Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 S Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
Saka Maggie hungarian fem abt 38, Hungria 2/3/1915 acute dialation of stomach following hysterectmy Graga Kamisky, Hungaria Ora Kamisky, Hungaria
Salek Mary w female 4/19/1872, Poland 4/2/1913 chronic enlisolitial? Nephritis not known not known
Sallie Mary w female 4/15/1916 9/11/1916 gastro entenic intoxication Robt Sallie, Ky Pheaba J Caudill, Ky
Salnchi John polish male abt 21, Rushia 5/26/1914 fall of slate in mines don't know don't know
Saloman Mary Mrs w female abt 35, Ky 6/15/1914 tuberculosis Wm Bray, Ky don't know
Salyer Alpha w female 11/17/1912 5/11/1913 acute indegestion Jasper Salyer, Wise Co Julia Chisenhall, Wise Co
Salyer Bettey w female 3/15/1893, Russell Co 1/1/1913 ? Hert and was not seen by dr. Samuel Minton, Russell Co blank
Salyer Conie? Ruth w female 9/22/1916 10/16/1916 croup Robt A Salyers, Scott Co Minnie C Mullins, Lincoln W Va
Salyer Corbet Dewey w male 4/11/1912 10/9/1912 whooping cough Benjamin H Salyer, Scott Co Cyntha S(smudged) Scott Co
Salyer Ethel w female 12/6/1913, Dickenson Co 11/22/1914 blank J B Salyer, Dickenson Co Bessie Cary, Dickenson Co
Salyer Ethel w female 12/8/1912 23-Mar blank Van Salyer, Scot Co Dora Starnes, Scott Co
Salyer infant w female 9/10/1916 9/10/1916 stillborn Jasper Salyer, Wise Co Julia Chisnall, Wise Co
Salyer Jermaine M w male abt 8?, Scott Co 8/15/1912 ? With artic regvalalea? Hart dropsey Danel Salyer not known
Salyer Louenda w female 9/7/1914 9/27/1914 no physician  Lee Salyer, Wise Co Nannie Hamilton, Wise Co
Salyer Samuel w male 3/8/1912 3/5/1913 no dr H L Salyer, Ky Bettie Minton, Russell Co
Salyers Benjamin w male 6/28/1832, Va 6/16/1916 diarrhea   unknown Binda Salyers, Va
Salyers Dortha w female 7/16/1916 9/16/1917 dysentary Wm Salyers, Va Ellen Mullins, Ba
Salyers Ed w male 3/9/1879, Va 9/4/1917 pellegra Peter Salyers, Va Sallie Kilgore, Va
Salyers Edith w female 2/4/1911 10/9/1912 gastro entesetis Leonard Salyers, Va Mille Hunsucker, Va
Salyers Fieldon w male 10/22/1881, Wise Co 2/17/1913 came in contact with live wire in mines Noah Salyers, Wise Co Emeline Hall, NC
Salyers Frances w female 6/23/1916 3/17/1917 spinal menengitis Creed Salyers, Va Grace Dean, Va
Salyers Frances w female 6/2/1916 6/2/1916 stillborn Edward L Salyers, Va Susie Odell,Tn
Salyers Nelie Hunsucker w female 1/15/1890, Va 4/23/1916 chronic valvulas heart disease H M Roberts Rosanna Hunsucker, Va
Salyers Virginia Eveline w female 12/25/1907, Scott Co 8/14/1913 typhoid fever Edward Salyers, Va Easter Nickols, Va
Sampson Doctor G? w male 3/18/1853, Va 6/29/1914 chirrosis of liver Isaac Sampson, Va Agnes Mahon, Va
Sampson Ruth Lee w female 1/14/1917 4/15/1917 pneumonia Lonnie? Cerli? Sampson, Lee Co Edna Orie??, Hancock Co Tn
Sampy Ellen n female abt 7, Ala blank did not see her before Sam Sampy, Ala Chena Harris, Ala
Sanders no name w female 1/25/1915 1/25/1915 stillborn Jerry Sanders, Ky Lake Mullins, Va
Sanders no name w female age 21 days 3/5/1913 unk. Very poor carless and indifferent people unknown Newman, Va
Sanders Walker w male 11/26/1914 12/31/1914 pneumonia Andrew Sanders, Ky Laura Keels, Dickenson Co
Sandridge Clint w male 12/12/1900, Lee Co 12/7/1916 ruptured appendix R W Sandridge blank
Sandridge William H w male abt32, Tn 9/3/1913 killed by freight train Henry Sandrige, Tn Sarah Epperson, Scott Co
Sands no name white 1/26/1915 1/26/1915 stillborn Thomas B Sands, Carroll Co Va Maggie Rankins, Wythe Co Va
Sands no name w female 6/23/1914 6/23/1914 miscarriage Thomas B Sands, Carroll Co Va Maggie Rankin, Pulaski Co Va
Sapp Berella w female 3/24/1895, Va 11/11/1916 tuberculosis F J Sapp, Va Martha Gilliam, Tn
Sapp Florence c female 5/22/1917 5/24/1917 cause unknown Davis Sapp, Tn Mamie Woodall, Ala
