These letters were found in our Great Grandfather McDavid's trunk written from Jacob Ramey and his wife, Sarah "Sally" Blevins, Ramey.

These letters were written to George and Mary Blevins, McDavid after they had lived in Carter Co. (now Elliott Co.) Kentucky about 30 years. Sally and Mary were sisters and had brother James, Nathan, and Linkhorn. All were sons and daughters of Daniel and Sarah Blevins of Wise Co. Virginia. George McDavid and Mary were my gg grandparents.

I would also love to get in contact with any descendants of the family of Jacob Ramey or any of the other descents of the Blevins families mentioned in the letter. George and his family came to Lawrence Co. Kentucky in 1827. When Carter was developed in 1838 they were in Carter then later in Elliott Co. Ky. After Elliott Co. Ky was developed their farm lay in three counties.
The first letter I corrected the spelling and did not correct the second one.

Eleanor McDavid Brewster 

Letter 1

Wise County Virginia. August 18 day 1857
Dear Sister, 

I must write you a few lines lamenting the case how many long years it has been since I have seen you, and no other sister on this earth but you to see, and is placed at a far distance apart that we can't see each other's faces no more. Oh what would I this day give to meet you on earth once more. It would be the greatest satisfaction to me of all things on this earth, the greatest joy that anybody ever could enjoy on earth. I don't reckon that the thing ever will turn up that we ever will meet on this earth no more. Dear sister, try to meet me in heaven to sing the praise of God where parting will no more. Brother George (brother in Law) I want you in your letter to write me a few lines and let me know how you are getting on in this world and how your hope is for a better world. Remember how merciful GOD has been to you and me. You are getting very old. The time can't be very long until we have to account for the deeds done in thy body. Lay thy shoulder to the wheel and let's try to meet our GOD in Peace where the praise of GOD never ends.......So nothing more at this time, only friends until time is passed away. O LORD, shall I ever see you again on this earth? If I never more see you the right hand of GOD, I hope to meet you there.SALLY RAMEYThis Letter was written to Mary and George McDavid from Mary's sister Sarah "Sally" Blevins, Ramey. Sally married Jacob Ramey, Jr. They were living in Scott Co. Virginia at this time and George and Mary Blevins, McDavid were living in Carter Co. Ky.George McDavid was 67 years old at the time this letter was written. 

Letter 2

Geses Station
Wise County Virginia, August the 19 day 1857

Mr. George McDavid Sir I write you a few lins to inform you that we are all well at this time, only Sally has got the shingles very bad but think she is getting sum better, but is very bad at this time. It has been a long time sence I hav heard from you. Writon Bary told us about you all. But it has bin some thirty years or more sence we have seen each other or even rote to each other. I hav thought long of the time but has still bin waten for you to write but a letter I never have got. We have had our helth wonderful well sence we have seen you we hav had sum bad luck in our family. Sum few years back I we want you to write me a letter and let us now how you ar all cuming on if you will. We wount to hear from you all. Wonst and be shor to write something a bout all of them James Blevins and his family and Vesty and the Sluses all purtickler. Old David the Doctor. Tell James Blevns to write me a letter be shor. He can tell me something that will doo me sum good, whether him or enny of the balance ever going to cum to see us or not. I cannot write but very little untill you write to me. We had a vury bad crop year last year on the account of a drouth mad grane vary scarse in our county. Grane has bin woth it all with us this year. It ant worth while to say ennything bout the price. We have got wonderful crops this year, if the season holes out till chrismust. I think corn will make its self in that time. The winter helt this spring untill the last of June. I wonnt to come to your county tho I think I can do better thar thou. If you can give me enny encuurgement. Be shore to write. I begun to write this letter on the 18 of August and would have sent it at that time but next morning. Sally was very bad off as I told you before with the shingles, and cum vary ny dieing for some three weeks, and I thought I would not send the letter until she got better. I now undertake to finish the letter on the 12 of September. She has got sound and well I belivas as ever. We are living on Roberts Mountain with Daniel Hall but is gowing to moov to Gladville sumtime this fall. If you can send me a letter direct it to Geses Station post office Wise County. Our chldren is all married and left us. Daniel is living at Geses Station with Newbery but is going to with us to Gladville. That is not nothing vary purticuler in our country at this time. Nathans family I cant tell you much about them. I saw tou of the boys this spring they said the balance was well at that time and was living on Aaron Nashs land and was dooing vary well.

So nothing more at present ondly remaining friends until deth.

Jacob Ramey, Jr. 

Note the Old Doctor mentioned was David Sloas (Sluss)

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