Court Proceedings
The Big Stone Gap, 8/17/1910

The following cases for violation of the revenue laws, for selling liquor without license, were disposed of during this term of the  United States Court, and were fined $100 and sentenced to 30 days on jail, except in cases as indicated:

From Wise County-
William Rose,
Willard Sturgill
Wesley Coorder
Doliy Johnson
Jack Ward
Belle Fuller
Grant Rose
Matthew Rose

For making moonshine and in some cases selling and other violations in Wise County-
James Porter, counterfeiting
Fred Ellison, in two cases illicit distilling
Nelson Chisenhall
C H Boggs
James Countiss
Dave Countiss

$100 and 3 months-
Everett Adams
Will Sturgill
John Stapleton
Willie Mullins

From Buchanan county selling without license-
E L Dotson
Wesley Belcher

One day and one year in Atlanta Penitentiary-
Jackson Fuller
George W Ball
Buchanan Boyd

For illicit distilling, etc-
Bruce Lambert
Major Ball
Jim Lambert
William Lester
Memphis Harris, distilling and selling combined

From Dickenson County-
Bulger Stanley
Drewey Wallace

For illicit distilling, etc.
Chambers Coley
George Burchett
Jim Sykes
Logan Salyers, detaining witness from appearing at former term of court

$500 fine and five years hard labor in Atlanta Penitentiary-
Eli Mullins
Vance Mullins
Franklin Bailey, making and selling

M E Mullins, not guilty

From Scott County-
Cleveland Lucas
Henry Begley
Floyd Baldwin, jury case
William Breckey

From Lee County-
Charles Neff
Charles Bollin
Samuel Fields
Mariam Coffman
Newton Gibson

From Tazewell County-
Elisha Lowe, pleaded guilty, $100 and 30 days

From Patrick County
Sam Going, plead guilty to 2 counts $200 and 3 months
Alfred Going selling, $100 and 30 days

From Russell County-
Banner Pucket alledged violation post office department laws, discharged.

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