Sargent Grant w male abt 45, Harlan Co Ky 12/10/1912 sufliemia? Due to gangreen of fractured leg Allen Sargent, Harlan Co Ky Emily Jones, Harlan Co Ky
Satterfield Glenn Edward w male 4/13/1916, Va 8/14/1917 diarrhea and entesites Charles Henry Satterfield, Va Virginia Walden, Va
Saunders Joe c male 6/12/1915, Tn (age is 19) 8/25/1915 run over by mining car Esau Saunders, Tn Nan Smith, Tn
Saunders Maggie b female abt 19, Norton 4/24/1914 homicide throat cut with razor George Saunders, Va Graham, Va
Saunders Mahalia w female 12/25/1844, Ky 3/13/1917 la grippe Riley Saunders, Ky don't know
Sawyer Rebecca w female 2/14/1857, Greyson Co 1/19/1916 tuberculosis John Corner, Va Elizabeth Wright, Va
Sawyers ? B w male abt 59, Grayson Co 6/18/1914 brights disease John Sawyers Carline Rutherford, Grayson Co
Scaggs Sallie b female 7/?/1890, Lee Co 10/2/1913 gun shot wound accidental Daniel Scaggs, Lee Co Barnes
Schmidt Authur Elmer w male 4/11/1916 10/1/1917 gastron intestinal intoxication Steve Schmidt, Hungaria Lauir Sigets, Hungaria
Scott Charles G w male age listed as 73 10/6/1917 organic heart trouble Orr Scott, Va Mariah H?, Va
Scott Gladys w female 11/18/1913 4/3/1914 menengitis Thos Scott, Tn Marth Hunsucker, Va
Scruggs Larine c female 11/4/1908 10/4/1915 ? Of gallbladder Joe Scruggs, NC Jessie Heading, NC
Scruggs Willard b male 3/17/1916 8/24/1916 whooping cough Joe Scruggs, SC (other says NC) Jessie Coward (other says Heading)
Seats no name w male 7/11/1912 7/11/1912 stillborn Ambrose Seals, Ky Elizabeth May, Scott Co
Semones Press w male at 38, Va 4/11/1916 crushed by slate blank blank
Sergent Wm w male 9/2/1842, Va 11/11/1917 artic regurgatation Henry Sergent, Va Margarett Wells, Va
Setle infant w female 11/11/1913 11/11/1912 premature J F Setle, Campbell Co Tn Allice Leach, Clayton Co Tn
Settle infant w male 7/2/1914 7/2/1914 stillborn J F Settle, Campbell Co Tn Martha Leach, Clayton Co Tn
Sexton Ba??ali? w female 3/12/1916 8/10/1917 gastro entisites Scott Sexton, Ky Alice Gipson. Va
Sexton Biss? w male 10/2/1890, Tn 9/22/1914 typhoid fever Wm C Sexton, Tn Eldora Jeffers, Tn
Sexton Francis w male 7/27/1916, Va 7/27/1916 heart failure Willie Sexton, Va Ova Collins, Va
Sexton H H w male 4/20/1832, Scott Co 3/10/1914 no physician  Soloman Sexton, Va Susie Moore, Scott Co
Sexton Henry w male 10/8/1836, Scott Co 9/11/1912 old age David Sexton, Scott Co blank
Sexton Jeret? w male abt 6 months 1/1/1916 pneumonia Willie Sexton, Va Ova Collins, Va
Sexton Milton Bruce w male 6/11/1892, Wise Co 9/18/1917 cruched by mine co J M Sexton, Hancock Co Tn Sarah C Sexton, Scott Co
Sexton Murlie w female 12/25/1907, Ky 2/28/1916 lagrippe Rosco Sexton, Ky Mary Steeley, Ky
Sexton Myra Lee w female 6/1/1809, Roanoke Va 10/26/1914 diptheria T T Sexton, Maryland Louise Everett, Canada
Sexton no name w male 12/2/1912 12/2/1912 stillborn Frank Sexton, Wise Co Mirtle Sexton, Wise Co
Sextson Sararh w female 3/19/1844, Scott Co 12/24/1912 no physician Sike Gibson, Va Cortney Rose, Va
Sha?? Steve w male abt 48, Austria 5/20/1917 broken back fomr slate fall unknown unknown
Shade Louvenia c female abt 85, Ala 9/11/1917 ? Sam Smith, Va Susie Smith, Va
Sharp Leroy Robt c male 5/27/1914 7/16/1914 premature Clifford Sharp, Tn Willie Ben Burdine, Tn
Sharp Robert n male unknown, adult 4/30/1917 electrocuted contact with live wire Tom Sharp blank
Shavey Elbert hungarian male 5/14/1917 5/16/1917 premature Joseph Shavey, Europe Julie Shavey, Europe
Shell no name w male 10/10/1914 10/21/1914 congenital malformation of heart ?om?? A J Shell, Tn Sallie Trivett?, Tn
Shelton Jas Odus w male 12/28/1915, NC 4/12/1916 acute indegestion Wm Shelton, Tn Carie Jane Gregory, NC
Shepherd Elisha w male 8/9/1883, Ky 9/28/1912 ? Caused by perforation of bowels W Shepherd, Ky Martha Smith, Ky
