Co Va
Porter Brook colored female abt age 70, Ga 5/7/1917 old age don't know don't know
Porter? Annie Bell colored female abt age 28 2/17/1917 died suddenly acute indigestion don't know don't know
Poston William Harvey w male abt 1869 6/28/1912 blank John W Poston, Russell co Nannie Porter, Russell Co
Poteet Lonnie Harold Jr w male 5/23/1917 6/21/1917 pneumonia Lonnie Poteet, Va Dixie Gilbert, Va
Powell Earnest w male 7/16/1916 7/26/1916 blank W P Powell, Tn Ader Shrinner?, Ky
Powers Atta w female 10/25/1912 9/28/1915 diphtheria Charles Powers, Wise Co Belvey Baker, Wise Co
Powers Charlet Lee w male 7/13/1913 1/18/1914 pneumonia G W Powers, Wise Co Martha E Horne, Scott Co
Powers Clinton w male 12/29/1891 2/6/1916 tuberculocis James Powers, Wise Co Mary L Mullins, Dickenson Co
Powers Clyde w male 4/30/1910 8/30/1914 spinal meningetis D A Powers, Wise Co Mary Jane Stallard, Scott Co
Powers Elizabeth w female 3/10/1844 8/4/1913 tuberculocis J Culbertson, Va Pulliam, Tn
Powers Ernest w male abt age 1 1/26/1914 no physician S P Powers, Dickenson Co Lula Hale, Dickenson Co
Powers Geo W w male 6/4/1844 10/19/1916 tuberculocis Jerry Powers, Va blank
Powers John w male age abt 23 5/13/1914 slate fall George Powers, Va Katie Hensley, Va
Powers Lipton Wordell white 2/1/1914 4/12/1914 whooping cough Rufus Powers, Va Martha Bolling, Va
Powers Louesa w female 7/15/1886 11/15/1914 (died in chilldbirth) W P Dotson, Va Elza Hill, Va
Powers Martha w female 10/23/1889 5/12/1914 tuberculocis Boyd J Bolling, Flat Gap Va Fanny Williams, Ky
Powers Mary Elizabeth w female 6/17/1917 6/21/1917 non visability ? Simon P Powers, Wise Co Lula Hall, Dickenson Co
Powers Peral E w female 5/31/1895 9/10/1916 typhoid fever Elbert P Powers, Russell Co Maggie Castle, Russell Co
Powers Rebeca w female abt age 40 6/25/1916 tuberculocis Jas Hicks?, Russell Co Mary White, Russell Co
Powers Rhube w male 2/2/1898 5/11/1915 accidental burn R A Powers, Wise Co Elizabeth Yates, Wise Co
Powers Robert Lee w male 2/8/1912 7/9/1914 dysentery James G Powers, Wise co Myrtle Wheatley, Wise Co
Powers Russell Ralph w male 7/7/1916 7/16/1916 inonition Russell Powers, Dickenson Co Hattie Killen, Wise Co
Powers William w male 11/7/1914 8/20/1915 spinal affection H W Powers, Wise Co Lou Dotson, Wise Co
Powers Wm A w male 11/19/1917 11/19/1917 stillborn Wade Powers, Wise Co Ellie Collins, Wise Co
Powers Jessie w male 5/17/1915 10/6/1916 diarrhea? Sam Powers, Va Sallie Larve, Va
Powers no name w male 2/25/1917 2/25/1917 stillborn R L Powers, Va Bessie Mann, Tn
Pr??y Jordan? colored male abt age 22, Ala 2/25/1916 pneumonia blank blank
Presley Lemuel Raymond w male 8/25/1914 8/25/1914 strangulation of cord N D Presley, Tn Myrtle Quillen, Va
Price Martha Elizabeth w female 11/12/1892 9/6/1912 tuberculocis W W Price, Russell Co Miss Whitsell, Russell Co
Price Natt?? Magdalene w female 1/31/1917 6/1/1917 measles Lee Price, NC Bella Fisher, Tn
Price Will black male 12/10/1885 1/31/1913 pneumonia blank blank
Pridemore Maude Allen white 3/20/1914 4/17/1914 congested lungs H C Pridemore, Lee Co ??lney Covins, Va
Pridemore Thelma Maria w female 6/8/1915 9/26/1916 whooping cough R F Pridemore, Ky Allie Jones, Va
Proffit Acie colored male 3/1/1896 5/17/1915 electrical shock Alver? Proffit. Va Anna Gibert, Va
Proffit John w male 4/28/1876 11/21/1913 typhoid fever James T Proffit, Ky Rebecky Brown, Ky
Proffitt Conley w male 5/26/1915 6/4/1915 premature Alexander Proffitt, Ky Ada Crase, Ky
Proffitt Mary w female abt age 22 4/21/1915 mitral regurgitation Ed Proffitt, Va Martha Proffitt, Va
Profit ?ernie w female 10/5/1913 11/11/1914 pneumonia Oliver Profit, Va Annie Gilbert, Va
Profit Goldy w female 11/26/1916 3/7/1917 syphilis conginital John Profit, Va Elly Brown, Va
Pruitt John w male 4/18/1886 6/23/1915 falling slate in coal mine Arch Pruitt, Va Elizabeth R???/, Va
Puckett Minnie w female 2/10/1880 8/19/1916 tuberculocis A R Richardson, Wythe Co Cynthia Moy, NC
Puckett Stephen Garrett w male 2/2/1886 2/17/1915 mitral regurgitation John Puckett, Ky Mary Ballard, Ky
Pugh Charles Allen colored male 2/8/1917 8/29/1917 whooping cough Charles Pugh, Ala Emma McKinney, Ala
Purkey Eula Dell w female 6/7/1914 3/27/1915 pneumonia Jonas Purkey, Wise Co Pearl Alice Addington, Wise Co
Pussley Haines Patterson w male 1/24/1908 7/21/1912 dysentery blank blank
Pyle Edward w male 1/1/1875 4/20/1917 injured from rr train wreck David Pyle Miss Wood

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