Wise County Va Deaths 1912-1918 W Surname

Last First Race and Sex Birth date & place Death Cause Father and his birth place Mother and her birth place
Wade Matilda Jane w female age 80 5/25/1915 cerebral apoplexy John Stratton, Va Jane Stratton, VA
Wagner Sarah Jane blank 3/20/1915 10/15/1917 pneumonia A Wager, NC Nancy Pik??, NC
Waken Jack w male 4/4/1892, Tn 10/3/1915 killed by automoblie wreck Grayson Waken, Syria Mary Tamer, Syrian
Waken Josephine w female 10/13/1912 7/18/1913 acute fo??? ???? Mike Waken, Cyra Sophia Taymer, Cyra
Walerson Claude colored male abt 16, Bristol Tn 6/10/1916 fracture of heart slate fall blank blank
Walker Barba Alice w female 10/3/1913 10/3/1913 stillborn W Walker, Tn Thomas, Tn
Walker Charles L w male abt 28, Barbaur Ala 9/5/1913 abcess of liver James F Walker, Barbour Co Ala Claire A Rogers, Newton Co Ga
Walker Emma   negro female abt 50 7/21/1912 paralyisis of body unknown unknown
Walker Emma Bell w female 1/15/1916 7/26/1916 ielo colitis William O Walker, Tn Chariety Thomas, Tn
Walker Frank w male abt 70. Pa 3/9/1914 old age blank blank
Walsback infant slav female 10/22/1913 10/22/1913 breech delivery asphyxiation Mike Walsback, Eounough Kate Belish, Europe
Walters Florance Louisa w female 5/10/1911 8/7/1913 acute maningitis George Walters Florance Virgai, England
Walters John Franklin w male 12/29/1914 10/29/1915 no physician, unknown cause John J Walters, Va Nannie Sexton, Ky
Wampler Gladys Virginia w female 8/25/1914 9/6/1914 congested malformation of heart Tom Wampler, Tn Mary Dyer, Tn
Wampler Irene Juanita w female 1/1/1916 10/17/1916 intestinal obstruction William Wampler, Tn Pearl Dyer, Tn
Wampler Margret W w female 9/15/1879, Wise Co 9/2/1915 no physician called unknown Sarah Wampler, Wise Co
Wampler Sallie w female 5/13/1834, Lee Co 9/2/1914 chronic endeco?inditus Andrew Sturgill, Lee Co Nancy Booth, Lee Co
Wampler Tempey Isabelle w female 9/12/1869, Scott Co 8/11/1913 enhous?ion Marion Francis McConnell, Scott Co Elizabeth Begley, Scott Co
Wampler William Franklin w male 9/5/1879, Wise Co 9/29/1912 homicidal by 38 caliber revolver William Gordon Wampler, Wise Co Eliza Jane Reynolds, Scott Co
Ward Ben Harrison colored male 11/27/1900, Ala 6/9/1917 accidental internal injury Henry Ward, Ohio Augusta Epps, Ala
Ward Denver Hashel w male 11/10/1915 11/17/1915 unknown Green Ward Cassie Richardson, Va
Ward Ernest w male 1/30/1912 8/21/1912 pneumonia Cole Ward, Va Alice Blair, Ky
Ward Freddie Ruth w female 11/23/1911, Tn 10/29/1913 pneumonia James Ward, Tn Elise Gibson, Tn
Ward Isaac w male 6/23/1888, Carroll Co Va 2/8/1914 tuberculosis Columbus Ward, Va Rosa Bronscome, Carroll Co
Ward Loucinda w female 4/?/1892 9/221915 meningitis Frank Collins, Ky Patsie Caudle, Ky
Ward no name w male 8/1/1916 8/1/1916 stillborn Green B Ward, Va Cassie Richardson, Va
Ward Wm Harold w male 6/13/1913 1/9/1916 burns to body Jno Ward, Va Elvira? ?aukersly, Va
Warden Carrie w female abt 18 4/27/1916 tuberculosis Wm Warden, Va Carra Buchannan, Va
Warden Elbert Thomas w male 12/9/1913 12/11/1913 found dead in bed Jno P Warden, Wise Co Mary Dorton, Wise Co
Wargo Alfred w male 6/25/1915 11/14/1915 ? Steve Wargo, Hungary Tizi Ando, Hungary