Sheppard May w female 12/13/1909, Ky 11/8/1912 burns inflicted by explosion of lamp Robert Sheppard, Ly Louena Couch, Ky
Sherman Will c male abt 55, Atlanta Ga 8/2/1914 gunshot wound accidental not known not known
Shoemaker Abbie c female 6/4/1886, Scott Co 7/7/1916 tuberculosis Robert Ca??l, Scott Co Lizie Lee, Russell Co
Shoemaker Mary b female 5/10/1891, Bristol Va 7/4/1915 symptoms of lung trouble blank Rada Shoemaker, Scott Co
Shoemaker Ruth w female 10/3/1915 9/12/1916 pneumonia Ray Shoemaker, Tn Belle Carlis, Ala
Shoope Clyde Austin w male 2/9/1915 2/15/1917 whooping cough Charlie Shoope, Va Lula Rhoton, Va
Short David ???ings w male 5/7/1915 7/30/1915 cholera Isom Short, Wise Co Nannie Bell Stidham, Wise Co
Short Delphia May w female 12/7/1911 8/30/1912 ilel colitis James Short, Ky Clara Jones, Tn
Short Harret Victora w female 2/28/1875, Va 5/?/1913 stomach trouble and cold Henry A Short, Va Lucind Adams, Ky
Short Mackie w male 1/6/1902 2/9/1914 mitral insufficiency Franklin Hombsey, Va Nannie Short, Va
Short Minie Eugene n female abt 26, Richmond Va 2/7/1913 heart mitral George White, Va not known
Short Polly w female 7/10/1861, Wise Co 5/14/1915 exapthalunie? Gaitre William Sheppard Ge?ie McKenley
Short Ray w male 6/25/1916 9/9/1916 pneumonia Smith Short, Lee Co Julia Pratt, Tn
Short William M w male 6/?/1891, Wise Co 12/21/1914 struck by train Lewis Short, Wise Co Vina Riggs, Scott Co
Shotes Emmet c male 5/31/1917 5/31/1917 stillborn Newton Shotes, Ala Mattie Hills, Ala
Shotes Fannie c female 5/31/1917, Va 5/31/1917 stillborn Newton Sholtes, Ala Mattie Hills, Ala
Shouse F L w male 12/25/1869, Mt Ease NC 11/22/1914 cancer of rictum blank, Mt Ease NC blank, NC
Shrader Nannie Ruth w female 1/3/1915 1/5/1915 premature John Shrader, Tazwell Co Va Lula George, Tazwell Co Va
Shuler Kewith? Ward w male 2/3/1913 2/3/1913 stillborn Joseph Letch Shuler, Lee Co Loretta Ellis Hurd, Wise Co
Shupe Geneva w female 6/7/1917 6/7/1917 breach premature George Shupe, Wise Co Maudy Hatfield, Scott Co
Shupe William S w male 1/22/1843, Wythe Co Va 3/11/1917 lagrippe Fergason Shupe, Va Kate Lantern
Sidga Erwin w male 11/1/1915, Va 9/1/1916 whooping cough John Sidga, Poland Mary Marksha, Poland
Sike Jim w male 7/21/1914 7/21/1914 stillborn Paul Sike, Hungary Anna Hal?, Hungary
Simpson Eula Leona n female 10/6/1913 4/20/1914 pneumonia Haward Simpson, Tn Fannie Green, Tn
Simpson Hill n male abt 49, Tn 8/7/1914 found dead with gunshot wound in side Hop Simpson, Tn Jane Simpson, Tn
Sims Callie b female abt 35, Scott Co 9/22/1913 tuberculosis Henry Livingston, Lee Co Viola Livingston
Sims Felix w male abt 65, Va 4/23/1916 apoplexy blank blank
Sinks Steve w male abt 28, Senders? 8/9/1912 skull crushed by falling rock in mines Steve Sinks, Senders Maggie Borbala, Senders
Sisk Edward Thurman w male 10/23/1912 11/7/1912 blank James A Sisk, With Co Va Sallie Lyons, Grayson Co Va
Sizemore no name w male 2/6/1914 2/6/1914 stillborn J J Sizemore, Scott Co Martha Dickinson, Wise Co
Sizemore no name w male 2/6/1914 2/6/1914 stillborn Jno Sizemore, Wise Co Marthy Dickerson, Wise Co
Sizemore? Ma?hey w female abt 37, Va 2/21/1914 syplis Henry Dickerson, Va Mary Dickerson, Va
Sizer Mabel Cunningham w female 2/26/1903, Pulaski Co Va 9/23/1912 dysentary J Mathis Sizer, Botetort Co Va Eva Hanser?, Botetort Co Va
Skeen Mary Elizabeth w female 11/18/1912 12/23/1912 no physician  croup Franklin Skeen, Wise Co Cora E Rash, Scott Co
Skeen Mary Elizabeth w female 11/18/1912 12/23/1912 membranous croup Frank Skeen, Wise Co Ora Rash, Scott Co
Skeens James w male 6/16/1830 5/1/1915 apoplexy not known not known
Skidmore no name w male 7/1/1916 7/1/1916 stillborn James W Skidmore, Ky Maud Gross, Tn
Skleueka Annie bohemian fem 10/8/1916 10/31/1916 acute indegestion Frank Skleueka, Bohemia Bessie Hauzal, Bohemia
