Company B
7th Battalion

Col. Nathan Menefee
Lt. James Short
Lt. Henderson Mullins
Lt. James M. Dotson
Sgt. C. H. Banner
Thomas Addington
Keel Baker
Joseph Boggs
James Boggs
Baxter Bolling
Jesse Bolling
Levi Bolling
Washington Bolling
Delano Bolling
Tandy Branham
John Cantrell
Abraham Cantrell
Sherwood Cantrell
William Cantrell
Granville Carter
Calvin Cox
Simon Dotson
Isaac Fleming
William Gardener
Jonathan Hayes
Mitchell Hill
Burdine Hubbard
Edmond Hubbard
Jesse Hubbard
Marshall Keel
Calvin Landers
J. H. Long
Audley Maxwell
Basil Mullins
Green Mullins
Jackson Mullins
John Mullins
solomon Mullins
William Mullins
William Perkey
John Perry
Levi Perry
Marion Perry
William Perry
John Phillips
John Poindexter
Lemuel Reedy
Daniel Short
Henry Short
James Short
William Short
Jeff Sowards
David Stallard
John Standifer
Math Sturgill
Samuel Sturgill
Jeff Waddell
John White
Capt. John P. Chase
Capt. R. M. Hager
Capt. Jim Sykes
Capt. William J. Rose

Company H
50th Reg. VA Inf
Floyd’s Brigade

Capt. Logan Salyer
Lt. Jonas A. Lipps
Lt. Shanklin Salyer
Lt. John R. Davis
Samuel Salyer
Alexander W. Smith
William H. Dean
Felix Senter
James M. Dotson
William D. Blair
William D. Vincel
Arnold P. Henderson
John T. Bray
James Mills, Jr.
John W. Addington
James M. Addington
Riley Baker
George W. Bond
James Boggs
Andrew J. Blevins
William E. Bond
Hosea bolling
John M. Boggs
W. J. Collier
Campbell W. Carter
Franklin F. Cox
Isaac Coldiron
Samuel P. Carter
John B. Collier
Thomas B. Collier
Alexander Cantrail
Jonathan Creech
Greenville Carty
Isaac M. Davis
Henderson H. Dale
David A. Dean
David C. Dean
John Dean
Martin Fraley
Wiley Gardner
William E. Gilliam
Martin L. Gilliam
John W. Hill
Thomas H. Horn
Jesse Horn
Henry Hale
Americus D. Horn
Henry C. Jones
John Jones, Jr.
William Jones
McCamant Kennedy
James Kennedy
Thomas J. Kennedy
James D. Lipps
Granville McCarty
Henry C. McCagen
George W. Mullins
William B. Morgan
David C. Mullins
William Oaks
John W. Perky
Charles b. Perky
George W. Perky
Harvey D. Roberts
James Ritchie
James Salyers
Tyree D. Salyers
Enoch D. Senter
Mead A. Smith
Thomas Strong
William W. Stallard
George H. Skeen
Henry E. Smith
Thompson M. Smith
Elbert E. Smith
John Tipton
William Vanover
Eli S. Vanover
John Willis
James H. Wheatley
Aaron W. Wright
Jasper A. Wright
Watsel Wright
64th Mounted Inf

Charles Addington
Noah Baker
John F. Beverly
Sylvester Beverly
Lewis Bishop
Charles Blair
Isaac Blanton
Solomon Blessing
James Blevins
William Blevins
Doctor Franklin Boggs
Jesse Boggs
Isaac M. Bond
William W. Bond
William Bradley
Henry C. Brians
Alexander Brumitt
George Brumitt
Charen? P. Carter
Isaiah Church
Aaron J. Collier
Thomas Benton Collier
A. P. Collins
Hiram Cooper
Franklin Cox
Ira Creech
Jonathan Creech
Livingston Culbertson
I. H. Dawton
James M. Day
John W. Dickenson
Carr Eldridge
James Elkins
John M. Elkins
Joseph M. Elkins
William B. Elkins
Joseph T. Freeman
George G. Gilley, Jr.
John W. Gilley
Nelson Hamilton
John Polson Horne
Samuel P. Horne
Stephen Horne
John Huff
Lorenzo Dow Huff
William T. Huff
John Hughes
Jonathan Hunsucker
Edmund Ison
George Ison
James Isom
Landon C. Isom
Morrison Isom
James Johnson
Alfred T. Jones
William Jones
John Joseph
Reason Joseph
Matthias Kelly, Jr.
Matthias Kelly, Sr.
William Kelly, Jr.
William Kelly, Sr.
Jonathan Kilbourn
Joseph Kilbourn
Martin Van Buren  Kilbourn
Peter Kilbourn
George H. Kilgore
Nelson Kilgore
Martin Van Buren  Lewis
Berry McConnell
Hiram Miller
Willliam Moore
Andrew Jackson  Murphey
William E. Neely
J. A. Richmond
Frederick F. Riddle
William H. Riddle
Lafayette M. Riggs
James H. Roach
William P. Roach
Raleigh D. Roberts
Forest Sargent
H. S. Scott
William Sargeant
Elihu K. Skeen
Lilburn H. Skeen
Stephen S. Skeen
Alexander Smith
Adam Stidham
Andrew J. Stidham
J. W. Stidham
James D. Stidham
Martin Stidham
Samuel S. Stidham
William Sturgeon
Andrew J. Sturgill
Marshall B. Taylor
Benjamin F. Tompkins
David D. Vance
Lawson W. Vance
John Vickers, Jr.
John Vickers, Sr.
William H. Vickers
Thomas W. Walling
George B. Wampler
John W. Wampler
A. H. Weatherly
Aaron Wells
Anderson Wells
Andrew H. Wells
Andrew J. Wells
Ira Wells
Solomon Wells
Tazewell G. Wells
William Wells
William Wheatley
David C. Williams
John B. Williams
Marion Wilson

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