Warlas Clark black male abt 49, Va 5/14/1915 acute nephritis not known not known
Warnar Elizabeth w female abt 28, Ky 12/23/1916 rhummatism blank blank
Warner Robert H w male 11/2/1917 6/27/1917 gastro enteritis R W Warner, Mo Elya Givens, Lee Co
Warner Ruth w female 3/18/1915 5/26/1915 acute nephritis Ira L Warner, W Va Asis Harrah, W Va
Warran B Frank w male 12/13/1878, Wash. Co Tn? 7/21/1916 slate fall R P Warran, NC Annie Fleener, Washington Co Va
Warren Charlie w male 12/9/1915, Bell Co Ky 7/20/1915 melyullition Luther Warren, Ky Lucy Vanwinkle, Ky
Wasex John  w male abt 35, Hungary 10/30/1914 gun shot homicide blank blank
Washington Robert  colored male abt 50 8/1/1914 intestinal   don't know don't know
Watkins James black male abt 48, Stanton Va 11/6/1912 paraplegic don't know don't know
Watson Jake w male abt 19 12/21/1912 railroad car ran over him W P Watson not known
Watson Willie Bell colored ? 12/28/1912 3/19/1913 intestinal abstruction John Watson, NorthHampton NC ? Carrell, Russell Co
Watterson William  colored male 3/4/1871, Tn 4/7/1913 intestinal obstruction Calvin Watterson, Tn Eliza Lyons, Tn
Watts Dorathula Johnson w female 7/25/1875 7/27/1915 carcimoma cevax? ?? James A Johnson, Va Mandy Rivers, Va
Watts Joseph Edward w male 1/9/1917 1/19/1917 ielo colitis Wm Watts, Scott Co Myrtle Jones, Scott Co
Watts Kenith w male 8/8/1907 12/7/1914 pneumonia Wm Watts, Scott Co Myrtle Jones, Scott Co
Watts Mitchell w male 2/5/1914 2/9/1914 acute valvular heart disease Wm Watts, Scott Co Myrtle Jones, Scott Co
Watts no name w male 12/1/1913 12/3/1913 congenital cardiac insuffencincy Granival Watts, Va Dorathula Watts
Watts Theodore Rossevelt w male 7/7/1904, Scott Co 5/17/1914 accidental drowning Joe Watts, Scott Co Evlyn Falin, Scott Co
Watts William Howard w male 11/13/1916 7/3/1917 tuberculosis Wm Benjamin Watts, Va Julia M Olinger, Va
Wax James H w male 1/21/1899, Va 1/26/1917 gun shot homicide Chas D Wax, Va Sania A Midkiff, Va
Wax Sarah F w female 7/4/1870, Scott Co 7/24/1912 insanity, bedsores, due to husband suicide Daniel Pippin, Va Elizabeth D Fisher, Church Hill, Tn
Weatherspoon Lucas colored male abt 40, Tn 7/4/1913 fall of slab in mine Andrew Weatherspoon unknown
Weaver Joe H negro male abt 35, Va 1/5/1914 consumption James Weaver, America don't know
Weaver Nancy w female 5/4/1864, W Va 5/4/1914 mastarditis Cosby Sta??er, Va don't know
Webber Mary w female 6/12/1913 Pittsburg, Pa 7/1/1914 acute indigestion Geo Webber, Germany Hellen Oldburg, Pittsburg Pa
Wedge Rebecca Frances w female 12/22/1893, Lee Co 2/18/1916 tuberculosis Pete Palmer, Va Nancy Phillips, NC
Weiser Wm  w male 7/6/1899, Bluefield Va 12/5/1913 carcbrae? Hemmorahage C H Weiser, Pa Cora Swank, Pa
Wells Allie May w female 2/3/1913 9/8/1916 pneumonia William Wells, Va Minnie Clark, Va
Wells Crocket w male abt 26, Wise Co 2/16/1914 electrocuted by live wire in mine A Jackson Wells, Wise Co Nancy Hart, Wise Co
Wells Dora Al??ua w female 5/3/1914 5/10/1915 whooping cough Irvin Wells, Wise Co Lizzie Shoak, Lee Co
Wells Emmett w male 1/22/1897, Wise Co 1/13/1912 endscardits acute over exertion Jno B Floyd Wells, Wise Co Cass Huff, Wise Co