Slaughter Mollie Marie w female 10/24/1910 6/17/1912 measles J L Slaughter, Indiana Harden, Ky
Slemp Jacob Eugene c male 11/25/1849, Lee Co 10/8/1917 perforating ulcer stomach don't know don't know
Slemp Jno B w male 6/18/1914 8/26/1914 pneumonia John Slemp, Lee Co Manda Gibson, Norton
Slemp Malissa Eunice w female abt 75, Lee co 10/27/1917 apoplexy Frank Haburn, Va Barbar Gose, Va
Slokis no name n male 3/28/1917 3/28/1917 stillborn Carter Slokis, Ala Mary Ross, Ala
Slone Harvey w male 10/27/1913 10/27/1913 immature birth blank Delphia Slone. Va
Slone Jimmie w male 10/24/1917 10/26/1917 difficult delivery Richard Whitt. Va Delphia Slone. Va
Slose Ethel w female 1/28/1915 1/28/1915 premature L V Slose, Wise Co Dallia Warman? Ky
Slose Golden Troy w male 4/13/1914 4/13/1914 premature L V Slose, Wise Co Dollie Warman? Wise Co
Sluss Dorothy w female 2/17/1916 8/18/1916 ?hom and poisioning from spolt cows milk W Irwin Sluss, Ky Sarah Perry, Va
Smalling Harold w male 1/3/1913 4/2/1913 blank Thos D Smalling, Sullivan Co Tn Kate Mahan, Scott Co
Smith A D c male abt 65, Ala 6/15/1917 ? blank blank
Smith Alax listed as female 6/8/1902 5/22/1917 coal mining car running over him Elija Smith, ??y Co Ky Martha Dorton?, Bullitt Co Ky
Smith Charles  c male abt 23, Va 5/5/1917 mashed through chest coal mines blank blank
Smith Clem c male 1/30/1876, Ga 4/3/1914 anurism of orta ruptured unknown unknown
Smith Dicsia F w female 1/20/1835, Va 4/11/1917 apoplexy Baltzer Helvey blank
Smith Early w male 16 days 11/26/1914 not known H M Smith, Dickenson Co Jula Large, Wise Co
Smith Ed n male abt 28, NC 6/6/1917 tuberculosis unknown unknown
Smith Estil c male 6/18/1912 5/1/1917 acute nephritis Charles Smith, Lee Co May McCoy, Lee Co
Smith Eveline w female 6/3/1915 8/14/1915 baby found dead asphyxia from bed clothes Sherman Smith, Tn Jennetaa Paul, Tn
Smith Frank w male 2/18/1900 4/12/1913 acute pertonitis Noah Smith, Ohio Jenie Dale, Wise Co
Smith Glen  w male 6/24/1913 7/8/1913 cangeital malformation Sherman Smith, Tn Olie Hylan, Lee Co
Smith Glessie w female 4/4/1914 4/4/1914 pneumonia J P Smith, Knox Co Tn Ethel Johnson, Wise Co
Smith Hugh w male 9/9/1909 10/18/1917 internal injuries, caught between car and timbers L V Smith, Tn Alice Brown, Tn
Smith James w male 3/14/1902 11/3/1916 acute superationatitis? unknown Maggie Smith, Va
Smith John n male abt 23, SC 8/19/1917 accidental drowning don't know don't know
Smith Katherine Carter w female 2/7/1916 2/13/1916 congenital ??sopheyeal James M Smith, Petersburg Va Katherine C Barham, Newsome Va
Smith Kermar? Howard w male 10/25/1914 10/26/1914 premature W B Smith, Tn Fannie? K Goodman, Va
Smith Larane w male 4/9/1917 6/21/1917 diarrhea Thelow Smith, Ky Gloria? Leach, Tn
Smith Leon w male 4/15/1917 4/15/1917 premature Charly Smith, Coeburn Cora Col?ard, Russell Co
Smith Marion w female 9/28/1865 6/13/1915 gangreen of foot unknown unknown
Smith Mary c female 3/8/1975, Surgeansville Tn 12/8/1917 cancer of stomach Calvin Watterson, Tn Eligie Lyons, New C??ton, Tn
Smith Millie w female 6/1/1850, Ky 11/30/1912 valvular heart disease Richard Smith, Ky Polly Kelly, Ky
Smith no name c female 10/8/1916 10/8/1916 ? Walter Smith, Carryton Ga Roakie Jackson, ?iler NC
Smith no name w male 9/8/1917 9/9/1917 congental debility Boyer Smith, Pike Co Ky Lovey Jones, Coffee Co Tn
Smith no name w female 7/9/1915 7/9/1915 stillborn Luciaro Smith, Scott Co Lizzie Stidham, Wise Co
Smith no name blank 7/3/1912 7/3/1912 stillborn Mike Smith, Austria Lina Faetia, Hungaria
Smith no name w male 9/30/1913 9/30/1913 born dead Arch Marshall, Tn Ora Smith, Tn
Smith Robie w male 10/8/1912 5/10/1913 tuberculosis J W Smith, Va Rebecca Owens, Va
Smith S W c male abt 55  6/13/1914 accidental injury coal mines blank blank
