General Jackson Lane

General Jackson Lane & Sarah "Sallie" Ritchie

General Jackson Lane was born May 1829, in Scott Co, Va, the son of John
& Katherine (Estep) Lane, he came with his mother, Katherine and step

father, Reuben Powers from Scott Co, Va to Russel Co, Va on Cranesnest River.

This section of Russell County became Wise Co in 1856 when wise county

was formed and later in 1880 Dickenson County. Here he grew  to manhood

along with his half sisters and brothers, Sussanah, Elizabeth, Oliver

and Hiram Powers.

General Jackson Lane married March 25, 1852 in Russell County to Sarah

"Sally" Ritchie born 1836 in Virginia, she was the daughter of John

Ritchie & Keziah "Cassie" (Hill) Ritchie. The Ritchie family lived just

a few miles from Jackson's home at Fullers Gap. Jackson's two half

brothers, Oliver and Hiram married Sarah's sisters, Martha "Pats"

Ritchie and Alice (Ollie) Ritchie.

Jackson & Sarah settled on Lick Fork not far from where he was raised.

This land was in Wise county.

Their first home was on top of a mountain and was constructed of logs.

Later Jackson built a home on lower ground and took the land of their

first home for  family cemetery.

Children of Jackson & Sarah Lane were:

1. Olivia "Ollie" Lane b, March 17, 1853.

2.John Lane b, April 1854.

3. William Brownlow Lane b, April 6, 1856.

4. Baby Lane b, Dec 4, 1857 (Stillborn) Patton Lane.

5. Jasper T or Joseph Lane b, 1857.

6.Rhoda Lane b, Oct 20, 1859.

7.Hiram B Lane b, April 1856 (Twin to William Brownlow or mistake in


8.Nancy Jane Lane b, Aug 5, 1865.

9. Martha Ellen "Elender" Lane b, Jan 31, 1869.

10. James Bascom "Caliph" Lane b, Jan 31, 1871.

11. Naoma "Neomy" Lane b, Jan 8, 1876. 

12. Kennith "Canseth" Edward Lane b, July 4, 1879.

by Fannie Steele
submitted by Susan Fahnstrom

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