Wells Ethel w female 6/22/1892, Amhurst Co Va 9/12/1916 shock from natural abortion Robert Mays unknown
Wells infant w male 1/12/1915 1/12/1915 stillborn Anderson Wells, Va Bessie Robinett, Va
Wells Jerome Livingston w male 9/18/1869, Wise Co 11/13/1913 justifiable homicide by son Robb Wells Jerry C Wells, Wise Co Julia A Cooper, Wise Co
Wells Malinda Ellen w female 4/8/1958, Scott Co 4/26/1913 tuberculosis Ira Culbertson, Scott Co Polly Matney, Scott Co
Wells Martin V w male 6/16/1867, Wise Co 3/27/1916 aneurysumof right subc???? J C Wells. Lee Co Julia C Cooper, Scott Co
Wells Nellie w female 5/1/1910, Ky 1/18/1917 whooping cough Reese Wells, Ky Diana Williams, Ky
Wells no name w female 5/8/1915 5/8/1915 stillborn Creed Wells, Wise Co Neo Hensley, Wise Co
Wells no name w male 11/1/1913 11/1/1913 in??? due to youthfulness of parents Luther Wells, Scott Co Dora Allie Griffith, Ky
Wells Nora D w female 2/7/1917 7/16/1917 premature Jerry Wells, Lee Co L???na Wells, Wise Co
Wells Owen Patrick w male 5/5/1894, Va 3/15/1916 found dead in bed suffers from epilepsy Hezekial Wells, Va Rachel Shoop, Va
Wells Ruth Kathleen w female 10/22/1914 9/9/1915 cholera Rufus L Wells, Wise Co Lillie Williamson?, Scott Co
Wells Sarah Margaret w female 11/12/1852, Scott Co 9/27/1912 gastritis Colbert Fugate, Scott Co Sallie Morrison, Tn
West John male abt 22, Whittey Co Ky 11/1/1914 homicide from ?, murdered and burnt W c West, Whittey Co Ky Martha Summers, Whittey Co Ky
West Mary E w female 12/4/1877, Tn 11/3/1917 pallegra G P Smith, Tn blank
West Ruby w female 8/26/1916, Tn 2/19/1917 pneumonia Will West, Tn Server, Tn
Wheatley Cail?? w female 5/27/1849, Ky 8/29/1914 intestinal ? With failing comp? Abner Jenkins, Ky Jessie
Wheatley Charlie Howard w male 10/16/1909 11/22/1917 diptheria James Wheatley, Wise Co Velaria Purkey, Wise Co
Wheatley Robert w male 5/5/1845, Scott Co 12/16/1912 tuberculosis says "Eliza" Wheatley, Russell Co Elizabeth Osborn, Scott Co
Wheeler J H white abt 76, Smyth Co 3/19/1914 blank not known Elizabeth
Wheeler Maggie May w female 11/11/1910 12/15/1912 cattanhal? Spasm of larynx John Samuel Wheeler, Va Sararh Van Dyke, Va
Wheeler Malissa w female age 86, Va 11/26/1914 blank do not known Sallie Skeens, Va
Wheeler Mandy Elizabeth w female 12/19/1914 3/26/1915 malnutrition Rob H Wheeler, Va Eva May Ruth, Va
Whisanant Opal R?yn w female 12/14/1912 8/27/1914 gastritis Muck Whisanant, Scott Co Cordelia Vance, Wise Co
Whitaker Elizabeth negro female donít' know (married) 7/?/1913 tuberculosis Richard Mitchell, NC don't know
Whitaker Floyd w mail 1/14/1913 1/14/1913 stillborn John Smith Whitaker, Va Victoria Phipps, Dickenson Co
Whitaker Leeon w male 7/27/1913 10/20/1913 ? Following operation on skull gun shot wound Simon Whitaker, NC Justice, Va
Whitaker William J w male 2/24/1864, Wataga Co NC 1/3/1914 rheumation K D Whitaker, NC Vergie Riner, NC
White Cl? (smearded) w male 3/10/1916 4/8/1916 ? (smeared) White, Tn (see Hazels) (smeared) Hale, Va
White Hazel w female 9/7/1912 9/30/1912 acute indigestion C W White, Hawkins Co Tn Cora Hale, Wythville Va
White Jammie colored male 8/20/1914 8/20/1914 lived about 10 minutes Eugene White, Ga Carrie Ham, Ga