Smith Silo?ia w female abt 5 3/6/1917 clothing caught fire burned 2/3 of body blank Maggie Smith
Smith Taze w male 10/18/1877, Va 9/25/1916 died suddenly Richard L Smith, Va Josephine Jessie, Va
Smith Unice H w female abt 74, Va 10/18/1916 sudden death Jonas Powers, Va Nancy Newberry, Va
Smith Verdie w female 8/1/1890, Wise Co 10/14/1915 tuberculosis Noah Smith, Scott Co S V Dale, Wise Co
Smith Wilham? Edgar w male 3/?/1917 3/10/1917 no dr no way to find out George Smith, Wise Co Ada Mays, Wise Co
Smith Will w male abt 47, Rucia 1/20/1917 sclurios of liver don't know don't know
Smith Will c male abt 30, Ky 12/28/1916 homicide pistol shot blank blank
Smith William c male abt 44, Ky 3/30/1914 pneumonia not known not known
Smyth Hasell May w female 1/23/1913 3/1/1915 no physician C J Smyth, Gracen Co Va Mattie Horne, Wise Co
Smythe H P w male abt 75, Scott Co 3/4/1915 heart disease and old age not known not known
Snider Deward w male 10/1/1911, NC 9/25/1912 acute nephritis Chas Snider, NC Frania? Haythcock, NC
Snider Vlyde H w male 1/19/1913 11/26/1914 spamadic croup C H Snider, NC Frannie Haythcouch?, NC
Snodgrass Emit w male 3/24/1916 12/3/1916 premature Geo W Snodgrass, Scott Co Dora Winniger, Scott Co
Snodgrass Hubert w male 3/24/1916 12/3/1916 premature Geo W Snodgrass, Scott Co Dora Winniger, Scott Co
Snodgrass John W w male 5/10/1858, Scott Co 5/26/1916 vala???heart disease blank Margrett Snodgrass, Scott Co
Snow Royal w male 8/24/1916, Wise Co 8/26/1916 don't know perhaps premature Jeff Medley, Wise Co Ellen Snow, NC
Solari Robert S w male 1/27/1917 11/11/1917 pneumonia John Salari, Italy Spanance Solari, Italy
Sorak Naoma Elizabeth w female 5/28/1911 8/16/1912 entactis G W Sorak, Va Julia M Booher, Va
Sound Polly w female 5/22/1872, Ky 6/14/1916 mitral regurgitation Jno Belcher, Ky Dorcas Osborne, Ky
South Ruben w male abt 46, Tn 10/6/1916 slate falling on him blank blank
Sowards Hoppy w male 9/16/1916, Va 10/4/1916 menengitis Noah Sowards, Va Lydia W Hadden, Va
Sowards Roy w male 11/12/1912 11/12/1912 blank P J Sowards, Wise Co Jeneava Potter, Ky
Speares Flora w female 7/1/1915 7/9/1917 diarrhea and entesites Mack Speares, Tn Rowena Lane, Va
Spears Ballard w male 4/16/1893, Scott Co 7/29/1915 slate fall in mines L C Spears, Va Millie Walker
Spears Emley w female 5/30/1891, Hancock Co Tn 11/?/1915 puerperal convulsions James Hickman, Hancock Co Tn Alice Fields, Scott Co
Speer Routh Rochester w female 6/26/1914 5/5/1915 colitis George Speer, Tn Bessie J Thomas, Va
Speers Cardelia w female abt 1879, Scott Co 11/30/1913 apoplexy ??nn?ly Ramey, Ky Amanday ?, Scott Co
Speers? Nannie Lee w female 5/30/1917 6/1/1917 perhaps a c cilentals? Suffacition Wm Speers?, Scott Co Maggie Thompson, Scott co
Spivey Jess w male abt 25 1/17/1916 accident in mine unknown unknown
Spriggs Hiram c male abt 64, Tn 8/6/1917 brights disease don't know don't know
Sproles D C? w male abt 30, Va 11/16/1917 run over by RR car don't know don't know
Sproles Wilham T? w male 3/7/1917 8/25/1917 blank T B Sproles, Wise Co Flora Giles, Lee Co
Stacy William w male 11/22/1856, Scott Co 10/27/1917 accident from limb falling from ??? George Stacey, Tn Elizabeth Pridework, Tn
Stacy William Lee n male 3/9/1893, Ky 12/7/1917 pneumonia John Pennington, Ky Nancy Stacy, Ky
Stadach G german male 10/13/1870, Germany 5/3/1913 fall of slate   Geonyslic Stadach, Germany Pauline Schlutz, Germany
Stado Fertonatia w male 4/24/1913 6/25/1913 syphilis Joe Stado, Italy Jemima Bailey, W Va
Stair D F w male abt 35, Scott Co 7/22/1915 fractured of back of skull not known blank
Stallard Effie Gerusia w female 12/6/1890 1/16/1913 perl??tis Georg Stallard, Scott Co Geneva Powers, Wise Co
Stallard Elmor w male 2/17/1916 2/17/1916 premature Dave Stallard, Va Ola Stallard, Va
Stallard Eva w female 7/29/1902 4/8/1917 measles C B Stallard, Va Lizzie Hutchinson, Va
