World War I Mothers' Pilgrimage, 1930

In the late 1920s the War Department sent the mothers or wives of deceased soilders buried overseas to their sons or husbans burial site.

From the List of Mothers and Widows of American Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines Entitled to Make a Pilgrimage to War Cemeteries in Europe. Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1930.

Mrs Sam Bartee, St Paul, Wise Va,
mother to John Williams, Pvt 1 cl Co. M, 317th Inf
Cemetery  Meuse-Argonne

Mrs Cally D Powers, Coeburn, Wise, Va
mother to Charles B Powers, Pvt , Co. L, 117th Inf
Cemetery  Brookwood

Mrs Sarah M Stidham, Pound, Wise, Va
mother to Roy E Stidham, Pvt, Co. B, 315th Inf
Cemetery Meuse-Argonne

Mrs Margaret Jane Wolfe, Appalachia, Wise, Va,
mother to John Wolfe, Pvt , Co. K, 318th Inf
Cemetery Meuse-Argonne

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