White Moris James w male 3/21/1835, NY 3/11/1913 mitral disease of heart Lyman White, NY Hanna Rush, NY
White Nick w male abt 26, Italy 6/10/1916 accidental death in mines unknown unknown
White Pansey w female 9/9/1912 9/26/1912 acute ingestion C W White, Hawkins Co Tn Cora Hale, Wythe Co Va
White Sarah Mrs w female 10/9/1874 4/17/1914 malignant endec???tis Simpson, Ky Simpson, Ky
Whitehead no name w male 4/11/1914 4/11/1914 stillborn Bradley Whitehead, Va Sallie Robbins, Va
Whithead Elb?? w female 4/17/1911 3/4/1915 ileo colitis Major H Whithead, Va Maria Wilson, Va
Whitsel Norman Haskell w male 9/6/1915 12/21/1916 congestion of lungs W Whitsel, Tn Dora Crawford, Tn
Whitson no name w male 6/14/1915 6/14/1915 premature J C Whitson, Ky Mamie Mabe, Scott Co
Whitt Ada w female 4/?/1894, Scott Co 5/30/1917 tuberculosis Tom Laxton, Va Barrilla Gipson, Scott Co
Whitt Isac Richmond w male 2/5/1913 2/22/1915 whooping cough W J Whitt Addie Richmond, Wise Co
Whittington John Allen w male 5/5/1900, NC 9/8/1917 hemorrhage secondary to crushed thigh J L Whittington, NC Mary Jane ??moy, NC
Wiant Jerry w male 11/21/1861, Pa 8/23/1913 killed by falling slate Coonrod Wiant, Germany Rachel Syphens, Germany
Widner Margarita w female abt 48, Va 3/4/1915 tuberculosis William Jones, NC Helton
Wilder Andy J w male 3/3/1879, Ky 7/19/1916 death in mines William Wilder, Ky Kathlen C???, Ky
Wilder Milton w male abt 3, Harlan Co Ky 11/24/1917 acute rheumation Andy Wilder, Ky Lucy ?urhouse, Ky
Willey Elizabeth w female abt 88, Russell Co 12/29/1915 no attending physician John Wright do not know
Williams Altha w female 1/26/1872, Lee Co 8/1/1915 hemmarhage following child birth A?art Salley, Lee Co Harriet Collier, Lee Co
Williams Andrew Clarence w male 6/30/1911 3/25/1914 exhaustion Fitzhugh Lee says Wilson Addie Nervita Steadham
Williams Campbell w male 9/15/1867, Va 7/17/1916 accidental slate fall Martin A Williams, Va La?ie Williams, Va
Williams Claibaurn negro male 7/21/1896, Ala 6/12/1917 crushed from slate fall Thomas Williams, Ala blank
Williams Cornelia negro female 12/17/1912 5/4/1913 found dead, history of spasmadic cough Silas Williams, SC Martha Bailey, NC
Williams Estelle w says male 5/9/1913 7/16/1913 whooping cough Ivory Williams, Ky Co?ng Blankenship, Va
Williams Felix Gilbert w male 8/8/1912, Ky 11/5/1917 measles William H Williams, Ky Roseanna Sturgill, Ky
Williams Gertrude M w female 1/30/1912, State of Wash. 1/15/1917 membranous croup Horace Williams not known
Williams John w male 4/18/1917 4/18/1917 stillborn Jess Williams, Ky Eura Huff, VA
Williams Les colored female abt 70, Tn 1/6/1914 senility John Johnson, Mo Patience Johnson, Tn
Williams Lillie colored female 9/12/1915 5/22/1917 measles W E Williams, Ala Rosa Thompson, Ala
Williams Lon w male abt 32, Tn 7/31/1913 electric shock Wm Eadens, Tn Susie Williams, Tn
Williams Lucy A w female 4/8/1876, Va 8/7/1912 tuberculosis Zion Frazier, Va Rhoda Dykes, Va
Williams Marcia Asphia w female 81/1915 8/10/1915 enfantile diarrhea bottle fed Cade Williams, Va Orphia Dallis, Va
Williams Mary E w female 11/19/1888, Tn 10/12/1913 tuberculosis Ned Sizemore, Tn Martha Weston, Tn
Williams Miadge? w female 2/28/1909 7/31/1914 pneumonia Mingan? Williams, Va Mary Jane Taylor, Va