Stallard Evert w male 11/28/1905, Va 12/7/1913 blank John R Stallard Emma Standifer, Va
Stallard Gertrude w female 2/5/1913 2/5/1913 blank Milton Stallard, Wise Co Lula Sexton, Russell Co
Stallard Joseph Baslow w male 12/28/1907, Va 7/10/1916 menengitis B D Stallard, Va Cozzie Vanover, Va
Stallard Marzeal w female 2/6/1853, Scott Co 4/14/1916 tuberculosis Johnian? Osborne, Scott Co Lucinda Brickey, Scott Co
Stallard no name blank 8/1/1912 8/1/1912 unknown unknown Mary Stallard, Va
Stallard Nora May w female 7/31/1911 11/22/1916 paralysis Alfred Stallard, Wise Co Palmyra Swindall, Dickerson Co
Stallard Raleigh Duncan w male 3/3/1886, Wise Co 10/20/1916 infection from bed sores unknown Mary E Stallard, Wise Co
Stallard Sallie w female abt 31, Floyd Co Va 2/3/1916 peretontis N W W???vell, Floyd Co Va Lucinda Hancock, Floyd Co Va
Stallard Susan Ann w female 6/1/1896, Wise Co 6/23/1913 typhoid fever Geo B Stallard, Scott Co Geneva Powers, Wise Co
Stallard Theadore R w male 8/25/1914 12/14/1916 diptheria Brownloe Stallard, Va Opal Swindal, Va
Stallard U S w female 9/27/1849 3/29/1914 apoplexy John Buchanan, NC blank
Standerfer Mary w female 8/18/1832, Lee Co 10/17/1915 old age and gripe John Boggs, Va Kaziah Miller, Va
Standifer Henry w male abt 28, Wise Co 10/17/1916 caught under fall of slate W J Standifer, Wise Co Lucinda Bolling, Wise Co
Stanfield Arthur Bruce w male 10/26/1912 10/26/1912 stillborn M H Stanfield, Wash Co Va Daisy Hines, Wash Co Va
Stanley Laura w female 8/10/1877, NC 11/17/1917 cancer of uterus Alec Combs, NC Susie Hicks, NC
Stanley no name w female 1/29/1917 1/29/1917 premature George Stanley, Va Mahalie Bartlett, Va
Stansbury no name w female 2/8/1917 3/6/1917 pneumonia Th Stansbury, W Va Victoria Lawrence, Va
Stapleton Basil Bradley w male 12/16/1916, Va 8/30/1917 gastro ententis Robert Stapleton, Va Alpha Willis, Va
Stapleton Bertha w female 11/26/1917 11/26/1917 stillborn not known Argille Stapleton, Scott Co
Stapleton Ira w male 3/3/1916 4/20/1917 pneumonia ?ense Stapleton, Va Daisy Barrett, Ky
Stapleton Willie w male 11/23/1898, Scott Co 5/22/1913 tuberculosis Sylvester Stapleton, Scott Co Hensley, Scott Co
Starnes Maggie w female abt 47, Va 11/7/1913 tuberculosis N E Starnes, Va Jane Hill, Va
Statzer Nelson w male 2/17/1896, Va 3/23/1915 accidental slate fall G W Statzer, Ky Martha W Kendrick, Va
Statzer no name w female 8/17/1812 8/17/1912 stillborn E C Statzer, Wash Co Va Hattie Stidham, Wise Co
Stauch John hungarian male 9/12/1866, Austria 12/20/1913 facture of skull Jacob Stauch, Austria Pafas Sevata, Austria
Steel Jame b male abt 24, Columbia SC 6/7/1915 killed by RR train not known not known
Steel Nannie c female 3/29/1878, Va 3/29/1916 probably eclampsia Clay Reed, Va Easter Staples, Va
Steel Roudolph b male 6/1/1912 1/3/1913 syphilis John Steele, NC Nannie Reede, VA
Steel Sydney w female 3/11/1915 3/11/1915 stillborn Sydney Steel, Va Minie McGee, Tn
Steele Robert w male 9/15/1916 9/25/1916 malnutrition blank blank
Steffey John w male 2/28/1882, Va 10/23/1916 fracture of skull by pistol homicide Bill Smith, Va Mary Nichols, Va
Steffey Marcella w female 3/8/1909, Wise Co 9/19/1914 child choked on account of very large tonsils Garnette Steffey, Ky Pearl Hall, Wise Co
Steffey Wilma Clarice w female abt 2 2/16/1916 strychim?l poisoning as a result of accident W Garnette Steffey, Ky Pearl Hall, Wise Co
Steffy Luther w male abt 40 3/19/1915 malignant growth of foot Frank blank
Stein Alice Mrs w female 10/9/1876, Hungary 11/27/1913 cause unknown Rev John Ujlaky, Hungary Mary Camarmy, Hungary
Stephenson Irene Gustava smeared smeared, 1898 12/16/1916 eclampsia David Mitchell, Va Alice? Beidelman, Tn
Stevely Henry c male abt 57, NC 1/torn/1915? apoplexy Jeff Stevely, NC Clementine Stevely, NC
