Unknown Cemetery

Cemetery located on Guest River Road toward Dixanna, beside of Jeeris Clark's house. The left turn  through a gate right before the Iron Bridge. Cemetery is marked by an old rusty fence on the left side near Clark's residence.
Name is unknown.
Some people think it may be called the Starnes Cemetery because Starnes owned a lot of property adjoining this land at one time. No one really remembers any one being buried there. The latest tombstone is 1921.
The cemetery is very overgrown and cannot be seen from the main road.


Isaac C. Roberts  04-14-1867 - 12-25-1890  Age 23yrs  8mths  11dys
"Blessed are the dead which shall see the Lord"

Isaac S. Jr     son of I.S. & J. Roberts   06-12-1891 - 06-20-1891 age 8days.

Infant son of  I.S. & J. Roberts  Born & Died 12-10-1888

Franklin   son of  W.L & S. Roberts   05-10-1871 - 05-12-1874 
Age 3yrs  2dys.

On the left side of a maple tree 3 graves marked by a stones

Polly Ann wife of Burdine Hubbard  05-22-1857 - 11-22-1886  Age 29yrs 5m
"Blessed are the dead for they shall see the Lord"

Lidia G.   dau  of W.M. & S. Roberts   01-29-1878 - 10-10-1884
6yrs  8mths    11dys

3 graves on the right side of a maple tree marked by stones

Samantha   dau of  Callie Beverly   06-10-1880 - 06-20-1884   4yrs  10dys

William L. Roberts  04-08-1835 - 05-07-1895    Age 60yrs   29dys
"Blessed are the dead for they shall see the Lord"

Louiza wife of   H.G. Roberts  04-08-1852 - 10-20-1906 
Age 54yrs 6m 12dys

Henry R.  son of Callie Beverly   03-12-1902 - 01-12-1903  Age 10 mths

2 graves marked by stones

Susanah   wife of William L. Roberts   04-05-1831 - 04-19-1917
Age 36yrs 14 dys

"Mother"  Callie B. Shupe   1877 - 1921

George William Shupe  05-16-1842 - 05-13-1905
"A friend to his country &  a beleiver in Christ"


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