Williams Myrtle w female 2/3/1911, Va 1/26/1914 gastro enteritis Newl E Williams, Tn Mary Sizemore, Tn
Williams no name negro female abt 50, Tn blank syphilis not known not known
Williams Ruby w female 2/21/1913 3/9/1912 atelectasis Steve Williams, Va Lucy Dodson, Va
Williams Susie May w female 12/14/1913 12/17/1913 hearty valve probably failed to close James Munroe Williams, Ky Mattie Ross, Va
Williams Theo w female 12/10/1917 12/10/1917 stillborn Felix Gilbert Williams, Ky Wilkey Hensley, Va
Williams Virgina Dale Eliza. w female 3/5/1914 8/30/1914 entero colitis Ed R Williams, Ky Laura Tate, Va
Williams Walter colored male 5/12/1916 2/11/1917 pneumonia Phillip Williams, SC Nettie Green, Ala
Williams Will negro male abt 19, NC 11/4/1913 crushed from slate fall Will Williams, NC Martha Williams, NC
Williams Willie Thomas w male 2/27/1916 4/12/1916 acute indigestion Lewis Williams, Scott Co Mary Bowman, Va
Willis Annie E w female 12/17/1863, Va 4/2/1914 "dilatation heart for years I suppose" Cana Gilly, Va Sallie Shepherd, Va
Willis Chas J negro male 12/29/1912 12/29/1912 premature Elmer Willis, NC Nellie M Bradyman?, Tn
Willis Conley Howard w male 3/5/1901 3/23/1917 pneumonia D J Willis, Va Mary F Ashley, Va
Willis Cynthia w female 2/28/1837, Ky 10/28/1916 dysentary Alfred Hall, Ky Ann Polley, Va
Willis Delmer w male 5/6/1917 5/6/1917 premature W J Willis, Va Julia C Dennis, NC
Willis Hilda Christine w female 6/19/1916 6/20/1916 premature W J Willis, Va ?lyde D??y, Va
Willis infant w female 1/28/1916 1/28/1916 premature Max Willis, Tn Mary Corbett, Ky
Willis John B w male 2/?/1839, Va 5/5/1913 mitral regurgitation? Isaace Willis don't know
Willis Martha J w female 5/16/1856, Russell Co 3/20/1913 heart failure L H Skeens, Russell Co Susan Murphy, Va
Willis Vena w female abt 66, Va 7/4/1913 disentary Iaac Willis Betty gilley
Wills Lena Mrs w female 12/28/1859, Halifax Co Va 8/11/1913 apoplexy Wm J Ould, Va Martha Francis Ballon, Halifax Co
Wilson Andrew  w male 3/18/1869, Va 5/25/1916 esysp?elas Samuel wilson, Va Ellen Cregor, Va
Wilson Annie colored female abt 29, Ala 2/19/1916 apoplexy Ben Hutcherson, Ala Elen, Ala
Wilson Eliza Margret w female 4/7/1913 7/15/1914 nephritis Frank Wilson, Tn Hannah Renfro, Va
Wilson James Howard w male 5/2/1912 5/11/1915 rerto pharm?geal abscess John Wilson, Ba Bonnie Rice, NC
Wilson Katie colored female 2/15/1916 2/16/1916 stillborn Joe Wilson, SC Helen Fugate, Tn
Wilson Lula w female 11/16/1916 12/4/1916 spantaneous umbilical hemorrhage Mike Wilson, Tn Sarah Neice, Ky
Wilson Robert Crockett w male 5/4/1880, Tn 9/5/1917 tumor of brain Alexander Wilson, Lee Co Elizabeth Miller, Tn
Wilson Rosevelt w male 2/14/1902, Brethie Co Ky 8/24/1914 acute indigestion Hiram Wilson, Ky Josie Duff, Brethie Co Ky
Wilson Sally colored female 12/25/1863, Tn 12/16/1916 disentary blank blank
Wilson Wilarm colored female abt 14, Johnson City 3/1/1914 s? ? Burnt? blank blank
Wilson William colored male abt 14, Johnson City 3/1/1914 dropsey see Wilarm also, could be same person  
Wilson Willie colored male 6/1/1912 5/10/1914 degureocy? Hereditary disp?? ????? Joe Wilson, Tn marked out then small Tu??