Stevens Frank n male abt 39, Ky 12/22/1912 shot above nipple instantly fatal Fill Stevens, Ky unknown
Stewart Curtis w male 4/2/1900, Va 12/10/1916 pulmonary hemorage James Stewart, Va Delia McPherson, Va
Stewart Darthula w female 5/3/1876, Wise Co 10/3/1917 septice?ia following birth of child Jim Skeens, Wise Co Orra Willis, Wise Co
Stewart Jno Christopher w male 7/20/1912 12/20/1912 intestinal intuseception? J C Stewart, Scott Co Rosa E Snodgrass, Dooley Va
Stewart John Martin w male 6/13/1847, Scott Co 11/29/1917 chronic diarrhea Wm Stewart, Scott Co Sallie Dorton, Scott Co
Stewart Lehoy w male 7/26/1913 7/26/1913 premature Chas F Stewart, Scott Co Mary L Boatright, Scott Co
Stewart Nancy w female 5/22/1877, Va 10/5/1914 found dying in bed Jno B Willis, Va Evaline Smith, Va
Stewart Ottis L w male 4/6/1902 7/7/1916 fall from tree J H Stewart, Scott Co Cora Boatright, Scott Co
Stewart Thelma w female 12/3/1913 3/20/1914 croup Emery Stewart, Va Margarett Snoden, Va
Stewart Thomas Tilden w male 10/23/1876, Tn 7/30/1917 fracture at base of skull accident in coal mine John A Stewart, Va Monia Doan?, Va
Stewart Tommy M w male 1/18/1899, Va 7/24/1917 found dead on rr tracks W H Stewart, Va Mary J Meade, Va
Stickley Francis Fields w female 2/21/1915 3/27/1913 pneumonia H ? Stickley, Washington Co Callie Fields, Letcher Co Ky
Stidham Calla w female 6/23/1914 9/20/1915 cholera Jerry Stidham, Ky Dora Bolling, Va
Stidham Elevine w female 6/6/1873 5/5/1913 tuberculosis Jas Sturgill, Wise Co not known
Stidham Eva w female 4/26/1916 8/12/1917 ? John Stidham, Va Margret Sargent, Va
Stidham George Clifford w male 3/3/1916 2/23/1917 pneumonia N N Stidham, Va Emmaline Parsons, Va
Stidham Lula Edna w female 9/23/1917 10/4/1917 unknown Oliver Stidham, Va Bessie Jane Amburghy
Stidham Martin D w male abt 81, Wise Co 9/3/1916 chronic nephritis Adam Stidham, Va Abby Faust, Va
Stidham Mary Louise w female blank (married) 7/3/1915 chronic valvulas heart disease blank blank
Stidham Nancy Ann w female 2/10/1865, Va 11/24/1914 pneumonia Marion Nelley, NC Kate Ann Lee, NC
Stidham no name w male 7/24/1913 7/24/1913 premature J M Stidham, Wise Co Cordelia Mullins, Ky
Stidham no name w female 10/27/1912 2/27/1913 spinal menengitis J M Stidham, Wise Co Alavure Sturgill, Wise Co
Stidham William w male 6/1/1857 12/30/1912 atrophic ??untis John Stidham, Va Bettie Harrison, Wise Co
Stillwell Robert b male 7/23/1917 7/23/1917 stillborn Geo Stillwell, Va Ella Ratliff, Va
Stipes Atlanta Georgia w female 9/19/1915 7/26/1917 acute neo colitis Hy Stipes, Tn Poly Jane Stipes, Va
Stipes George w male 2/19/1916 7/27/1917 menengitis Henry Stipes, Tn Polly Jane Malea?, Tn
Stockton no name w male 6/27/1915 6/27/1915 premature Mal E Stockton, Va Carrie Smith, Pen
Stone E C w female 5/14/1916 10/21/1916 never saw child alive John P Stone, Scott Co Mattie Collier, Lee Co Va
Stone Georgey Fry white 11/8/1881, Smyth Co 4/11/1913 urenimia? Jno T Fry, NC Rebecca Golehon, Smyth Co Va
Stone Lizzie Mary c female 7/4/1909, Roanoke Va 2/8/1913 pneumonia Robert W Stone, Va Lorua Trouly, Va
Stone no name white 3/31/1913 3/31/1913 stillborn Hy? Stone, Va Georgia ?, Va
Stone Ruby w female 6/12/1915 6/9/1917 whooping cough John Stone, Tn Mary Maggard, Va
Stout Dototha J w female 2/19/1850, Va 8/16/1916 apoplexy Amos Privitt, Va Rebecca Nipp?, Va
Stout Willie w male 8/12/1893, Carter Co Tn 6/24/1913 contact with live wire in mine Joseph Stout, Carter Co Tn Sarah Ann Heathly?, Carter Co Tn
Stover no name b female blank 12/30/1914 premature Lee Stover, Tn Berthia Phillips, Tn
Stover no name b female blank 1/1/1915 premature Lee Stover, Tn Bertha Phillips, Tn
Stover Will c male abt 9 mnths, Wise Co 6/15/1914 whooping cough Lee Stover Bessie Stover
