Robert Lee Johnson, son of Doc Johnson and Betty Hensley. Robert was a coal miner and indulged greatly in to woman and moonshine. My father tells me of Robert's involvement with a rough crowd and his love for playing with guns. Ironically photo #3 shows Robert and an unidentified man with 2 guns. Robert went to Richmond, Virginia State Farm after being convicted of murder in about 1935 or 1936. He remained incarcerated until about 4 months prior to his death in 1944. The crime occurred in Clintwood, Virginia. Apparently after being out with some friends, Robert became drunk on moonshine and was put into the back seat of his brand new car. Dad says he paid cash for it and it was his pride and joy. He worked 5 days a week in the coal mines and then binge drank on the weekends unconcerned with his family. He had moved a woman into the same house that Eura and his children occupied and had an illegitimate child with her. The woman was known as Minnie


 submitted by Holly A Banks

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