Winebarger ?orda Belle w female 3/7/1911 8/15/1912 pneumonia Robert Winebarger, NC Maggie Winebargar, NC
Winebarger Ruby w female 8/15/1915 8/3/1917 measles Will Winebarger, NC Ethel Carroll, NC
Winebarger W M w male 3/17/1893, Ashland NC 6/6/1913 killed in mines M C winebarger, NC blank
Winebarger William w male 11/11/1915, NC 7/30/1917 measles Rufus Winebarger, NC Alice Calhoun, NC
Winkle Mary w female abt 78, Green Co Tn 8/27/1916 no physician in attendance supposed flucks Rubin West, Green Co Tn not known
Winsted Edney Ea?l w female 12/24/1915 7/23/1916 morasmus L H Winsted, Tn Maud Pierce, Tn
Winsted Lilburn Lee w male 9/6/1911, Kada Va 11/22/1912 acute indigestion Larkin Winsted, Tn Maude Pierce, Tn
Witt Peoplace w female abt 34, Russell Co 1/15/1915 heart disease Alfred Price, Russell Co Mary Jane Little, Russell Co
Witt Sallie J w female abt 1, Wise Co 7/30/1914 dysentary Alx? Witt, Washington Co Pheaba Witt, Washington Co
Witts Robert w male 5/14/1915 11/8/1916 ? Harve D Witt, Va Adia Laxton, Va
Wofford Essie May colored female 8/11/1913, Tn 4/18/1914 tuberculosis George Wofford, Tn Hallie A Wofford, Tn
Wolfinger no name hungarian 3/7/1913 3/7/1913 stillborn Pete Wolfinger, Hungaria Mary Wolfinger, Hungaria
Wood Emma colored female abt 40, NC 11/10/1916 possible complications from gun shot unknown unknown
Wood J J w male abt 35, Washington Co Va 7/27/1915 falling slate blank blank
Wood John Jr w male 7/1/1916, Lee Co 9/3/1917 chronic gastritis John Wood, Va Allie Parsons, Va
Wood no name colored male 11/2/1917 11/4/1917 premature Chas Wood, Ga Emma Thomas, Ga
Woodard Engala colored male 11/11/1916, Florida 7/23/1917 cholera S Woodard, Miss, Lillie Funchies, Miss
Woods Elizabeth colored female 8/15/1917 8/31/1917 premature blank Livea Woods, Ky
Woods Sarah E Mrs w female abt 50, Wise Co 3/24/1914 tuberculosis Harvey Hall, Wise Co Eliza Roberts, Wise Co
Worley Aundry Fay w female 4/29/1917 6/29/1917 ielo colitis S C Worley, Scott Co Leona Fleenor, Washington Co Va
Wren Wash colored male abt 27, Va 6/4/1915 slate fall Wash Wren unknown
Wright Anna Rebecca w female 5/3/1915 2/5/1916 ielo colitis C F Wright, NC Roda J Hughs, Tn
Wright Bertie Lee w female 7/27/1888, Smith Co Va 7/24/1915 puerperal infection Joseph S Rimmer, Smith Co Va Delila Jane Hughs, Washington Co
Wright Cora Ada An w female 5/9/1906 12/19/1912 toncilitis G W Wright, Wise Co Eliabeth Blling Letcher Co Ky
Wright Cory A?ler Anne w female 5/9/1906 12/17/1912 dipthery G W Wright, Wise Elizabeth Bowling, Letcher Co Ky
Wright Edna colored female 9/26/1915 1/1/1916 spinal meningitis George Thompson, NC Anna Wright, Tn
Wright Edney Oral w female 1908 12/28/1912 toncilitis G W Wright, Wise Co Esebeth Bolling, Letcher Co Ky
Wright Elsie Missouri w female 10/22/1916 12/18/1916 no physician C H Wright, Wise Co Nanie? Hays, Wise Co
Wright Ira R w male 4/18/1904 8/30/1912 diptheria Canary Wright, Wise Co Mary Mead, Wise Co
Wright James Harry w male 11/4/1916 5/24/1917 measles Elegn Wright, Tn Rachel Sh   NC
Wright Leafy "adaline" w female 3/21/1913 3/21/1917 no physician G P Wright, Wise Co Ida Robinson, Scott Co
Wright Lena  colored female 3/24/1916 3/24/1916 stillborn Ed Wright, Va Sallie Green, Va
Wright Mary Jane w female abt 75, Wise Co 1/27/1914 old age Parris Wright, Russell Co Pollie Wright. Scott Co
Wright Morgan Franklin w male 1/?/1906 12/6/1917 gun shot wound through skull Charlie Sinkler Wright, Va Lottie King, Va
Wright no name w male 11/11/1917 11/11/1917 premature Jno Wright, Ky Alice Harmon, Ky
Wright Paul w male 6/4/1916 6/4/1916 stillborn W H Wright, NC Sarah Church, NC
Wright Roy Hobart w male 4/28/1915 7/12/1915 spinal meningitis C H Wright, Wise Co Nannie Mays, other record Hays
Wyatt Violena Ruth w female 10/18/1896, Russell Co 12/12/1912 mitral regurgitation? Ross Jr Wright, Russell Co Sadie ?ondra Kestner, Washinton Co
Wyngate Jayce w female 8/11/1857, Grayson Va 3/24/1913 apoplexy William Bayer, Grayson Co Va Catherine Greear, Scott Co

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