Strange Margaret Elizabeth w female 5/17/1870, Letcher Co Ky 8/12/1914 cancer of large intestine James Bryant, Letcher Co Ky Matilda Ann Austin, NC
Street C A w male 2/14/1917 2/14/1917 feet p????tation 30 min. delay in delivery Chas Street, Va Caroline Street, Va
Strickland John n male 4/12/1869, Ga 9/4/1916 pneumonia Tom Strickland, Ga Lusan?, Ga
Strong no name w male 5/16/1916 5/17/1916 stillborn Jeff. Jr Strong, Scott Co Va Edna Barker, Scott Co
Strong Ray w male 7/10/1917 10/18/1917 measles Nathan Strong, Tn Sarah Bowser, Tn
Strouth Olgie Kate w female 9/24/1912 10/?/1912 blank Harvy D Strouth, Wash Co Va Anna Kilgore, Scott Co
Stuart Ira w male abt 17, Va 9/27/1913 accidental death caused by motor running over J A Stuart, Va Maria Davis, Va
Sturgill Ellen w female 2/1/1912 12/9/1917 congential heart trouble George Sturgill, Ky Allie Maggard, Ky
Sturgill Eula Jane w female 2/8/1912 10/13/1914 intestinal obstruction John Sturgill, Letcher Co Ky Mary Hubbard, Wise Co
Henry Benton
w male
abt 42, Wise Co
injury bowel infection
Joel Sturgill, Ky
Synthia Maggard, Ky
Sturgill Joel w male 1/24/1884, Va 7/5/1913 gun shot Samuel Sturgill, Ky Jayne Craiger, Va
Sturgill John  w male 7/18/1843, Va 6/8/1917 cancer of face Anda Sturgill, NC Nancy Booth, NC
Sturgill John R w male 4/12/1883, Letcher Co Ky 1/29/1914 homicide, gun shot W M Sturgill, Wise Co Lilly Gilly, Wise Co
Sturgill Loyd w male abt 10, Va 4/27/1917 intestinal intersuseption John Sturgill, Ky Mary Hubbard, Va
Sturgill Mary  w female 4/28/1891, Va 8/11/1914 typhoid fever Frank Sturgill, Va Elizabeth Hays, Va
Sturgill May Belle w female 4/1/1913 11/19/1913 whooping cough John C Sturgill, Ky Annie Banks, Ky
Sturgill May Jane w female 4/13/1879, Letcher Co Ky 4/25/1913 unknown William Sturgill, Wise Co Lillie Gilley, Wise Co
Sturgill Pearl w female 4/8/1909 3/22/1915 bronchitus C C Sturgill, Ky Alie Cox, Tn
Sturgill Roy w male 4/11/1913 8/18/1913 marasu??? don't know Maggie Sturgill
Sturgill Ruth  w female 3/7/1915 10/1/1915 menengitis C C Sturgill, Ky Allie Cox, Tn
Sufco Jelin w male 9/25/1861, Austria 1/23/1917 alcholic paralysis John Sufco blank
Sulfridge H L blank 10/12/1912 10/14/1912 premature H L Sulfridge, Va Ella Wynn, Va
Sulfridge Martha w female 9/10/1866, Ohio 12/11/1915 pneumonia G A (ink drop)ington, Va Sarah Douglas, Va
Sullivan Earl w male 5/9/1917 12/9/1917 ? Geo Sullivan, Va Belle Yeary, Va
Sullivan no name w male 12/29/1913 12/19/1913 child was dead when I was called Geo Sullivan, Va Belvia Yeary, Tn
Sumler Ella n female abt 22, Ala 2/22/1916 revolver wound in breast homicide Sam Johnson, Ala Mary Johnson, Florida
Sutherland infant w male 11/2/1917 11/3/1917 intestinal malformation C P Sutherland, Va Ebely V Brooks, Va
Sutherland Woodrow Coral w male 3/1/1914 4/11/1914 premature John Sutherland, Russell Co Manda White, Russell Co
Sutton Anna Bell b female 9/10/1916 9/10/1916 premature Bill Sutton, Va Blanche Byrd, Va
Sutton Eugene b male 9/10/1916 9/12/1916 premature Bill Sutton, Va Blanche Byrd, Va
Sutton Robert b male 2/10/1897, Va 5/4/1913 pneumonia Cyrus Sutton, Va Miriam Russell, Va
Swagaty Hattie c female abt 35, Tn 6/10/1917 homicide by pistol shot blank blank
Swan Elizabeth Jane w female 1/9/1840, Scott Co 3/3/1913 old age Daniel S Miller, Scott Co Catherine Booker, Scott Co
Swift Millie c female abt 29 1/24/1916 tuberculosis Joe? White don't know
Swindal Terrence w male 4/30/1915 3/28/1917 measles J R Swindal, Pound Va Margaret Caldwell, Va
Swindall Adaline w female 3/9/1861, Va 7/14/1914 tuberculosis Wm Vanover, Va Elizabeth Howl, Dickenson Co Va
Swindall Lewis Benj. Griggs w male 2/18/1873, Wise Co 2/17/1915 alcoholic gastristis Eli Swindall, NC Eliza Anderson, Va
Swindell Jacob V? w male 6/19/1890, Wise Co 6/1/1916 fell under train wheels Dock Swindall Casley Roberson, Va

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