The Little White Church

Located on U.S. 23 at Virginia City, up from Ruby Bís restaurant.  This church is thought to be one of the oldest or the oldest church in Wise County. Built in 1895, and called The Virginia City Church, and was of the Presbyterian denomination. It was built by the residents that lived at The Russell Creek Coal Camp, the company donated the land and some money and the residents did the rest. The people donated money and labor. In 1922 after a few years of not having church a a missionary by the name of Mary Martin started holding services in the building once again. The church was known then as The Virginia City Chapel, Mary Martin reorganized the church as the Presbyterian demonation. The Presbyterianís stopped having church in the little white building in 1970. The orginial location of the church was on a hill just below the present location, due to the strip mining he little white church was moved to it present site just right up the road. Not sure if anyone still holds church there, but a few years ago the Apostolic Faith was holding weekly services there every Saturday night.

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